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  1. Hi I currently have an ap of 817 and was wondering what's a good dps rotation to use while in dungeons? I try my hardest to get the best out of this class but when I do 24 or 6 man dungeon it just seems like I'm worthless lol. I'm also trying to work on a good soul shield set and was wondering what would be a good one to get?
  2. Hi I was wondering if I transfer a character over to another server does the items in my inventory and vault go over to that new server?
  3. Which is a good path to take for destroyer from seraph's or baleful take into mind that I like pve a lot if that makes a difference.
  4. Thanks I will take this into consideration when get on today
  5. I just got back to playing B&S a little over a week ago and I was just wondering what is a good SS build. I'm currently using full yeti at the moment and was just wondering what's a good set especially for pve.
  6. Hi I would like to join my IGN is nakumaru
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