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  1. Aww, I am sad you're leaving, but good luck :)
  2. I'm so excited And I just cant hide it I'm about to lose control and I think I like it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
  3. I believe so, yes. If anything, it will revitalize things. I always think about games like Aion, which are still chugging along after all these years, and they are due for a HUGE overhaul, that just happened in Korea. Which I am excited about x) So, yeah I think it will still be alive especially for new and returning, because they make these changes to keep it fresh.
  4. That's good, It's gonna be a while tho :((((( I wish I had a time machine, and/or could speak Korean
  5. Welp, time to get creative and find other ways to farm what you want is all I can say. Im gonna level a new character after this patch(Soul Fighter lolol), and see how that goes. TL;DR I'm not gonna worry about it.
  6. They said in the 2d Anniversary stream that they plan on bringing more costumes in that are designed to be used with the tailoring system, as well as making more costumes customizable. This is a new system, so right now there aren't many costume options yet.
  7. Because people love to complain no matter what x)
  8. I am having the same problem with my gunslinger. Face seems completely frozen like this: ._. Lol, she does not blink or move her lips, except when I view her in F3. Can post example later if you need.
  9. Think I pretty much have it decided on how I want her to look, I couldn't decide between this and purple makeup, but I think I'm goin with this.
  10. Pretty happy with it. I am glad that they are trying to do what they can for players. I am semi-casual, I play mostly every day, but I hate endless grinds. At that rate who knows when I will get to where I want. So I'm glad they want to make things easier.
  11. They're not just gonna rush it out before everything is ready, so be patient and wait till it's time, and be glad you don't get a crap update
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