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  1. Just as an update, my coins *just* finally arrived. Don't let them forget about you, keep trying. Hope you guys have your coins soon, good luck.
  2. I'm sorry but... days pass and tons of people are still without their coins, we are paying real money here and the support is just stalling and ignoring. What does NCsoft expect from players with this situation? My boyfriend offered to pay for another batch of ncoins so i could buy premium and not wait in queve for 7 hours like i am now, and I said no, because i don't want anyone else's money going into Ncsoft Black Hole on my account.
  3. I'm guessing no, only a handful of people got this matter solved a few days back. Their new update on my ticket was "Sorry, I missed the attachements, We're reviewing this". Like wtf, what more is there to review, people are PAYING real money, they should get what they are paying for asap. I'm getting really upset, not to mention disappointed. You can try a ticket and hope to have better luck than me.
  4. Ok so they replied my ticket finally and... they asked for the code (in my case, I bought a ncoin card and applied and activated with no problem) which i have sent in not one, but TWO attachement images when i first posted the ticket. They must be joking. lol
  5. Replied but i think first comment didn't appear, sorry if double posted. First thing i did when i didn't receive my coins was screenshot email and ncsoft account. I too recommend everyone to do the same. I didn't spend much, that doesn't mean i shouldn't have my coins, and i feel really bad for the people who spent a lot, I'm really sorry guys. I used to like Ncsoft but this is really disappointing. My update is that there is no update, no answer, no coins, 32 hours have passed. Now i have to work, but i'll try to check in later on.
  6. This is rather absurd, over 24 hours here too. No update. Still 0 ncoins and no reply. My friend bought coins a little after me, got them on the spot, no wait, no headache. I must be really unlucky. There are people that even with this 0 balance problem already got their missing coins hours and hours ago. Why are some people getting their coins but others are being ignored? Everyone that is paying, no matter the amount, should have their coins, especially because ncsoft had no problem taking our money, no delay whatsoever. First they said 12 hours, then 24... it's been way over 24
  7. Bought 400 coins at 2-3AM (my country's timezone) and it's 12:40PM, still 0 balance. :/ Edit : +2hours, nothing. (I've sent a ticket earlier too.)
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