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  1. after loading xingcode3, my pc freeze. i have reinstall game,launcher and windows 10 trying 32 and 64 bit remove dat file and xingcode and repair the game after that. remove all nvidia progs. trying diffrent resolutions remove my firewall cant even remember all. im trying to come back to game, but this game wont work. anyone have some suggest?
  2. yeh, right.- friend have 700+ap and he's totally free2p. whale? + hes not even hc player..
  3. 100g and little effort = 1200+ crit def.
  4. 400 ap and floor 24. and i dont have any clue what im doing to.
  5. Tukiisan, just quit and stop crying. nice hacks, lv 10 and arena.
  6. Just lol! This most balanced arena what is out there, if u lose its your fault. Ofc u can blame the game to better.
  7. Wipefest etsii pelaajia! -Uudet, vanhat ja altit ovat tervetulleita. -Pvx -Ts käytössä -Noob ystävällinen kilta - Ja muuta mukavaa =) Jos on kysyttävää tai haluaa inviä, pm ingame: yrtti, Mevira, Glosa, Biatz
  8. holy something! if ncsoft have balls to ban someone, by using fixed ingame screenies in prof. im going to change my game instantly. but hey, u can use hacks and nothing happends, but if use fixed screenie in your profile, u get banned. - something is really wrong here- if u cant use ingame screenies, that means u have to shut down whole game.
  9. lil, speed hacker crying. change faction? pl, give us one shot weapons for bgs too, i want to 1 shot all.
  10. Holy something. Lesson learned, last ncsoft game ever.
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