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  1. Only thing that was buffed in easy dungeons (from HM to SP) is boss HP. (Maybe little too much for my taste.) All other things in easy mode was super nerfed to the point, you don't need do any mechs at all. (Even mechs that wiped party in UE3 was removed.) HoI, TC and FoE actually have KR easy mode so they are even more easier now than before UE4 update. All easy mode dungeon you can do without doing any mechs so stop spreading lies and false informations. Do some research before you start crying on forum. Our clan already tested all easy mode dungeons: ST 1. boss -
  2. I have some issue with NC Launcher. Program was updated into version and when I write login info and press enter, I get error message. (Launcher failed due to an unexpected error. Please try again later: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.) Have someone similar problem or there is new launcher for UE4 version?
  3. They made same mistake as always. Sacred Vials and Pet Packs have shared counter with previous event. This time with cat coins. So if you had some spared cat coins and used them on Sacred Vials and Pet Pack before maintenance, you are already locked for this week. This happened so many times, I'm not surprised anymore.
  4. Trying to make and maintain 13 mains is crazy idea from the beginning. Mainly in F2P game with heavy monetization. Is impossible progress this many characters until you spend around 2000 €/$ per month (or more) and all your free time. And even with these conditions, it still take very long time to achieve that. This game is not designed to have multiple mains. And asking for compensation because standard content progress that all MMO games have is pointless. When new gear is introduced, older gear automatically become cheaper and easier to get. This is standard thing in MMO games.
  5. Only things I noticed probably using web (html) code are F2 profile, marketplace, news window and stream window. But I'm sure it's only html with some server side script and SQL. No flash. The worst thing that can happen is that some of these windows will just stop working (empty window or with error message) if they using flash, but game itself will be working fine.
  6. I purchased Lunar Twilight Flower from Trove and game immediately asked me to exchange that for 20x Verdant Nightstone with expired duration (via Exchange Antiques). I tried buy Hongmoon Etching Stone or Hive Queen's Wings Box (which cost 1x Lunar Flower) from Midnight Skypetal Plains merchant and game not registering that Flower as a currency.
  7. Where I can change my avatar? Yesterday when I logged in, forum asked me to select one of my game character name as a nickname and I was able to change avatar. Today after I logged in, my original nickname + my posts in profile are back (ok for me) but avatar was changed back to default and I can't change avatar anymore.
  8. 24 man dungeons was fun. For me, it was best content. It would be nice have them back. But not Poharan, new ones (new maps, new bosses). One for TT geared players grinding for ET gear and one for ET geared players grinding for IA gear. But I know it's too late for that. Population is so low that maps would be almost empty. And I'm sure NCSoft don't want spend higher amount of time and money to make better/fun content anymore. (Mainly if it's not profitable unless they find a way how monetize them.)
  9. And funny thing is, that large FPS drops in this raid are already in Korean version. Can't wait for NA/EU version with generous 5 FPS.
  10. I don't understand why letters was removed from transmutation. Event is over so we can't get more tokens that means we can't made more letters than right before maintenance. NCWest effectively removed chance to get second letter "H" so I have 31 Haunted Tokens which are worthless now (half month of my time to collect them) and 500 Happy tokens which are almost worthless. If NCWest don't want for ppl to get second letter "H", then just remove that one letter from transmutation and let other letters still be available, so ppl can at least collect cosmetic rewards from event.
  11. This is the reason I stopped progressing my gems after got all Gilded Square. Time, effort and money needed to get Gilded Penta vs. the damage boost. It's worthless. I'll just stuck with Gilded Square Gems (so I can send them to alts relatively cheap) until mailing price for Penta will be reduced or until I leave this game for good.
  12. I have 5 Raider's Outfit Exchange Tickets. Need one more to finally get Ravenfall after 2 years of bad luck in BT. I wanted to do 4x Oblivion before maintenance with small hope to get last ticket. Well, not anymore.
  13. This. If you staying at the edge it doesn't matter from which direction monkey throw that thing, you will always catch it.
  14. Summer Love Variant is contained in the game files, but it seems NCSoft/NCWest decided not sell that costume in NA/EU for some reason.
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