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  1. It's basically a single boss dungeon that you can do once a day or can pay a TINY amount of gold or HM/NC coin to reset it for that day. There is no gear (a sellable breakthrough item) that purely comes out of it that you're going to miss out on, it is mainly materials (which are sold for gold anyway). So please stop crying that its "behind a paywall". This isn't the same as a farmable dungeon for Soul Shields or other gear, it is purely a mats thing similar to a daily treasure trove except its a boss.
  2. Huh? you can't buy those things at all.
  3. Please look up the definition of P2W. Paying money for previous level 45 materials isn't even in the same zip code as P2W as the OP states. You can't currently buy level 50 materials and even if you could it wouldn't be P2W since they are attainable in game. P2W would be NCSoft adding a gem you can ONLY get in the store for NCCoin. Until that point none of this is P2W (it is pay for convenience/less grind) and those that say it is just come off like whiners.
  4. Best lvl 50 dungeon to grind

    Yeti4 is best to farm and its not even close. It is the fastest 4 man (with a good group) and you need 100 runs to get the 7 ap achievement bonus stat. It also drops a skill book along with Necro4 but that takes significantly longer. My advice would be to learn how to i-frame the Yeti fight since once you do the Yeti4 is trivial.
  5. Yeti 4 man Red Warning Circles

    So what if the tank gets frozen, its not the end of the world. They don't even come close to one-shotting people and add a random, minor element to the fight. I see no problem with them. The BSH blasts were different cause they stunned and cause you to get chained by the next blast if you can't escape out of them.
  6. TLDR Summary of thread... Low geared people are tired of not getting into 500+ ap fast dungeon runs to get carried but don't want to state it like that and instead come up with dumb arguments to hide their belly aching. Summary of my thoughts: 1) You don't NEED to join these groups, stop making people play exactly like you think they should be 2) Geared players have already learned the fights and done the work to gear up, now they want fast/successful runs, stop blaming them for it. 3) Yes 500+ AP isn't needed for content but its the best proxy we have for determining that people know and have done the fights, is it perfect no but it generally works. 4) Create your own no AP requirement group and teach new players instead of complaining that not everyone likes to teach and hand hold people like you 5) PUG's aren't the best place for new players to learn the 4-man fights, guilds and youtube videos are better, you shouldn't force other players to teach and hold your hand.
  7. 4-man RNG drops

    I don't think you actually read the post. I have no problem with super rare drops in content that is supposed to last a while, like level 50 content, but all this 45 content is only lasting another month maybe and then level 50 comes out. If its only supposed to be relevant for 2 months, rather than a year like it was in TW/KR, why make the drops super rare just to eventually put them in a vendor when 50 comes out? All it does is make people not want to run them and just wait for the vendor also it makes the game WAY more pay to win when a Warlock or BM has to pay 3-400 gold just to get the skillbook when it will be at a vendor in a month. As long as NA/EU are on the accelerated release schedule, the drop rates should be increased accordingly so the same % of people end up with the drops versus the 6-12 months it was available in other regions. Besides, judging by the number of Lab4 runs going on at any one time versus Lab6, I'd say the rewards should be tweaked a little, just because it went on in TW/KR doesn't make it gospel in NA/EU. The Wind/Thunder adornments are stupid rare when nobody will be running the dungeon in a month.
  8. 4-man RNG drops

    Maybe not in a month if it we go the same way as other regions then yes, eventually all the 45 costumes are available via vendor either directly or indirectly in the 50 zones.
  9. 4 Man Labyrinth Loot

    Yay another 4-man dungeon where < 2% of players will see anything good come out of it. At least they give out artifacts more liberally. I'm surprised the spellbooks didn't also drop from Lab seeing as it is twice the challenge than BSH (for most group comps).
  10. 4-man RNG drops

    Yes and I'm saying the current setup doesn't make you WANT to run 4-man. If the dungeons are only relevant for a couple months at the most (unlike TW and KR) then why make the drop chance minuscule as it is? Your own personal story is fine, that works for you, but IMO I shouldn't get more rewards from 6 than 4 98% of the time. 4-man Lab at least has the right idea where it drops artifacts more liberally in 4-man. What's the point of having a 0.3% drop chance on the Twins masks if nobody will be running the content in a month and can buy the costumes from vendors? All it does is frustrate players and make them not want to run the content until its available from a vendor. I'm not saying ALL the costumes should drop 100% of the time just that there's a big difference between that and running a 4-man 40-50 times and getting ZERO drops at all. I like the challenge but I also think challenge should be rewarded versus the no-challenge that is 6-man.
  11. 4-man RNG drops

    This was my point, it seems like an easy knob they could have turned knowing that Poh/Bsh/Lab would only "last" for a few months and to increase the drop rates accordingly. Even long term dungeons probably shouldn't be SO RNG based for drops. I'd much rather have a long grind gathering tokens that always drop for a costume rather than a 0.5% chance per run since then people give up faster running that content.
  12. 4-man RNG drops

    Outside of the Honorary Ornmanents which are more common, the RNG related drops from spellbooks to costumes in 4-mans is WAY TOO LOW. What is the point of releasing a dungeon that will last 2 months with super rare costume drops that 5% of the population will get only to then release a 50 patch which has vendors for all this stuff? All it does is make people not want to run the 4-mans since on 95% of the runs they drop less than the 6 mans do for much more effort and difficulty. IMO 2 things should change and its relatively simple: 1) 4-mans should drop EVERYTHING that 6 mans do plus bonus items, not NOTHING plus a tiny chance at bonus items 2) Unless a dungeon is supposed to last 6+ months, 1 costume piece should be a guaranteed drop plus a small chance at a bonus so people know what to expect as a reward. An alternative would be to move to a token based system similar to Lab artifacts for costume pieces so the rewards are more spread out among group members. I think we can all agree that doing 30+ runs of BSH4 without receiving a single costume piece or spellbook is the exact opposite of what the Dev's SHOULD want. If you're one of the couple classes with 300-500g spellbooks good luck, I also doubt the Dev's want that to be the economy of some of the classes especially since classes like Warlock are crap without them at endgame and that seems Pay2Win to me which the Dev's have been pretty good at avoiding so far.
  13. Moonwater 4-man removal in Level 50?

    How does the removal of 4-man achievements work? For example, the 4-man Lab is tied to 3 AP bonus stats so does this achievement then turn into a 6 man requirement or something completely different and we may lose the 3 AP?
  14. I'd really like to see NCSoft's opinion on this, do they really intend for skillbooks to cost the average player 4-500g or weeks/months grinding a dungeon? The same goes for the 4-man costumes, nobody runs them anymore because they drop LESS than the 6 mans on an average run and the costume chance is SO LOW, it makes zero sense.
  15. Don't get discouraged with 4 mans

    There's no reason 4 mans should EVER drop less than a 6 man run, that's why nobody is doing Lab4. Every 4 man should drop at least one costume or very few people will have even half the costumes even if they do nothing but grind the dungeons. I can understand spellbooks and Ornaments being rare but when there's 4-5 costumes per dungeon and they're being released every couple months, nobody does them cause 95% of the runs you get NOTHING not even what 6 man offers.