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  1. Returning to BD Questions

    1) Your Z should be self enchanting and your X and V should be damage up to be able to go to draw stance to deal damage. Your Maelstorm should be party protection.   2) Seraph increase your dps but your Baleful resets your cd, up to your choice!   3) If you have full MSP soulshield you can use Magnum soulshield, otherwise you should use Primal force. The third choice is tribute soulbadge   4.1) First prioritize getting 20points in offence 4.2) Then go for 20points on defence 4.3) At last go for the remaining points on offence   5) Whatever that gives Attack power   6) Raven soulshield is good if you have raven weapon. Otherwise MSP would be better.
  2. BD 6v6 soulshields

    The more defence the better is it! 
  3. Is worth to create a Blade Dancer??

    I strongly recommend Blade dancers, They're a newbie friendly class!
  4. Noob question

    The letter is under your map top right corner! If it doesn't show, press on the arrow key aiming down. If you hover it it'll say Expand quest log
  5. It is definetly worth to salvage them if you have the HM accessories!
  6. Skill Tree

    Mark the "Show trainable skills" in top left corner and it'll be much easier to spec abilities. Even easier than the list one. If you don't have it on I'll also agree it's very bad.
  7. References to books/games/movies in B&S

    The Shrieking caverns daily quest is called "Let him go" and the dynamic quest is called "The cold never bothered me anyway". The boss says "Let the storm rage on" and "Do you wanna build a snowwoman" They are all references of Frozen
  8. References to books/games/movies in B&S

    There's a cave called Justa Cave, probably meaning Just a cave. But the funny part is when you talk with this guy he'll say "Prepare for trouble, and make it double!". His name is even Double trouble!
  9. Assassin Matchup

    Many doesn't realize turning your back against an assassin is in fact an advantage, not a disadvantage because they can stealth when they hit from behind because most of assassin attacks blinks him from behind, which is blockable if you turn your back against an assasin.
  10. 26 lvl = gold

    Well every stats are equal and it's all about the skill. If you brainless hit an enemy ofcourse they'll block everything
  11. Another BD or BM Question

    Blade master is easier and useful by being able to tank. They are easy to play but harder to both hit and block at the same time. Moderate strong class, Very good at tanking and protects your party alot. If you play fire you only need to hold RMB   Blade dancer is a quicker class since they can both move and hit at the same time. But they don't have any block so they won't be able to tank. But they are strong DPS class (second strongest imo) and once you have out of draw stance your basic stance rotation will never be out of focus. Ping required class if you are playing lightning but easy to play (spam f and lmb)
  12. FM dps

    Those who says FM are weak, they are wrong. FM is a monster! Force master is one of the strongest DPS class but the cons of force master is they cancel other force master since you're sharing ember + burn debuff on the enemy. A FM with 800AP (approximately 900AP with HM points) deal over 200K per second
  13. New SF please help :)

    Stage 1: 3 second cooldown counter, freezes enemy. Stage 2: 6 second cooldown counter, stuns enemy Stage 3: 6 Second cooldown counter, gives chi level and resist damage and status effects for 1 second after successful counter   Soulfighters got two backsteps, QE like KFM and QE like Force master.
  14. Why I cant purschase item from F10 store?

    In the news forum it was said the NCcoin was temporary disabled. Maybe it's still not up yet?
  15. Returning Player Needs Guidance

    Get silverfrost valor stone and buy Ivorymoon weapon stage 1 in Grand harvest square, then start evolving your Ivorymoon weapon instead of true pirate since your true pirate weapon is completely outdated.   I recommend keep breakthrough your ring and your earring since it gives alot of critical damage. Then go for ivorymoon bracelet and necklace for even more critical damage.