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  1. If you have MSP soulshield -> Magnum soulbadge If you have BT soulshield -> Primal force soulbadge If you're a whale -> Arcana Soulbadge
  2. Maybe your PSU is too weak to run BnS or there's some error with your computer fan and it's overheating.
  3. I would say if you don't have any soulbadge, this would be a good choice to do since you now have the chance of getting these tokens
  4. Fuse Magnum + Primal force soulbadge.
  5. Well if you do LFP a DT run and you get a bunch of HM 5 & HM 6, you shouldn't get forced to waste your time upon a dungeon that your party can't do. Then the only option is to leave and search for another party.
  6. Hm, haven't checked it throughly, but if it was thunder slash which triggered the ability, it might be worth to get, just for being able to do Lightning draw more often & keep holding electric surge buff.
  7. None of the HM skill are needed for PvP, but some are good to have Chilling Flame Elixir: Sunder penetrates counters Offals: Guardian Tempest heals 5% more and recover focus Lightning Draw Volume 2: Leaves AoE on the ground Hongmoon Secret technique 2: Spinning (M1) reduce 25% incoming damage, which means more defence. Spinning (M2) refreshes knockup cooldown on successful parry.
  8. Finish the story line and you will probably catch up.
  9. By the time new content updates, the easier it will get to progress. Next upcoming patch will increase the droprate of Forging orb, Xanos disc, MSP soulshields & Lunar twilight flower which will make it easier to catch up. Silverfrost Heroic dungeon mechanics will also be easier.
  10. This new soulbadge can actually be considered also strong, but without any test it's hard to say. But the most annoying part is you have to use lightning strike to activate it, which has an 18s cooldown plus it's a waste of stun.
  11. With raven items -> Your DPS revolves with lightning flash alot together at holding electric surge and DPS. So Pulse mystic badge + primal force is extremely good since your lightnig flash will be really strong with these items. With MSP items -> Storm Cleave is extremely mighty with full soulshield, so use Magnum soul badge to have an extremely burst. With the reset you can also hold electric surge permanently so you can use pulse mystic badge and get permanent 20% critical damage
  12. Wind Can be potentially be stronger than lightning at endgame Stronger AoEs Don't need to animation-cancel Never need to go to draw stance. Lightning Strong single-target DPS Need to animation cancel Always have to hold draw stance. Wind hits strong and lightning hits fast. It's not obliged to play the stronger element because wind can actually be stronger than lightning with the future items. In endgame wind instead of doing 3x sunder -> 1x rolling typhoon, it'll be reversed to 3x rolling typhoon -> 1x sunder which is scary strong. I would say wind build is slightly weaker than lightning, but not much. It's still good because all wind abilities are AoEs while lightning can only singletarget and wind have more healing than lightning.
  13. Hello! I've decided to play Earth soulfighter because it is so much more fun than ice in my opinion. But it's hard decision for me whether I should go for Baleful or Seraph weapon. Baleful increase my damage of Cobalt punch which is obviously really good plus it also increase my damage a bit equal to my attack power. Baleful is always a better choice because it often can reset the cooldown of my abilities. But here comes why I still consider Seraph is good. Baleful increases my damage of cobalt punch which is just half part of the DPS rotation (Other DPS part is breaking claw). Compared to frost build you'll spam much more right punch than you spam earth's cobalt punch. Cooldown reset are not exactly needed because you DPS with your abilities that already have 0 cooldown plus focus chi is unable to be reset. In that point I'm considering to go for seraph instead which allows me to use dragonfury much more often. Please reply of what you think whether I should still go for Seraph or Baleful
  14. 1) Your Z should be self enchanting and your X and V should be damage up to be able to go to draw stance to deal damage. Your Maelstorm should be party protection. 2) Seraph increase your dps but your Baleful resets your cd, up to your choice! 3) If you have full MSP soulshield you can use Magnum soulshield, otherwise you should use Primal force. The third choice is tribute soulbadge 4.1) First prioritize getting 20points in offence 4.2) Then go for 20points on defence 4.3) At last go for the remaining points on offence 5) Whatever that gives Attack power 6) Raven soulshield is good if you have raven weapon. Otherwise MSP would be better.
  15. The more defence the better is it!