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  1. Golden Flower - Copied?

    even if is inspired on Onmyoji desisgn I find it very pretty...I even vote for it
  2. me to,but Im still dissapointed
  3. I dont know why but its kinda weird that the bar stopped...
  4. Never such true words have been spoken....they should improve a little the FM's bangle design's...its like thanks the gods that I use a razor
  5. true,I liked it but I wouldn't pay 2000 ncoins for it... :) I bought because I was expecting some more outfits to be true.
  6. the dress is gorgeous, his char must be ugly as hell...pff
  7. I must say that im kinda disapointed since I was thinking that the milestones would be hitted faster after the beginning of the month. I was curious to see the t6, t7 and t8, my main is a cute lyn,Im always seeking cute outfits...kinda feel like a waste of money right now...
  8. Im gonna be so mad if dont hit at least spring breeze...
  9. Heart of the Golden Lotus question

    Only the Heart of the Golden Lotus Pack allow that,the chests dont.
  10. I dont have lag...I hope that they fix it :) Maybe is an NA server thing?
  11. How its the % of the Lotus right now? I can't clean the cookies since is not my computer xD