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  1. This gear though

    Yea you can't seem to find him but he's definitely on my server, Ikanun. Wish I'd recorded a conversation I had before my game crashed when I took this screen shot lol
  2. This gear though

    I think the best part about this person is you can't even find him when you try to search up his name.
  3. This gear though

    [removed: blacklisting] Whats up with this?
  4. Server event? Grand Harvest Square?

    Anyone know what hours this'll happen for the dailies? No one seems to know.
  5. Stayed up all night, Level 44.

    I told myself there was enough time and only made it to 34. I hate leveling new characters & being given a time frames makes it worse.
  6. PopstarPaci’s Awakened Necropolis Guide

    Ah alright, do you know where the recipe is going to drop for the silverfrost transform stones?
  7. Looks Different

    I saw a video someone shared & noticed their UI for focus & some other small details were different. http://prntscr.com/aiwxsj Is there something I can do or is this suppose to be an update to wait on?
  8. PopstarPaci’s Awakened Necropolis Guide

    I thought the recipe was suppose to drop here?
  9. Iksanun server clears Wyrm !!!

    This was back in January when I was organizing the first several Wyrm kills. I just searched up my name on the forum and found this lol.
  10. Iksanun server clears Wyrm !!!

    Awh, thanks dude. Appreciate it!
  11. Game is almost completely ruined...

    They already said in a stream that I briefly watched, they're working on getting rid of the bots but you're going to have to be a little patient. They're trying to do it without saying how they're going to do it or people will just find a way around it before it gets implemented.
  12. I mean if this was the first time they were releasing Warlock, then I would understand why they would hold off the update but it isn't. People know the class already, there are some Warlocks that I've seen already with better gems than me who aren't far behind, and I started from -day 1. I have maxed out gear now so I'm not personally worried about the weapon system change for my main, just my alts. My next question I guess is, can they release level 50 without releasing Silverfrost or is that just a waste? Would it HAVE to be released together?
  13. I know that I should probably be watching the stream more & looking through the forum more but I tried a little bit of investigating here & there for any quick rumors, haven't found much. Just curious to know if there is any word on the Silverfrost and/or level 50 patch expected anytime soon? I'm going to assume once the leveling event is over that we should see an announcement for that coming pretty soon? Another question if anyone can clarify is the new weapon change I heard about. Are they getting rid of Siren/Pirate and anyone who has them are getting the new weapons? (Devil, Gale, Scorpion, Black/White)
  14. Hey NC *cricket*head soft

    When you're banned you won't have these problems anymore =P
  15. Achievements Not showing up