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  1. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    Same, but my point is that every update have negative and positive side. If you always see only the negative ones, then how can you enjoy this game? (Positive side for me is, that my friend can catch me faster so we can do raids and dungeons together.) Some ppl saying this game is P2W (what is not true in my opinion), new players see that, avoiding this game and then same ppl come to say that this game is dying. I wonder why.
  2. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    I'm watching this forum some amount of time and i noticed that this P2W outcry is usually from ppl, who it seems spending more time in this forum than actually playing the game lol. "This game is unfair. This game is p2w. Why you do this to f2p players..." blah blah. Do what exactly? They just added new method to obtain some materials, but change nothing in old method. So if you have own tempo, then you can continue in that. NCSoft added some materials in F10? I don't give a ****. I don't care if someone is better than me or how fast that gear get. I have own tempo and own limits. But most important thing is, that I can get same results as F2P player as someone who pay for progress. The difference is only in time. That's why I think this game is not P2W. There is thin line between pay2win and pay2progess. NCSoft is trying very hard to be thinnest line as posible, but I still think even after this patch that this game is still pay2progress. Every F2P MMO have two options. You spend time, money or mix of both to progress. But if results are same in any options you take, then how can be this P2W? (Go play Fiesta Online and you will see, what P2W really is.) And last thing. I understand that PvP is competitive (I don't play PvP part so again I don't care.) but what is competitive in PvE? For me it's more about group effort in raids and dungeons than individual. In PvE you don't need compare your gear with everyone to see who is better. P.S.: Sorry for my bad language.
  3. Summer Splash Variant

    Last year, all swimsuits were available in store during summer except Summer Splash Variant. This year swimsuit rotation already started so please make available Summer Splash Variant this time.
  4. Can we get our old DC back?

    You don't need to be a whale to gear up your alts lol. Get BT gear is easy nowadays. You just need farm basin for materials and do BT raid every week. With BT gear you usually don't have problem find a party for NS, EL, IF and SSM.
  5. Yun Only Class

    This thing again. I fully agree with Onbekend. I have female Lyn, Jin and Gon, but I never choose Yun. Their basic body shape is not very attractive for me. And I'm sure I'm not only one because this race is not very popular in any region. So chances for Yun exclusive class are very very slim as themselves.
  6. BnS Buddy after update

    I never had problem with lags or ping before, but after last major patch something went wrong. Now every 20-30 seconds I have huge lag where my game freeze for 2-5 seconds and I can't do anything during that. I changed DNS settings, cleaned my pc but nothing worked. I never used BnS Buddy before. Can that program help me with this problem? (Sorry for my bad english.)
  7. I don't care. Even if they release all classes for Lyn, I'm fine by that. And I'm sure only few ppl, who hate Lyns crying about this.
  8. too far? I don't understand why ppl crying about this. I'm sure there is high demand for Lyn Warden = profit. It's really simple.
  9. Lyn Warden... '-'

    Lyn is most popular race and Yun unfortunately least popular. Jin and Gon are somewhere in between. So reason why Yun don't have any new class is obvious. When company have limited time and resources to make new class and they must select only 2 or 3 races, logically they choose the most popular ones. Therefore Lyn Warden is no surprise for me and I don't mind.
  10. More Lyn variant costumes

    I love Lyn variant for swimsuits. It's sad that other costumes don't have this option. Here is list of some costumes where Lyn variant can look better: In-game: Black Ice, Ravenfall, Iron Shadows, Inner Fire Event: Resolution, Monster Ball, Bloodmoon Masquerade, Phantom Flower HM Store: White Night, Soulmate, Empress Regalia, Prime Time, Showgirl, Rising Sun, Silver Dragon, Rough Customer, Countdown, Imperium, Sweet Treat, Dragonfall, Southern Tiger, Grand Phoenix, Boss Mode, Revolution, Loose Cannon, Gold Dragon, Velvet Rope, Rosethorn, Tempting Fate, Silver Saberfang, Lights Out, Sweet Emotion, Dragonfly, Trendsetter, Mirage, Folklore, Courtesan's Raiments, Clockwork Shogun, Demoniac, Crystal Mosaic and more. Maybe make Lyn variant is not easy, but I'm sure it's more easier than make customizable version, so I hope it can be apply for older costumes too. How can it work? 10 Chromatic Thread transform costume into Lyn variant. Costume will be character bound. Another 10 Chromatic Thread transform costume back into normal version. Costume will be account bound again. I think 10 Chromatic Thread is fair amount and profitable option for NCSoft. What you think? Which costumes you would like to see as Lyn variant?
  11. More Lyn variant costumes

    I fully agree. Slider is the best option for players. But it depends on how it is implemented. If default Lyn character model support boobs (it's only turn off for some reason) and costume only switching on this function, then I'm sure it's easy for NCSoft just add slider. On other hand, if boobs are part of the costume and every costume must be edited to make Lyn variant (it takes time and money for company), then 10 Chromatic Thread option is more acceptable for NCSoft and I'm willing pay that price for Lyn variant on my favorites costumes.
  12. 2-3 days is too long? Try play Fiesta. It cost you only two years of your life and huge amount of money to get max level. Many old MMOs was pure grindfest and nobody cares at that time. These days leveling is too easy and too fast, but ppl still be crying. My account is full of alts and don't mind do story again. And I'm sure new players are more concerned about story and first impresion than be max geared in few days. Also leveling first character is always harder and takes longer time in any MMO. My first character has average gear after 4 months and better gear after another 3 months. Compare to other MMO's I have played, it's still pretty fast. Everyone want to be max geared after few days. This is not how MMO works. If you don't like do story again, then buy lvl 50 voucher. Problem solved.
  13. server down again?

    Server crash again. Why I'm not suprised anymore.
  14. There won't be Lyn Warden, right?

    Lyn (same as Elin in Tera) is most popular race, so I will not be suprised when they release Lyn Warden in the future.
  15. Regarding Cosmetics....

    Will be Endless Summer Bundle contain Lyn variant?
  16. Remove "Advance to start" from Daily Dash

    I'm for yes. I really hate that feature. I was "lucky" and get it 3 times in a row somewhere in middle. So you can imagine how mad I was.
  17. An honest question

    As casual player (playing 1-2 hours per day) without money like me, I can say it's impossible. I'm playing this game from closed beta and few days ago I finally reach 1k AP on my first character. And I'm still somewhere in the half way for end game gear. But for hadrcore gamer (playing 12-16 hours per day) with extra money it's possible. Maybe 3-6 months depend on luck I guess.
  18. My friend thinks TERA has better combat than Bns

    1) I played Tera 2 years before BnS and I tried all classes (also new ones) and it's not true about moving. Many skill you can use while moving - mainly new classes, but also old class like archer. On lower levels some skills have limited moving while using them, but Glyphs usually cancel this limitations. It depend on class. Block and avoid skills work much better for me in Tera, but that is my opinion. 2) Yes, that is true + I hate that both Tera and BnS can have Elin/Lyn boobs only on specific costumes. XD 3) I think masterwork system was changed a little, but I'm not 100% sure. 4) I agree, but I don't see that as a problem. My reason why I don't play Tera now is because end game content is so boring. Doing same dungeons again and again can kill fun really fast. BnS have similar problem, but new content is added more often and somehow I still enjoying visuals/graphics.
  19. 50 box RIP off

    Octagonal Gems have lowest drop rate. Someone on YouTube opened 200 boxes and didn't get any. He got decent amount of pets, legendary elements/jewels and mats, but only some transformation stones, 3 costumes, 80 cryptograms (40% drop rate) and few other things. Not much for that money. I tried one and got only trash. So nope.
  20. can we have voice chat ?

    It's little difficult. Europe have 24 official and few more semi-official languages. With random party, there always be language barrier. And yes, for clans it can be useful, but I understand why voice chat wasn't implemented yet.
  21. New Legendary Element/Jewel Prices Suck.

    I agree that this new method is more time consuming, but it's more cheaper way, at least for me. Legendary Jewel/Element cost me usually 13g. Why? Because I don't buy everything from marketplace. Buying Soulstones for Elements is most stupid thing I ever heard. 1. Element Powder - this one is easy to get. Visit Weapon Merchant and buy Orichalcum weapon for 5 silver (for example in Khanda Vihar or Celestial Basin). I usually get 3-4 Element Powder from each weapon. 50 powders cost me 60 silver in average and I can get it anytime. 2. Jewel Powder - this is little harder. Depend on dungeon, but I usually get 10 Jewel Powders per dungeon run. Good dungeon for example is Sogun's Lament. 5-6 runs are usually enough for 50 powders. 3. Fusion Powder - again, depend on dungeon but more easier than Jewel Powder. Usually 2-3 runs are enough. Sogun's Lament is also good for this. Important thing is not skipping boss drops. If nobody want shield or accessory, take it. More free powders for you. 4. Soulstone Crystal - I recommend do daily challenge first. There is a decent chance get 11 crystals from reward box. Otherwise do Celestial Basin quests and buy treasure pouch. This method usually takes me 3 hours to get 25 soulstone crystals. (Very depend on luck.) Yes, little grindy (4-5 hours) for 1 legendary element/jewel. I agree that 20g option should stay, but I understand why it was changed. And sorry for my bad English.
  22. Why Baleful/Seraph upgrade route from 9 to 12 need more materials after today patch? I'm sure that Legendary Element wasn't needed for any stage and only Forging Orb was needed to upgrade weapon from 9 to 10. Forging Orb (I have plenty of these) is now replaced by Xanox Disc (I don't have any). Before patch I only needed transmutation stones to finally upgrade my weapon to stage 10, now I need more time (1 or 2 weeks) to collect other newly added materials. Is this a mistake or it's changed intentionally? Because in patch notes I see nothing about these changes, only about cost reductions. How this can help me to upgrade my weapon easier? P.S.: Sorry for my bad English.
  23. I was wrong about Elements. My mistake. But I was right about Forging Orb. Xanox Disc was needed from stage 10. It's not big deal but still little surprise for me.