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  1. P2w or not?

    It's not P2W but it is Pay 2 Progress.
  2. Pay and soul? Which direction is NA taking

    It's not exactly pay 2 win. However, if what Jae said was true then it seems more like a pay 2 progress which is almost as bad.
  3. Outfit wishlist

    Overpriced, character-bound Valentine costumes that a huge chunk of people didn't buy because they knew better.
  4. I'm wondering if the costume can be given to our lvl 45 characters...
  5. Yelled at FOR tanking!?

    My gf rages about the same thing (She mains a tank BM like you and is very good at it) which is why we only duo everything together unless our clanmates want to organize dungeon runs. We don't have the time nor patience to deal with annoying Cat aggro and people who don't listen or ignore the concept (Don't even get me started on those derpy scrubs who launch enemies into the air). These things put the potentially good Tanks on tilt and makes everything far too chaotic to handle. It also stumps the DPS potential. Theoretically speaking, DPS with a proper tank (And minimum knock-ups) is stronger than DPS with aggro juggling. But hey, people get away with it due to the game's design. Unfortunately, it's unavoidable. So my advice to you is to find a partner or a group that will give you that window of opportunity to hold aggro. Stay exclusive and get things done privately.
  6. 2nd march patch summary

    Using BDO to threaten this game (Or any other MMO for that matter) is hilarious. It's like BDO's supposed to be the next big thing that eventually people will start asking about to be the next "WoW killer," (Or some stupid crap like that). In truth, BDO has more grind than Tera and Warframe combined. People are so hyped for the character creator and graphics but I assure you, the game's boring af (And has even less content than BnS and a shtty PvP system that's even more broken and zerg-based)... and the SFX that overlay the graphics are super annoying. Yeah have fun lol
  7. Account-bound Costumes?

    After I bought my first costume for me and my gf, we agreed not to buy any more NCoin nor subscribe to Premium until costumes/dobok become account bound. The pricing in the Hongmoon Store is way too high. You'd think that in a game's release you'd want your market to have competitive prices for attracting customers but instead we have this nonsense. Also, just because you slap a price on costumes/doboks that are blatant re-skins of existing ones (That are farmable in game) does not increase it's value. It only serves to drive away more potential spenders. The business model so far is repulsive and it's difficult to support the game like this.
  8. Investing more time in this game than WoW is easy considering I didn't play for very long. I got lvl'd up to 85 during Cataclysm so I can PvP and do raids with my friends but that's the extent of my WoW experience. It wasn't a very fun game to begin with and it looked ugly as sin. Now the question is whether I plan to spend more time on this game than I did with Tera or Warframe... we'll just see how it goes from here.
  9. Actually WoW is slowly killing itself with every new major update so there's no need to worry about what game is killing what. Just play what you like. BnS (Here in NA) still has a long way to go before it can seriously compete with other big MMO's currently dominating the West.
  10. So where is my archer class

    We don't even have the Qi Master or the Warlock yet. Calm down, maybe an Archer class is in the works in Korea lol
  11. Oh wow, I didn't know that. Thanks! I guess that pretty much solves this little issue lol
  12. Will my saved appearances be available in between accounts as long as it's coming from my PC?
  13. This is for all you peeps who just love making characters just for the sake of saving the appearances and creating a massive album. The appearance manager is a beautiful tool and I have quite a number of appearances saved up in my PC. The problem is all my character slots are now full so I no longer have access to that wonderful character creator. Unfortunately, I can't exactly just delete a character to free up that option since they're all at the double-digit levels which takes a week to delete (I'm also fully committed to playing those characters). I'm not asking for a free character slot but it would be great if we could continue to use the character creator to save more appearances for future use or for when we decide to buy more character slots. Basically, it's an option to create characters without being able to play it unless you have available character slots. I hope this makes sense as I'm not sure if I'm explaining this properly...