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  1. why bother with this raid anway, 10 minutes a day, 30 times to get the gem after a month, when you can get it for 10 euros from the hongmoon store, lol. i giggled. :)
  2. Yeahoran Gloves from outlaw island

    yeah thats what i thought but i just cant kill yeohoran, too hard with my current gear. best i can do is farm boss 1-4 guess i was just unlucky with my runs then.. i keep on trying..
  3. Hi, so i finally grinded 100 runs in Hollow's heart. got my quickgrip gloves. Now i've done outlaw island for a couple of hours only boss 1/tm 4 since last boss takes me too much time and is too hard, and i havnt seen the gloves drop yet. do they only drop from last boss or 1 till 4 too? all i get are naryu coins and those useless soulshields with a random sacred orb inbetween... pls tell me the rate isnt like the legendary gloves in HH -_- im so tilted, 100 runs finally got it the quickgrip now i grind for another zillion hours for this upgrade gloves. ugh any tips?
  4. Yeahoran Gloves from outlaw island

    Do all bosses have same droprate? Or do the later bosses have higher chance My rng in this game is a joke though Guess il just keep farming
  5. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    I understand where you are coming from but basically you are saying 1 proc in 400 attempts is not rare? then i don't know what is. oh well i learned from it though. back to grinding purple train ^^
  6. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    Yeah nice, i never got such crits, maybe if i bought 1000 keys :') 1 PTS in 400 keys can't stress it enough, everytime i repeat it to myself it i wonder why i still play luls im happy for you though.
  7. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    the first trove in 2016, i used 300 keys and got 3 gems that were considered the ''top tier'' in the item list. this time 400 keys and best i got were hepta gem, no octagonal no legendary and ONLY 1 PTS yes you read that correct 1 PTS in 400 keys. you can't call that rng anymore. but whatever. you're right its still my fault for trusting that they listened to the community from previous complaints about droprates. last trove for me. :)
  8. Trove procs.. or lack of.

    I opened 400 keys and the best i got were heptagonal gems no legendary nor octaconal.. -_-
  9. Right click inbox unavailable?

    Ye its bugged for me aswell, when ever i buy new items i can retrieve them fine, but the keys i bought are bugged too i cant retrieve them
  10. So i heard most players were saying that in march the trove would come again, but according to the latest news about the fire and blood update coming 21 march, this doesnt include a Trove. /sad
  11. Fix gunner class, or quitting game.

    not really any geared class can melt a 6kk mob.
  12. Upgrading Soul

    lol really. No i did not know that. damn i been searching forever haha. guess il just have to use 1 oil then if i get the wrong soul whatever :) thnx. Can the transmute fail or is it guaranteed?
  13. Upgrading Soul

    I think you need a pristine oil to switch soul.. and you cant buy those on the market as far as i know =/
  14. Upgrading Soul

    I am currently at hongmoon energy stage 10. When i want to upgrade to legendary soul it says either ''true hongmoon or awakened soul. eeeh how can i choose? is it random or? cause i want the 8 sec cd soul. not the 1 minute one.. anyone knows?
  15. 50 box RIP off

    I don't mind when RNG is RNG but when you pay 5500NCoin and you get crappy items that you could have bought of the market with a 20 euro (1600ncoin) bundel, you feel pretty scammed. Obviously the rate of the gems should be really low but, 2 oils in 50 boxes seriously? thats pathetic, would i have known on beforehand that the droprates are this ridiculous i would have simply bought less ncoin and bought materials/gold straight of the market. I'm done spending money for the next upcoming months on this game, maybe il spend some again with next trove, since i usually get decent stuff there but we will see. #ripoff #wasteofmoney #welcomebacktoB&S
  16. Hello guys, I have been away for quite some time now, but i decided to give BNS another go. I made a new character (Gunner) and im working on upgrading my gear. I have a question regarding the duelist bundle though, as im a bit confused. As i learned one of the HM skills (RMB) for gunner is one of the most if not the most important HM skill to unlock. apparently i do so by getting an chill elixir. But in all honesty i cant be bothered farming all the materials for the HM skills. now i heard if you buy the duelist bundle you unlock HM skills(?) but how does it work cause i dont see the chilling elixir in the bundle. so to sum it up: Is it true? does the duelist bundle unlock certain HM skills and if so, which one does it unlock for Gunslinger? How does it work, do i just click on the food(item) and i instantly have it? I also heard you have to have gold ranking in PVP in order to unlock HM skills? i certainly hope not. some clarification on this matter would be highly appreciated. Thanks!
  17. Raven reduction? Question

    what time is the livestream? i can't find the stream schedule anywhere? thnx
  18. [Cerulean] <Rising Sun> Recruiting now

    Shame :) but respected
  19. finding a serious guild to run/practise raids with

    Hi. I am a gunner :)
  20. Hi guys, I have returned from a 1 year break, currently working my way up to 1100AP (currently 1030ish) and im trying to ''practise'' skybreak Spire but how? Its really hard to get into a proper team who will give you an oppertunity, and i don't have a guild i tried looking for one in faction chat, but without succes unfortunately. i did my research, ive looked up guides for these raids and im working hard on my gear. Im an active/friendly and competitive player who is willing to commit several hours to learning and understanding the mechanicz and the raids in general. I don't have all the time in the world since i have fulltime job + a girlfriend, but most of my spare time goes into this game. :) Im kinda stuck though, i wanna farm the elemental accessories, but right now i can't so im just grinding dailies. any tips/help? ps: I am on the Jjinsoyun server Thanks.
  21. [Crimson]Elenion recruiting

    hi, First of all i wanna say, nice opening post. I'm currently looking for a friendly/active guild to run raids with, but also to have a laugh and good talks with ofcourse. The only problem is, that currently i do not have any elemental accessories, since im solo i cant find any party to gain experience with. I do look up guides though, so i have a pretty good understanding of the first 2 bosses atleast thus far, i just havnt been able to put it into practise yet. I also like your raid days, thursday and friday are excellent days for me, and i also have discord + a mic. I'm currently sitting at 1030 AP with 110k hp working hard to get better gear. Let me know if you wanna know more about me and if you are still recruiting. thanks. :)
  22. finding a serious guild to run/practise raids with

    Yeah thats exactly what i want, i dont even mind doing a few runs and give the accessories to other guild members, who have been in the guild en running the raid for longer than myself, while meanwhile i learn the mechanicz etc. I just really cant be bothered with randoms.. i tried to find a party last night it took me over an hour alone, to even form a party. Then we got wiped in 5minutes and everyone just left, there went my game evening... How do you get into a decent clan though? i have been spamming faction chat without succes. I'll try the recruitment forum, thanks. :)
  23. Soo since i started a reroll on a gunslinger, im in need of a soul.. in order to buy one i either gotta have 250 of those heavens mandate feathers, or i gotta buy one at the naryu entrance for 80 naryu crystals... is there any other and faster way? there is really no point to grind a dead dungeon like naryu and 250 feathers is just insane... :s why is this item so hard to get compared to other items, even a legendary item is easier to obtain or am i missing something?
  24. Is there any other way to get hongmoon soul?

    Wait what? How? When i click on solak soul it says this item cant be envolved? I gotta say this game isng exactly noob friendly lol, knowledge is key. How can i upgrade it?