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  1. Use Paypal its far safer. I never use my cc online too dangerous.
  2. What happend to me

    Ok, so it was a joke, but a stupid one at that. To me it does not deserve a perm ban, this should have been a slap on the wrist no more. Tbh I would be really angry at the fact they can ban a real player in chat, but cant ban all the ruddy gold sellers!!. I would also like to know why ncsoft cannot sue these people, as they advertise there goldselling sights, and are using bots to get the gold. This goes against there copyright act, as most games like this state," you wont change the game in anyway", or words to that effect, but there doing that, and interfering with other genuine players in the game, and that to me is a nono.
  3. I've played games with bots, most of us have, but I have never seen this many, it is now stupid. Even in faction you cannot do your dailies, as there are always loads there. Ok we know the bots are from the gold spammers, so why don't NCSoft sue them, as there name's are always listed in the chat. After all it does go against NCSoft copyright, which is something we all agree to when we login, so you see I don't understand them not do this. I know if it was my game that's what I would be doing to safeguard my customers, so I don't see a reason why they can't, unless anyone can throw some light on it, as to why they should not do this ?. I did see a video that was posted on the forums somewhere, and it had the ncsoft team talking about the game, and questions being asked in real time. One that was razed was the amount of bots destroying the game. I cannot remember all of what was said, but they did say it was an issue, and to have a gm on all the time would take a lot of money, or words to that effect, but I got the distinct impression they really could not be bothered, and the community manager did'nt say a word about it. TBH guys, and gals this game will not be around very long, as lots of peeps are already leaving because of this, the only thing holding the game together will be the bots, and with no takers the game will be just another lost MMo, which is sad. Must admit I wont be renewing my sub, as the money is not being used to combat these criminals, so I will be out. Even Tera was never like this.
  4. Race Change perhaps?

    yea good idea, but I would like to see other races in it, like the jayofang, and the Wolf People in Lyncandi foothills. Feel it would be great to make one of those characters, or both :).
  5. biggest fail i ever seen

    I feel the same, I waited 4 years for this game to hit the west, played in CB, enjoyed every minute, but now the bot issue is getting everywhere in dungeons, arena, world bosses, as well, to me it is slowly killing the game which is, so sad. Over the years I have played many NC Soft game's Lineage 2 being one of them, and that was filled with bots, but slowly they tended to do something, but by the time they did, and lot of players had left, me included. With this in mind, and all the games they have made over the years you would have thought they would have come up with something better than just Gameguard. Years ago I worked in the music industry in copyright dept, and what has always got me confused is the NCSoft agreement that we click on every time we join game. i think part of it says like most MMO's, you agree not to change anything in game, or word's to that effect, so if that is the case why can's NCSoft sue the goldsellers, with all the spamming, and botting there doing ??, are they not in effect changing the game. Maybe I'm wrong I dont know how it works in the US, as I worked in the UK under there copyright laws. Just really curious, wonder if anyone can throw some light on it.
  6. It is getting worse. I entered Tomb Of Exiles a few days ago only to find out the leader was a bot, no mistaking it with a name somethinglike abcwqu etc. We had a full team, aswell, sadly we all had to leave. I always remember Lineage 2 that had loads of bots in it, but they did manage to get it down. Just hope they can get a work around soon I,m getting fed up reporting them.
  7. I think they do have server probs sometimes especially when there is a new toon etc. My connection is ok most of the time, but I do get dced, mostly when I,m chatting on Teamspeak with clan friends. I live in the UK, but prefer to game in NA, as most peeps all speak english, wheras in EU its just a jumble of every language going, thats tuff when your in a party. I,m a really old man, 68 to be exact , and been around gaming for many years still love it, still play. The wife loves her TV, I love my PC :). I belong to a clan in the UK, and anyone caught cheating in any game gets banned from the clan, but hand on heart I have never cheated, whats the point your only cheating yourself ?. It is frightening when I read the forums, only to see, so many people getting banned for no reason at all, and I spose it must be annoying when NC wont tell them how, or why, but most game companies wont tell you, most likely if they did more cheaters would be able to get through there detection software. My son, and I have been playing this since CB, and it is a great combat game, but he did have problems with his razer, as he, could not play the game until I switched off all his razer stuff then all was ok. This now seems to be, fixed, as he no longer has to do that, NC have been fixing stuff, so thats good. I just wish the damn bots would go really getting fed up with them, and to me there just ruining the game for all the player base. Sorry for the long post I just get carried away lol :).
  8. Server Down?

    Friday night of all nights, just want to play , this just sux, bout time they did something about this.
  9. Ideas for fabric and salvaging outfits

    Could not agree more we should not have to do this. NC have a great game here, but seem to have some really dumb ideas when it comes to crafting, and salvage. Just goes to show all those surveys we filled out thru CB have not even been taken notice of.
  10. Maybe you should have changed the title to "What Do You Think Of It So Far",. Like Skylar I too played Tera, rng boxes came to the game, and you could no longer buy individual items, it was just a money grab, and, imo help to kill the game, because peeps wanted the choice of buying just that costume, or just that mount, or skin. They did not want to waste there money on a lucky dip, so I for one wont be buying any. Ok, so you want the devs to hopefully take notice if we shout about what we dont like so far. 1) I dont like the auctions screen keep popping up in the dungeon when Im in combat it is stupid, save it all until the end. 2) I would also love just one key that I could press to put away my weapon, and, not keep walking about like the hunchback of notredame where it slows me down, and I get killed. 3) Pleeeeeeze dont ruin the game, by p2w, as many will just leave. 4) In CB players could bypass the tutorial, it would be great if you could bring that back. 5) Maybe Im just ruddy unlucky when it comes to spin the wheel, but please increase the costume, and correct weapon drop for class cb was far easier. It just spoils the flow of the game when like me I farmed 110 stones on the deva wheel, and just managing to get weapon, and costume % sux. I dont think the game is going downhill yet, and I would not like it to go that way, so devs take note you have a great game here, dont follow other mmo,s like Archeage, and Tera.
  11. The amount of Incompetent ppl here...

    Lol....Goo....Goo ,:)
  12. Pay2win or not, opinions?

    It does seem to be leaning for p2w ie, rng boxes. I played Tera everything was fine at the start you could buy most things seperatly . Then came the dreaded RNG boxes, so if you wanted a curtain item you would have to keep buying them. Now take a look at Gameforge, and just see how they have ruined it. I have followed BnS for about 3 years, and I love it, but if they keep bringing out the rng boxes eventually you will not be able to buy costumes separately, or skins etc. I dont like the ruddy auction idea in dungeons, dont need it when Im still in combat they should have them all at the end of the dungeon. Plus the fact it is always the guy with loads of dosh that gets the items, so it can be harder for players with less who dont get a look in. People will disagree with me, but it is a stupid system because it,s unfair . If it goes p2w, and things are not changed I,ll just leave, and go to Black Desert, or back to ESO. Now I gotta farm to get 80 gold for that stupid pot, "ouch", so excuse me I got some killing to do.
  13. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    I have tried a few things on here for my son, some work for a short while, but dont keep the game running, so sorry if I have, missled anyone. Razer sdk seems to be the cause, so here is what I do each time the game is started this has worked for the past two days. Running win10, go to task manager start razer.sdk, leave razer scanner off, go to the services make sure razer sdk is on automatic. Dont reboot just start game when ingame press windows key switch off razer.sdk in task manager, and in the services. Also in the documents where the config file is leave chroma keyboard with y on.
  14. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    My son's was ok after yesterday after changing the settings in config chroma from y to n, now it is back to square one with the bns crash, after the patch today. i did try all the above, but turned off the scanner, as I found that crashed the game after being in it for a short while. Just turned on Razer Chroma SDK in services. Was looking on the Reddit forums, and a guy there said if you are running Razer open Synapse and turn on Chroma this worked for me too, as mine was off. Also in the game there is a setting for chroma keyboard just turned my sons off, as he is using a Razer Tartarus, with just a MS keyboard, so far he has been on an hour. Will post if it goes boobs up :).
  15. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    It is true, and weird, as I use a Razor Nostromo with Razer Synapse, and I have had no problems not even in CB. My son who is using a Tartarus with Synapse had loads of prbs, just could not get into the game until I changed the config, as NC said under use chroma keyboard change the y to n. For some strange reason it worked. They not only specify chroma, but also synapse