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  1. Hi, For now i need 7500 NCoin and more in few days. Please whisper me in game. Characters: LâL & CiLeK
  2. 10g lower than current price on market Pm CiLeK or LâL
  3. What is the daily commission fee?

    +1 I also want to know that
  4. Gem question...

    nope. you do not have to. i never removed my gems
  5. New Partnership with Innova

    Make a "dislike" button please. I need it for OP. This is not fair at all. I do not now anything about Innova but there are few ridiculous company that i would never play any game they have. This blocking is simply restricting freedom of all players who wants to play this game in Eu and with NCSoft. Such a disappointment...
  6. Hai, Sometimes especially while waiting for someone or something, i minimize the game window. So it would be awsome if i could still hear the game sounds when i minimized it. Even if i don't see, i would know what's going on around me. I love this feature in games, Maybe you can add an option for it and we can turn it on and off as we want?
  7. Cant leave dungeon lobbys?

    I couldn't leave too and i had to wait over 10mins. I just wanted to check if there are some quick runs or not. It's so stupid. Only the party leader can cancel and exit.
  8. Yep, it's also scary. I'm playing smoothly with max settings BUT my cooler fans are going crazy while i'm waiting in that cross-server lobby. When i minimize bns window...all goes back to normal. That lobby needs some serious attention.