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  1. Overpriced, character-bound Valentine costumes that a huge chunk of people didn't buy because they knew better.
  2. After I bought my first costume for me and my gf, we agreed not to buy any more NCoin nor subscribe to Premium until costumes/dobok become account bound. The pricing in the Hongmoon Store is way too high. You'd think that in a game's release you'd want your market to have competitive prices for attracting customers but instead we have this nonsense. Also, just because you slap a price on costumes/doboks that are blatant re-skins of existing ones (That are farmable in game) does not increase it's value. It only serves to drive away more potential spenders. The business model so far is repulsive
  3. I lost count of how many times I tried for this. Figured if I fought him 2-3 times a day eventually it'll drop. Looks freakin badass though:
  4. I hope I don't get dinged for this but here's a video of me and my gf duo'ing random bosses: Durlock, Lycan, Profane Jiangshi, Slashimi (Sry for the quality, I need a new rig + Sony Vegas renders framerates very wierd). Anyways, enjoy! lol (This is contingent with my previous post)
  5. A few idle screenies of me and my bae. More screenies will be added here in the future: http://brozartzscreenies.tumblr.com/
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