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  1. 4 Man Labyrinth Loot

    Has anyone found any accessory like horns or aura then? in 20 runs i got to see 3 thunder god and 2 wind god but nothing else.
  2. would really like to hear an official reply to this issue from staff :)
  3. Hardest Class For YOU to fight

    Summoner, it's basically a 1v2.
  4. My experience in different games with that crap software is more than enough to allow me to express my worries on whatever thread. Gameguard hasn't been upgraded to Gameguard2 or some other thing, it's still the same software, and its interferences with other legit softwares have always been reported during history by internet communities. Not even a month ago GG had troubles with mozilla and this is a fact which makes really hard to change opinion about it after 3 days only of release of new client because, as it had troubles with firefox, it might have troubles with any other software in the future. Now, almost everyone on this thread is reporting you all the issues caused by GG, plus is confirmed the presence of hackers and bots in many games "protected" by it. Wouldn't u maybe consider a different kind of hack protection or software that might be working better in catching hackers and not in bothering legit players with random shutdowns?
  5. For the whole cbts as soon as i opened firefox my game was shutting down. I had to open it before starting the client, else i couldn't use it due to gameguard being absolute crap, as it has always been in the past where games supposed to be protected by that were filled by damn hackers and bots everywhere. Yours is a lost cause, m9-1.
  6. Mozilla Firefox.
  7. bns client mozilla firefox 3.swear
  8. Make sure to be Crimson, Windrest server ;0
  9. Will there be pvp servers?

    Just pic windrest. You'll find all pvp players there, we're attracted by masses.
  10. So whos coming from Aion or Wildstar?!

    Is the actual Perento asmodian Governor.
  11. So whos coming from Aion or Wildstar?!

    hyohei is that you? :0
  12. So whos coming from Aion or Wildstar?!

    Aion, Chrysamere. Open world pvp was totally dead on tele, and my friends from other servers were all saying kinda the same. We were all waiting for a game that could have been similar but better and bns finally came to the west ^^ i feel like many other aion players will come here.
  13. Quote from Myself 4 posts above: You can call the cat back as many summoners do as soon as is thrown slept unconscious, not after seconds, wasting the opponent's chance to sleep the cat. So you are now saying that i'm right? :0 Quote from Myself 2 posts above: He said that in reply to my statement concerning the resist, not the counter, so either was an argument i didnt mention or was a sort of way to talk about that using his own words. Who the hell cares about counter? Almost every class have one and i never talked about that but about the resist instead! The crazy amount of *cricket*s i give at what that sounds to you is reaching the stars (not) Feel sorry for them too for not being able to follow such a basic debate
  14. And he said that in reply to my statement concerning the resist, not the counter, so either was an argument i didnt mention or was a sort of way to talk about that using his own words. About the pet recall, happend to me very often vs gold and plats summoners in cbt.
  15. The more i try to be polite the more i get cancer. A guy says a bullshit . | . | . V I quote him and i try to show him that's a bullshit . | . | . V I am crying (for you) Now that's your logic, and i'm really sorry for you that you have to live with it for the rest of your life. You can call the cat back as many summoners do as soon as is thrown slept unconscious, not after seconds, wasting the opponent's chance to sleep the cat. Pet recall-> (even tho the owner of the vid calls it a bug, it is not) It seems you are the one that needs to learn ur class m9-1 You can't cancel the "User is resistant to damage, status effects for 1.5 sec on Counter" with the "skills that every class has" that you said. That's a bs. And just cus u're so obsessed with the idea of me losing vs summoners, no i don't usually lose vs them and no i don't usually attack the cat, i was replying at your post where you said that, but you're too focused to search ways to act smartass with me and you can't follow a proper discussion. You know, summoner fits you well. Make sure to reroll WL when it gets released.
  16. You just re-listed the several amount of weapons a summoner has that in their totality are called advantage, not mentioning the almost 2sec resist upon stealthing, the usain bolt stealth speed, the many evasive skills, the cat's support that basically turns every fight in a 2v1 (not being able to cc both of them unless BD's penta for some secs), the 3sec cd recall pet skill that doesnt let your opponent cc sleep the cat, the 2-focus-cost (in THIS version of the game we are discussing about right now) burst skill, the suppress that can be done 3 times before the 1m cd suppress-escape skill that most of the classes have gets ready again after first use (and i'm not talking about second wind that is already wasted with the other dazes). And i would add, if the cat dies the summoner would probably have already dragged his opponent's hp down to 20% at least. Not complaining, care, just re-stating the obvious fact that summoner class has an advantage. And i wouldn't mind that, if only summoner players weren't so boldly trying to say everytime the opposite. About warlock, well, kr december patch nerfed it quite much. We'll see what we'll get here.
  17. No advantage? Check out how jaesung deals with these no-advantage hard-to-master non-high-ranked summoners :\ Dunno on which server u were, m8, but on soha the only platinums i've seen hangin' around were 1 destroyer and all summoners. Plus (don't want to seem too nasty but...) having a pocket blade-dancer-like npc suppressing the enemy every few seconds is usually called "advantage". And is not that 8sec cd 6sec stealth, 3.5k spammable burst skill and all those resists and movement speed reductions rly need that much backup even if the cat dies (although it can be resurrected). PS: Also, being a ranged class is always an advantage in every game.
  18. Does this game have owpvp?

    There IS open world pvp, i've been doing only that for the past 3 betas. And i don't mean zergs vs zergs. Pure solo or duo open world pvp, mainly focused on the misty woods zone for this patch, is the most entertaining aspect of the game.
  19. Factions.

    Hello. I'm one of the lyns. As i told you in the chat, guards were aggroed on me as u can see from my screenshot, meanwhile my pal was attacking you there. Now, as i said in the chat, the issue was that guards kept resetting on me and me only. This has to be fixed, cus after someone gets the aggro of those "safe zone" guards anyone else could just sneak in and kill you. EDIT: this would be fixed either my creating an invisible wall that doesnt allow to land on the platform closest to the tree (the one i'm standing on, easily reacheable by windwalking) or by shifting the whole watchtower position slightly in the tree's direction to let guards be able to finally select the target, which in this case is behind an obstacle.
  20. Best Class For 160-170 Ping .

    LBM with 170ms? are you even serious? good luck in finding the timing for ur 0.5s counter or even barely doing damage in draw stance. summoner might be the only class where high ping isn't much of an issue
  21. Add chat command /ping

    This. The REAL servers ips, not some rerouting public server that doesnt have the same trace. Or happens that i get 40ms on prompt and 200ms in game due to saturation and i can't check it out. Not having an in-game ping check option is rly annoying.
  22. The patch is up!

  23. Aion was a better game

    You must be playing either on urtem or thor to be brave enough to say aion isnt dead, and you probably missread the new features or you would know how much unbalanced and ptw aion has become. As for the pvp map i frankly hope u're right, being not able to check my statements as the official lv50 content hasnt been released yet on eu. There's no need to act smartass in every post u do.