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  1. So now that the event for Hongmoon Exchange Tickets are over, can we have them be account bound so i can mail them over to 1 character? Or can we send in a ticket to have them moved to 1 character?
  2. Opening Hot Summer Boxes

    I wouldn't care to much about the boxes if they didn't have the gems in them. The gems IMO is a huge P2W. You really can't get them any other way other than these RNG boxes. They give some decent AP and good stats. The more $$$ you spend, the better you can make them. It's funny how they also put Mysterious Crystals and Radiant Energy in the boxes too seeing how they rarely fcking drop from the dungeons anyways and you need a shit ton of them. So all in all, if you don't got $ to spend on NCoin, it's going to be a long time until you get your hand on those gems. I could care less about the other stuff. I just hate the fact they keep putting all these gems in the RNG boxes and really theres no other way to obtain them.
  3. This is an annoying bug that needs to be fixed a.s.a.p. Forcemaster's can stun you then forcegrab you and you are unable to use any escape at all while everyone pounds you. You can't tab, or use any other escape skill. I find this completely absurd.
  4. Hello everyone. I'm hoping some computer tech savvy individuals could help me with an issue i am having with my AMD Radeon HD 7970. Iv'e had no issues with this card at all until today. And the culprit is most likely the latest AMD Driver update known to fry some of peoples GPU's, etc. So i was running Awakened Necro earlier today when the game crashed and i got a screen full of Red and Orange lines. I couldn't Alt-tab or do anything. So i rebooted the computer and upon through the reboot sequence, i got more Colored lines and gray areas. I tried different monitors, nothing. I did a factory restore on my computer, roll backed GPU driver all the way, uninstalled, reinstalled, nothing. Although when i tried to install the latest driver for my GPU, it kept giving me errors that it couldn't be installed. Also, windows is not detecting my card anymore. Although, i'm still sitting here using it. I just have a bunch of green dotted lines all over my screen. Videos play fine and all that. I havent tried gaming yet, dont want to do anything rash. I'm guessing most people will either say 3 of the following. 1.) Your GPU is basically dead. 2.) Fully Re-update your computer and try to update GPU drivers again (Could be a retarded driver issue). 3.) And finally, if your GPU card is deemed dead, Bake it in the oven for a few minutes. I would appreacite some insight if anyone experienced this particular issue. Thank you.
  5. As the title says. http://bns.plaync.com/story/update_160401/index (Lets see if anyone notices anything)
  6. Nerf the Summoners

    It must be so hard owning Destroyer bots up to platinum, so hard.
  7. Technically nothing will be balanced perfectly. Blade Dancers and Summoners will fall off PvP at 50 HM10+ while the others soar. The other main classes basically switch places with Blade Dancer and Summoner at 50 HM10+ because Blade Dancer and Summoner have a smaller not as large expandable skill tree at 45, hence why they are OP at 45 but fall off later levels while the others get better because of their larger expandable skills trees. So with more skills points, the main classes are able to spec into more of their essential skills while Blade Dancer and Summoner don't really have much extra to spec those points into.
  8. All of you are completely wrong. The reason why content is being released this fast is because NA/EU will be partaking in the 2016 BnS Worlds Tournament. So they want every who could be possibly in the tournament, at lvl 50 HM10+ to get ready for it.
  9. Why are Summoners shown no love in 50 PvP?

    I'm going to say this in simple terms so even the most ignorant retard most likely has a chance of understanding this. And yes, i'm talking about the individuals who so blatantly instigate and cry at me. Well, here we go~~ Yes, summoners are OP (Slowly Fading) atm. You know why? No, you don't. Most people who started playing cry about it w/o any idea as to why, hence so many QQ threads. i'll tell you why, so read closely. I posted this in my opening. This applies to Blade Dancers being OP as well at 45. Summoners and Blade Dancers have a smaller skill tree than the others. They don't require as much skill points as the other classes to really shine. This is why Summoners and Blade Dancers are OP at 45 but fall off at 50 HM 10+ because the other classes are now able to expand their skills more and get their needed effects while Summoner and Blade Dancer still have their small skill tree and fall behind. It's that simple, but for some, it's rocket science.
  10. Why are Summoners shown no love in 50 PvP?

    From looking at your past posts on your account, you're a "Typical Ignorant PoS". Keep your shitty comments to yourself. Go back to crying about how obviously you don't know how BD's work and complain that it's Hack/Bots. Just like the typical casual low-tier players i demolished after being carried through bots. They start to whine in lobby arena chat "I'm so tired of running into hacking summoners". No, you're just bad.
  11. Why are Summoners shown no love in 50 PvP?

    Ok, since obviously all the haters in this thread can't understand this, let me break this exact quote down for you. Yes, this is NA/EU. Sadly, there are NOT many good actual PvPer's in arena. With this being said and the massive amount of bots in 1 v 1 up to Platinum, you have individuals who completely suck at PvP get carried up to Platinum by destroyer Bots with "No effort at all",...ha, i like that one. You say Summoners will be repayed at 50, barely. It's only at High Tier PvP against others "Who know how to play their class and counter Summoner" that summoners will have a very very hard time. I'm not going to sweat for my points going against low tier PvPer's who got carried all the way up by bots and when they face an actual player, they whine and cry in arena lobby chat at how "OP Summoners" are because they are complete crap at playing their class. These are also the exact same people that post garbage comments on the forums.
  12. Why are Summoners shown no love in 50 PvP?

    Wow, all this negativity towards summoner, lol. I find it very........ "Hilarious" how all these replies think i'm talking about the current state of the game in NA when i'm clearly talking about level 50 HM 10+. This shows that not only all of you except Travolta obviously can't read, but the "few" of you, i guess, are poor sorry victims of summoners in your early.....arena adventures. I also like the argument "It's the easiest class", Yes! You are correct! For PvE, PvP is a different story, this is common sense.......which is absent for some individuals. Others are just basement dwellers trying to be "Trollish" with their very sarcastic comments. And lastly another thing i find highly amusing is how everyone complains about summoners when you have other classes that can kill you, 100-0 in 2-3 seconds with ani-cancel combos. Lol but yet, "Omg cat grapple OP!" is basically the same as "Hi i'm a KFM, let me stunlock you and work my 3RF magic and poof your dead in 3 seconds! Yea i know! A lot faster than summoner!". This is why i listed CC #'s. When you have more CC it's easier to "Catch" opponent's when they blow their escape and combo them.
  13. Why are Summoners shown no love in 50 PvP?

    https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/41i2kh/if_youre_still_deciding_on_a_class_this_may_help/ Technically, every class is able to solo. Others faster than others. FM being the fastest. So would that make FM the easiest class by your logic?
  14. (Rant Thread*) As most know (Those who have played other servers), once 50 cap hits with HM lvls 10+, Summoner fall off the charts of arena PvP considerably. It seems like the main classes are given more love, but the only 2 lyn classes (BD as well) are thrown in the trash and not even considered. Most classes get their extra stats on their skills with more lvls while Blade Dancer and Summoner don't really get anything extra as their skill trees are not as large and expandable as the other classes. And because of that, the main classes are able to build more points into specifically countering these 2 classes while BD and SMN can't. It is highly unbalanced and unfair when i get countered so hard on summoner i can't even do anything. I'm a Platinum Summoner and the verge of Diamond. No, i rarely went against any bots since i started at the beginning of the new season. The only bots iv'e went against are the lame summoner resist hacking bots sitting at high plat. So before people throw the lame "Get gud", i know what i'm doing with summoner. It's just that when you go against others who also know what their doing as well to counter summoners with a specific build where as summoners basically only have 1 build, it's kinda unfair and unbalanced. Let's take a look at some things between classes... 1*- Summoners have 4 CC. Cat Lunge which Stuns, Their "2" which dazes, Cat Hammer Dazes and the Cat Knock Down. The Cat Hammer Daze and Knockdown are a pain in the ass to land when your target keeps moving as your cat keeps lunging at them, so basically your target has to be still to actually have a chance to hit them. 2 Escapes, well, literally 1 escape. Their "2" is basically their only escape. The Cat recall is unreliable sometimes. Summoners Don't have a Q or E like the other classes (Besides Des). Only SS with seed shroud which every other class can counter with their shield block cancel skills which results in a stun or daze while summoners shield block counter is a mere knockdown. 2*- Blademasters have 11 CC.....11. Now with all those skills points at 50 HM 10+, yea, kinda unfair and unbalanced. They can easily combo down your cat 100-0 with all those dazes, KD and stuns. Then you're next. I have faced VERY few BM's that were actually good and chained combo'd everything perfectly. It's retarded they have so many CC. 3*- Destroyers have 7 CC on top of all the Slow, Stun, Daze, Knockback Resist, etc, etc. Increased movement speed while Spinning which makes it hard for SMN's to get away because all they have is SS, Seed Shroud (F) and their X if none are on CD. Summoners only have 1 knock down which is a pain to land on destroyer, other than that, it's extremely hard for a SMN to win against a good destroyer. 4* - Kungfu Master have 9 CC on top of their Constant Q and E resist bullcrap which builds up to "Max Agility" which they resist everything for 6 seconds. All of their CC are AoE which makes it easy to 100-0 a summoner once the cat runs in. 5* - ForceMaster have 5 CC on top of their Freeze safeguards which heal them for a lot and then Divine Veil which heals for a lot. And the ability to constantly freeze enemies in place by hitting them or being hit, such bullcrap. Because once you use your SS on summoner, you basically get frozen in place again, at this point if your SeedShroud is down and X too, you're fcked. 6* - Warlock have 6 CC on top of their "C" which prevents Daze, stun etc and or auto targeting. Also they can refresh the CD of all their skills by 3 times for 5 seconds. So basically im constantly rooted, stunned, dazed until death while they spam all their skills on me which are basically all fckin AOE which seed shroud doesn't counter unless you press "F" which has like a 25 second CD. 7* - Assassin have 7 CC on top of the constant stealth 99% of the match. Summoners only way of catching a Assassin is when they get Doom'd and Gloried or cat puts down a bomb, that's it. Most assassins who do get caught run to the opposite side of the damn arena while you're slowed to a fckin snail and they just re-stealth and repeat hit and run. 8* - Blade Dancers have 7 CC. Now for summoners, Blade Dancers have their Spinning Resist for 2 seconds on top of their "V" which can resist anything for like 2 seconds each cast up to 3 times and then "Z" which heals them 10% and resist 5 attacks. Alternating between these 3 is keeps everything on a low CD. Can't Root them, they just spin away with 60% movement speed. Constant force grabs, yea yea. The major point of all this? At High Tier PvP, it is highly unfair and unbalanced for Summoners while every other class can easily dominate them. Also, this is not counting Hongmoon skills. The amount of CC and other Favorable stats for the main classes just makes summoner look dumb because summoners don't have a large expandable skill tree like the other classes do. With a mere 4 CC which are mainly Dazes while others have multiple stuns, its bullshit. Other's complain about the Summoners cat which can only grab you every 18 seconds assuming i Stun,Daze or KD you within each interval. And most people tab out of it right away. But when you have other classes with more multiple CC's and combo's which can 100-0 a Summoner in literally 2-3 seconds no one says anything about that. Summoners literally have no real combo besides Cat Grab and Sunflower. That's it. I can't 100-0 someone like a KFM and Destroyer. So when people complain about Summoners being to hard to fight, their not. They are at the bottom of the list in high tier PvP at the later levels, even in PvE as well. Blade Dancers also fall into this category sadly as well at high tier PvP. ~~All of these CC #'s were counted off the BnSTree. I know i may have missed some things in this rant but the outcome is clear. For those who've never played on any other servers, you will see once 50 10+ HM hits. For those who have played on other servers for a couple of years, know that SMN needs a little love as well as BD.
  15. Well done NCSoft! (positive)

    I love how EU folk constantly complain about the same shit over and over when they have addressed the situation and how they are going to go about fixing it for you guys but you fckin idiots keep whining and saying the same crap "What about the EU servers?" "EU Servers this, EU servers that". What fckin more information do you want you entitled pricks? And i could care less anymore now. Seeing how most of these EU Server QQ threads are filled with a bunch of entitled whining babies who have no regard and ignore mod posts about the situation and how they plan to fix it, they can go fck themselves. And for the stream, it was nice.