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  1. honorary ornament

    I don't understand... Trove is here now and the last couple of day i haven't had anything that can really help me upgrade.. like... I don't get the appeal of this unless u are a P2W player... Maybe at the end of the drove it will have saved me 2 days of extra farming?
  2. Can someone tell me daily gold farming rotation? Something for atleast 2-3 hours? Currently sitting at blademaster 520 AP with 48% critrate if that matters. (which used to be pretty high fml). With all the new stuff i'm confused where i should utilise my time for gathering gold with my stats.
  3. Hongmoon skill rundown?

    I just came back to this game since silver frost mountains update. I have the lightning draw hongmoon skill which used to be super expensive untill the achievement vendor came... But i'm confused about which Hongmoon skills i should get now, which ones are easy to get and which ones are MUST HAVES.. Can anyone do a quick rundown and make a list or something? For exampling the Searing slash one :s
  4. Well i'm giving it a shot. But it sux i spent so much time before i left become so strong and all that is worthless now... Anyone on server Wild Springs that can help me a bit?
  5. BM builds (Newbie help PVE)

    Old player returning here. So animation canceling with honed slash is no longer best dmg? And wth happened with 5 point strike stage 3.. i loved that skill.. now i can never use it cuz i'll generate threat if i'm not tanking? :S And can someone explain to me what confligratoin and all that stuff is.. all new to me ;S So basic stance is almost useless? Violent blade makes it so u are Always fully stocked on focus and u never need basic anymore :S When i was playing i was tank and almost everytime and it was fun switching stances often to recover focus and stuff. but it seems U can be in draw stance the entire timing when tanking :s is this correct?
  6. I seem to be HM5. I just logged in again and i have no idea what i'm doing. so odd!
  7. Thanks, i might take you up on that.
  8. I quit a while ago, the last update was the one with Yeti dungeon and faction war (forgot the name of this). Played it a couple weeks and just one day i stopped playing, i honestly can't say why... I just stopped loggin in even though i enjoyed the game. I think the daily grind was getting too much it consumed all my evenings... (no idea how ppl did these dailies on multiple chars) However i wanna jump back in. Is it even possible? Will ppl even take me with my inferior gear and stats due to elitism and thus i'll be stuck in this cycle of being weak simply cuz i can't find a dungeon to go to. I'm a pretty good player, before i left i was Always the "tank" and the one that controlls the bosses in general. So i'm useful. But i know ppl only care about stats these days.... So can a returning player like me rejoin without too much hassle? Same question for a new player... Is it even possible to catch up to other endgame players or is the gap just to big for a new player to join in and thus might get left behind all the time?
  9. Blademaster Build Explanations

    Ani canceling flicker and honed slash is MORE dps then Dragontongue atk speed flicker without a doubt. tested a few times in Mushin, my clears were significantly slower with Dragontongue.
  10. Buying HM coins costs Ncoins?

    Yes but when i sold gold so i could get HM coins, the system also took some NC coins away from me :S I think
  11. I am very confused by this exchange system... I wanted to buy some HM coins so i could get the Training expansion, only needed 150 HM coins to get it. But i had to trade like 190 NCoin + 5 gold to get it.. I thought the point of HM coins was that u could buy some shop items WITHOUT using Ncoin???
  12. It took my along time to get True pirate by doing dailies EVERY day on 1 character, only a couple days before silverfrost i was able to get it. If u don't have 3-6 chars to grind dailies with every day, your progression will be EXTREMELY slow. I dno if i can deal with this again, grinding dailies every single day. I dno how soulless and empty inside the ppl are that do this on 2+ characters. I just dno if i can handle doing dailies that now even take LONGER to complete then before.. Again.. and Again...
  13. Extreme lag since patch

    Well my issue still remains... Yesterday and earlier today everything was smooth but then out of the blue i feel like im playing with 5000 ping with extreme delays. :S
  14. Even since the patch i feel like im playing with 5000 ping, got insane skill delay and mobs sometimes stand still only to then move all over the place a few seconds later. Anyone else experiencing similar issues since patch?
  15. 23rd HM skills

    I just hope the current HM skills will still only drop in dungeons and will not by purchasable with Naryu Silver... First of all: its currently one of the few drops in the game where u can feel really good and lucky for dropping it. This games doesnt have much of that. Secondly; Kinda unfair for ppl that bought the skill for 100-400 gold 2 day before the update was announced. And its just unfair that a couple days later anyone can get the skill for cheap. Current skillbooks should stay rare and give players a reason to hunt for it!