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  1. Yeah I had the issue as well same day that Amd posted a graphics update.. Updated and stopped crashing for like a week... I imagine the servers being full doesn't help the Fps strain.
  2. Try updating your graphic drivers and restarting your computer...
  3. I don't agree with this mode of thinking... My thought is there should be a market/storage npc by the E-Fleet supply chain. When doing dailies you tend to accumulate alot of items/exess stuff... If you are in a group and your inventory gets full your forced to break down or drop items that you could have used or sold so that you can pick up the loot chests. But if there was a npc you could easily just store things and then go back to the dailies. It is a convenience factor yes, and yes I could have prepared my inventory prior to entering but all the same. We are the customer like myself even premium users like things to not be overly difficult for no reason. I mean why exactly is one not present there? for the purpose of us having to windstride or run to the next town and wait out loading screens or pay currency to do so? Why cant I log in with my character at black ram and just go straight to doing dailies without the hassle? We are asking for a slight convenience change and people like you feed the developers excuses as to why they shouldn't do it... I mean do you seriously feel passionately enough about blocking a minor change like this to write that lengthy of a post? Or is it that you just simply have nothing better to do?
  4. Soul Reavers is a Mature Guild built on the focus of team work and End game/leveling content... That is not to say we don't have members interested in PVP but PVE is our main focus. Our guild has been around for about 3 years now and has played many other games. We started out on SWTOR and from there moved around till we finally found our new home on Blade N Soul! We have a dedicated Ventrilo chat for our guild, A website with forums and raid calendar as well as a way to get in touch with other guild members. There is nothing we will not help a fellow guild member out with. Our guild works as a team and is anti elitist... We will never force someone to do something they don't want to do. All we ask is that you participate with the guild and let us help you get stronger so we can achieve greatness together! Mature members only 18 years or older... The reason for this is that being in a guild is more than just playing a game together it is hanging out with friends and being able to relate to one another without drama. Whether that be about the night out at the bar you had, or raising kids or even your horrible day at work. If we can't relate than we can't be a good team can we? So if your looking for a mature, well rounded, team oriented guild and to start new lasting friendships, apply at our website and myself or one of our officers will get back with you A.S.A.P. Website is www.soulreavers.gamerlaunch.com Hope to see you in game!
  5. At the moment it depends on the day and time. There are times of the day where noone is on vent... And then there are times closer to the afternoon where there are 4-8 people on.. This fluctuation of when we are active and not soo much I assume will change with the more members we get. And to answer your second question, I consider Us pretty social yes. Everyone in our guild is willing to help out and like having a good time bsing on Vent. Plus I hate typing everything I have to say so I personally rather have everyone on vent lol..
  6. My though on this is that there should be multiple options of difficulty for this fight.. or they should not allow people to recieve the supply chain daily quest until level 45... Hell I got the quest at lvl 43... There should be an entry level easy mode in the cross server with different rewards... and then a level 45 normal mode that has a strict weapon requirement. What people are doing is they will obtain the dokumo weapon but not have enough mats/gold to upgrade thier current weapon so they will swap in the dokumo and then swap back once inside the instance... Not sure how they can stop this from happening but it would be a good idea too...
  7. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    except that wont work.... If you think the gold spammers are not buying up cheap items on the market and then jacking up the price your nuts... I am pretty sure if there was an achievement to unlock chat by buying something for 3 silver they would be the first to achieve it...
  8. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I agree with you.
  9. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    It would be irresponsible of them to talk about that... If they did than it would tell us exactly how their anti-spamming system works and when they make changes that work, than knowing how it works gives the gold spammers an easier time bypassing it.
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Why don't they initiate a key word chat blocker and add the following key words to the list.... 1- WWW 2- W W W 3- 3W. 4- 3 W. 5- .com 6- .C O M 7- G O L D And then block all connected web address from chat. When would any real person use the above combinations of letters in Chat... and there is no reason to post URL's in public chat... Then the ones that do get through after the filter you have the community report and then they get banned... or at least our block list will be more effective...
  11. Bored about queue times

    I understand people are frustrated with que times... But you also have to understand that when there are too many people for the physical hardware to handle than there will be que times.. for Gods sake they have 32 servers... Who would have thought the game would become popular enough to overflow 32 servers? Unless the developers had a crystal ball than you cant blame them for this... They are trying their hardest to get new hardware and new servers. At least they update us and let us know. It takes alot of time and money to set up servers as massive as the ones needed for this.... They will eventually make the que times go away but it will take time. So if you are not paying for premium membership than you will just have to wait in que until then.
  12. If I have my info correct The progress we made during this last Beta test will carry over to the next beta test week on Nov 13th correct? As in they will not be wiping the server until the end of the 5th beta test.. I just wanted to clarify that if anyone could clear that up for me that would be awesome.
  13. Soo.. Just to be clear...

    Thank you for your quick reply!