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  1. so as title says nearly year have passed since i stoped play bns now lvling up gunner and seems there is no more hongmoon weps/acc so is there new kind of upgrade items and at lvl u can get them?
  2. i see came back for gunner so yeah gona come back tommorow xD
  3. so im a bit confused when patch comes out?
  4. so yea anoying random dc`s are back any idea how to kinda "fix" them?
  5. yea wl should get some love otherwise it feels like gives us sb and go afk
  6. so as title says http://bns.plaync.com/board/job/warlock/article/5704201 nr14 any1 know name of that razor?
  7. its pure rng u may get 6 slots or get 1 when u will reach that upgrade point so if u dont have any good gems to socket save up those hammers
  8. its kinda sad sure its "luck" based event but every event they add backfires with complains about all be happy that u get any event at all
  9. dont cry about 1 gold they used to be 20+
  10. so idk what happened but today im having hard lagspikes game freezes like dc incoming its fine on internet other online games any else have this problem?
  11. so 2 or 3 days starting to get insane ping lags any1 else with this kind of problem or there is some solution to decrase those?
  12. so yea after update when i log in play for like 5min and boom pc freezes was playing before update today all was good
  13. so as title mentions at king grindtoorh using sb and it goes off like 2/5 so most of time it isnt activating and goes on cd... cant figure out its supposed to be that way or some king glitch? ( pet is alive all time while casting sb)
  14. as title says tired of this fking useless gameguard bullshit bots/spamers everywhere but ok point is getting tired getting crashes/dc in 4man farms arenas or just simple standing 3 crashes in ~5 min any way to bypass that crap? -.-
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