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  1. I can't remember all dungeon mechanics

    Easy mode is already braindead. Yes there is one dungeon (DST) where mechs are needed when party have low DPS, but in all other easy mode dungeons, you only need to know where to stand during attack rotation or phase and that is all. How much more braindead dungeons needs to be? Boss just stand there like stone and do nothing all the time? Many ppl are just lazy to learn mechs, that's the problem. I'm average person with average brain and average memory and still can remeber all dungeons mechs even some old ones from dead dungeons.
  2. New Event's Problem

    I hate pvp and this event force me to do pvp again for pve stuff. Problem is, there are more ppl than mobs right now. I tried find any little free spot on any channel, but without luck. And I'm sure I will be dead in 5 seconds if I try kill mobs on taken spot. Area is large but only few mobs and drop rate is also bad. Please add Ebon Realm Remnant into Dragon Express so there is a option for pure pve players to get armory chest - stage 3 and higher. I'm stuck on stage 2 and I rather drop this event than do frustrating part of this game.
  3. Ebon realm remnant 8/10

    I have same problem. I entered Ebon Realm first time on my account today, checked merchant first and I already have 3/10. At least I still can buy 5.
  4. UE4 is just the mobile game ported.

    My reactions are mixed. Environment looks much better, richer with better visual effects. Lightings and shadows also looks very good. On other hand some visual effects on characters and costumes looks weird compared to UE3. Many light reflexions are missing and oily effect is extremely reduced. (Maybe I'm the only one but yes, I love that effect.) And what is wrong with physics? Hairs, Lyn ears/tails and costumes. In many occasions they jitter like crazy or barely moving. Game crashing during loadings and optimalization is better, but there are still some issues. Because it's test server I not will be judge game now, but I hope these things will be fixed when UE4 will be applied on actual servers.
  5. This game is pay to progress, but not pay to win... yet. As MMO veteran I played many others/older/korean MMO games before BnS and I can easily say, that BnS have one of the easiest (and maybe best) progression system. Compare to many others MMO i don't need spend 20e/50e/100e per month to even start progressing. Few examples: Fiesta - 2 years to finally reach max level. it cost me 100e per month in average. double exp boost, no death penalty item and hp/mp boosts were essentials for progression and cost me 30e per month + many other things player needed. 20-30e just enhance one weapon (protection stone to prevent destroying weapon, protection stone to prevent downgrade, stone to get higher chance for success - all this items was store only). AP boost, defense boost, stats boost, everything was available in store for real money. This is pay to win. Dragon Nest - 1 and half year to reach semi-max gear. 50e per month. Store costumes have permanent additional stats that really help boost your character. BnS - playing this game actively only 9 months and already have semi-max gear on my main + full VT sets on my alts. And it cost me almost nothing. Sometimes I bought something, but usually costumes. Yes I'm playing 5-6 hours per day in average, but this is how MMO games works. Also clan helped me a lot. CrazyDude90: And what you will do when you reach max gear? Don't tell me, that you will be enjoying this game same as before. I have semi-max gear and reached goal I wanted. I don't need max gear to do end game content and because of that I'm already loosing interest. Only I can do now are daily/weekly quests, few raids to get some money/materials and my motivation to play this game going down quickly. You really want that? P.S.: Sorry for my bad English.
  6. No one Rezzing

    When you playing this game more like 1 year and doing DC every day with main+few alts and see everytime someone messing with boss mechs, you just start to be sick of it. Majority low geared/low ap player don't want to or are lazy to learn few simple mechs dungeons have. When I'm trying to explain them the reason why they died I usually get no response or I'm the bad one because I let them die and they continue to mess with mechs. So I don't care anymore. Usually... no. 1.) Player who die in easy dungeons is usually low AP player with little to no DPS contribution. 2.) Player who die on first boss usually die on second/finall boss too. So no DPS contribution again. And one more thing. Only dungeon where I sometimes die is boss on Starstone Mines and his stupid distance check. As FM with high DPS I usually tank and it's not easy for that class mainly with high ping and low FPS. And best thing is when low geared players laughing at you because I died on that easy boss. They don't know about IK mech and ignoring the fact that I'm the one, who tanking the boss as FM and risking IK, but in the end, I'm the stupid one for them. I wonder who is really toxic in this game. Sorry for my bad english.
  7. [Jinsoyun] Login Issues

    Something is wrong with EU server. I had same problem for 1 hour. Now finally I 'am able to get character selection screen, but after I select a character, I only getting "Connecting" message or "Unable to connect to server." error.
  8. Garnet and Obsidian Suggestion

    I agree with OP. I'm forced to do ToI because of Liberty Badge. Now I have some Dueler Garnets sitting in my inventory that I never use because I'm PvE player. Adding option to exchange them for PvE ones would be nice.
  9. PSA: Alpha Call and You!

    This. Blaming Archers and Gunners not using AC but 90% of all time is my Gunner or Archer who is tanking because Warden or BM don't know how. I must do damage, mechs and same time avoiding boss attacks. And when boss is down Warden yelling at me why I didn't use AC, but it's ok that he failed as tanker. (And also nobody care that I'm loosing half of my DPS, because I must tanking as DPS class.) I have FM as main and Gunner, Archer, Summoner and Blade Dancer as alts with decent gear. I'm playing with them everyday. And my today experience for example: Summoner - Hollow's Heart - two Wardens in party a I'm tanking every boss. When I said that in chat, their response was "do less damage". I'm not joking. Gunner - Drowing Deeps - one Warden, one Warlock and one KFM in party. I used AC on every boss but never get second BW or BB on any boss. And guess who tanking. And this is happening every day. It's not something rare. And I'm starting to be tired of this. So SilverFoxR before you start blaming Archers and Gunners not doing their job, look for own classes and ppl who playing with them and ask them same question. "Why are you not doing your job?" Thank you.
  10. When NCSOFT announced that there will be more difficulty options for dungeons I was happy, because I thought this is good idea. But something went wrong. I also hate what happened to DC and dungeons and I have some suggestions not only how to fix this problem and help new players to progress, but also how revitalize old dungeons and quests. I made a spreadsheet: I know it's not perfect, but this solution can make DC more interesting and more fun at least for me. And sorry for my bad English.
  11. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    Same, but my point is that every update have negative and positive side. If you always see only the negative ones, then how can you enjoy this game? (Positive side for me is, that my friend can catch me faster so we can do raids and dungeons together.) Some ppl saying this game is P2W (what is not true in my opinion), new players see that, avoiding this game and then same ppl come to say that this game is dying. I wonder why.
  12. So Many Broken Promises, It's Time to Go

    I'm watching this forum some amount of time and i noticed that this P2W outcry is usually from ppl, who it seems spending more time in this forum than actually playing the game lol. "This game is unfair. This game is p2w. Why you do this to f2p players..." blah blah. Do what exactly? They just added new method to obtain some materials, but change nothing in old method. So if you have own tempo, then you can continue in that. NCSoft added some materials in F10? I don't give a ****. I don't care if someone is better than me or how fast that gear get. I have own tempo and own limits. But most important thing is, that I can get same results as F2P player as someone who pay for progress. The difference is only in time. That's why I think this game is not P2W. There is thin line between pay2win and pay2progess. NCSoft is trying very hard to be thinnest line as posible, but I still think even after this patch that this game is still pay2progress. Every F2P MMO have two options. You spend time, money or mix of both to progress. But if results are same in any options you take, then how can be this P2W? (Go play Fiesta Online and you will see, what P2W really is.) And last thing. I understand that PvP is competitive (I don't play PvP part so again I don't care.) but what is competitive in PvE? For me it's more about group effort in raids and dungeons than individual. In PvE you don't need compare your gear with everyone to see who is better. P.S.: Sorry for my bad language.
  13. Summer Splash Variant

    Last year, all swimsuits were available in store during summer except Summer Splash Variant. This year swimsuit rotation already started so please make available Summer Splash Variant this time.
  14. Can we get our old DC back?

    You don't need to be a whale to gear up your alts lol. Get BT gear is easy nowadays. You just need farm basin for materials and do BT raid every week. With BT gear you usually don't have problem find a party for NS, EL, IF and SSM.
  15. Yun Only Class

    This thing again. I fully agree with Onbekend. I have female Lyn, Jin and Gon, but I never choose Yun. Their basic body shape is not very attractive for me. And I'm sure I'm not only one because this race is not very popular in any region. So chances for Yun exclusive class are very very slim as themselves.