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  1. Trying to make and maintain 13 mains is crazy idea from the beginning. Mainly in F2P game with heavy monetization. Is impossible progress this many characters until you spend around 2000 €/$ per month (or more) and all your free time. And even with these conditions, it still take very long time to achieve that. This game is not designed to have multiple mains. And asking for compensation because standard content progress that all MMO games have is pointless. When new gear is introduced, older gear automatically become cheaper and easier to get. This is standard thing in MMO games.
  2. Only things I noticed probably using web (html) code are F2 profile, marketplace, news window and stream window. But I'm sure it's only html with some server side script and SQL. No flash. The worst thing that can happen is that some of these windows will just stop working (empty window or with error message) if they using flash, but game itself will be working fine.
  3. I purchased Lunar Twilight Flower from Trove and game immediately asked me to exchange that for 20x Verdant Nightstone with expired duration (via Exchange Antiques). I tried buy Hongmoon Etching Stone or Hive Queen's Wings Box (which cost 1x Lunar Flower) from Midnight Skypetal Plains merchant and game not registering that Flower as a currency.
  4. Where I can change my avatar? Yesterday when I logged in, forum asked me to select one of my game character name as a nickname and I was able to change avatar. Today after I logged in, my original nickname + my posts in profile are back (ok for me) but avatar was changed back to default and I can't change avatar anymore.
  5. 24 man dungeons was fun. For me, it was best content. It would be nice have them back. But not Poharan, new ones (new maps, new bosses). One for TT geared players grinding for ET gear and one for ET geared players grinding for IA gear. But I know it's too late for that. Population is so low that maps would be almost empty. And I'm sure NCSoft don't want spend higher amount of time and money to make better/fun content anymore. (Mainly if it's not profitable unless they find a way how monetize them.)
  6. And funny thing is, that large FPS drops in this raid are already in Korean version. Can't wait for NA/EU version with generous 5 FPS.
  7. I don't understand why letters was removed from transmutation. Event is over so we can't get more tokens that means we can't made more letters than right before maintenance. NCWest effectively removed chance to get second letter "H" so I have 31 Haunted Tokens which are worthless now (half month of my time to collect them) and 500 Happy tokens which are almost worthless. If NCWest don't want for ppl to get second letter "H", then just remove that one letter from transmutation and let other letters still be available, so ppl can at least collect cosmetic rewards from event.
  8. This is the reason I stopped progressing my gems after got all Gilded Square. Time, effort and money needed to get Gilded Penta vs. the damage boost. It's worthless. I'll just stuck with Gilded Square Gems (so I can send them to alts relatively cheap) until mailing price for Penta will be reduced or until I leave this game for good.
  9. I have 5 Raider's Outfit Exchange Tickets. Need one more to finally get Ravenfall after 2 years of bad luck in BT. I wanted to do 4x Oblivion before maintenance with small hope to get last ticket. Well, not anymore.
  10. This. If you staying at the edge it doesn't matter from which direction monkey throw that thing, you will always catch it.
  11. Summer Love Variant is contained in the game files, but it seems NCSoft/NCWest decided not sell that costume in NA/EU for some reason.
  12. I don't know about NA server, but on EU server A masterful Task working correctly, at least for me. I did 5xCC and it counted for that quest without problems.
  13. Call to Arms Bundle contains Astromancer's Sandstorm Temple Bracelet Chest. To open that chest I need Unrefined Starbreaker/Divinity Bracelet. If I'm not mistaken, only way to get Unrefined Bracelet is from merchant located in Ajanara Monastery and I need 5 Classic Tranquility Emblems. I made new character so I don't have any emblems and I can't send them from another characters because emblems are still bound to character. Is there other way to open that chest?
  14. Yes HUD shows NCoins instead HM coins.
  15. I played much older mmo with even slower combat system compared to FF called Fiesta few years ago, so I'm used to it. Yes I forgot about mods. Environment already looking surprisingly good on max settings. I was surprised how detailed it is. But characters really need some improvements. Is there any website with all this mods?
  16. I'm done with this game. I started losing interest after gold reduction in dungeons. Weekly was second strike and the last straw is recycled content we getting now. I did a couple hundred runs in MSP before and I need to do a couple hundred runs now because new compound system. Naryu Sanctum is also recycled and will be introduced (maybe next month) as a new dungeon. Yaay another dungeon I did a hundreds of times. Even swimsuits in actual event are recycled. It's not fun doing same dungeons again and again every day/week anymore. This game really need variability in character progression.
  17. It seems that in last four dungeons, spawn rate is untouched, because I see merchant there relatively often. But from Warped Citadel and below it looks like merchant spawn rate was really nerfed after last update.
  18. Fiesta - 4 years, Dragon Nest - 4 years, Tera - 3 years, BnS - 2 and half years and few more between, but I didn't play them very long. I'm playing MMO games more than 15 years so I have some idea what MMO is. MMO is still my favorite genre and I really like eastern oriented MMOs and games. Yes I have limited time (you will understand when you will have own family and kids) but that doesn't mean I need to stop with MMO games. There are few MMOs that respect my time, but they are not my cup of tea because they are western oriented. BnS is only one that is good looking and have fun act
  19. You really missing the point here. It's not about raven 3 alts. Yes, some party leaders take you some not. But nobody complain about that. (All my alts have 1900 AP or more with TT set or higher FYI.) I always take few fresh out of story players and I don't see problem with that. Also it's not about IA weekly dungeon. Sooner or later everyone will learn mech. It's the same situation as Botany or Titan. And again, nobody complain about that. It's about how much more time takes weeklies now. Before patch 20 minutes, after patch 2-5 hours depending on your character AP and l
  20. Weeklies was new player/alt friendly and time friendly. I don't have time sitting 24/7 on my computer to fully finish weekly on all my alts. And I'm not only one for sure, because majority of ppl doing only Botany Center -> Hall of the Templar right now. Almost everyone skipping Silversteel Laboratory and I'm sure dungeons also, because it's waste of time mainly for alts. And after gold nerf on dailies, it's harder and harder find ppl for dungeons. LFP from Dreamsong Theater is dead and better geared players only doing last 4 dungeons. Even for Cold Storage I'm waiting 3-5 m
  21. Octagonal yes, heptagonal idk. But I have another question about new pet gems. They can be obtainable only from event pvp area right now. That means after event, there won't be any way to get that pet gems anymore?
  22. New race is nice idea (I always wanted adult Lyns or at least Lyn with boobs) but I think devs are more focusing now to make UE4 version asap. Make new race means remodeling and retexturing all old costumes for that new race (unless old cosmetics won't be available for new race) and it takes to much time and effort right now. Maybe later in UE4 will be some new race. But personally I lost hope for UE4 version in NA/EU servers.
  23. I think devs forgot to turn off collision map for bushes in that area after some patch. Because I'm usually stuck when I run into bushes. Invisible walls everywhere. Also there are many objects levitating in the air. Ruins on right side of the map also levitating or have missing textures. And I found male FM with Yun idle pose. xD
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