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  1. where u able to see any post related to this issue with a proper answere? If so can u link it? thanks
  2. I think i can post here, but just receive a private message in Forum from a gold seller. Thats new to me too.
  3. "Disconnected from server SystemErr (3000 : Account Login Failure) NetworkErr - (132) WSALastErr - (15,100)" Four times in a row. Guess i need to ask. What is all this about? After a couple minutes of gameplay i ended up here. Should i make a ticket about this, or is this a known issue, Cause to me this is the first time.
  4. Is a shame that trade is only able at lv15. I remember that on CloseBeta i did trade the weapons.
  5. While we all wait to the server come online again i feel like i need to share my opinion. Too many of the post on this game is about people complaining about being harassed. Last time i check this game is for people over 15, so we arent talking about litle children. You guys are big enought to know how sadly the internet works, too many creatures behind a keyboard thing they are bullies. But they are only bullies if you pay ANY attention to it. If you are being harassed (sexual orientation, class choise, current gear or ANY OTHER SUBJECT) be a man about it (or a woman)
  6. Not just in a MMO, is a Friend in the entire Internet. Too many sad creatures become bullys behind a keyboard.
  7. now im curious. Does the EU and NA servers must update simultaneous because of the Cross Dungeon and Cross Arena feactures? It could make some sense if the alghortims crashed trying to find closed servers.
  8. I see a lot of hate on this post. But obviously that the ones who give the hate doesnt spent a single coin on the game. What they forget is that paying players are the ones who keep the game we all love running. Ysaera, unfortunally you arent the first one who i see talking about this. Lawsuit seems too much and you will win nothing with it. But doing this you will warn people not to spent money in game and may speed up things. I can understand your frustation, because you arent talking about losing ingame cash but real one. Not being able to spent cash on games i love, i need
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