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  1. What is the reason behind not

    I really do not understand why they made it that way. lol
  2. Is it possible to

    Also will said item work with more than just costumes? i dont wanna have to spend 30 gold on a gem on my new main when i get bored of my old charactor :/ also would said item affect everything in invetory or wardrobe or would it only affect one at a time. If it affects one at a time and you charge a thousand ncoin for it youll sell 2 at most
  3. Is it possible to

    It really makes no sense i would NEVER buy a duplicate outfit lol. EVER.
  4. What is the reason behind not

    I do not think having tails and ears maching your blonde hair would do anything to make that change
  5. Is it possible to

    Is there a way to make it possible for that ? like submit a ticket?
  6. What is the reason behind not

    I cant immagine it would be much harder than simply adding a new color pallete that matches each hair color lol
  7. logged in date for clans? Why is there no room on clan notices, maybe you wanna plan something. You need more than one sentence for that.
  8. being able to make the animal parts match the hair color of lyns? Why not let us select the color? :(
  9. Is it possible to

    Send gems and outfits to my new charactor? Like outfits you cant get anymore and such cause im bored with my old main and wanna switch but i cant move my costumes :(
  10. I cannot seem to figure out a good combo. Maybe i shouldn't try when im sick. And tired.O_O
  11. Divebomb

    id also like to point out i never *cricket*ing played bd as a flavor of the month i played bd since beta 1 when no one knew which classes where the best. Specifically cause i found bd the most fun out of every class i stuck with it. I never got into pvp in beta so its purely because i enjoyed the class i played bd. Contrarily to idiots who think people only care about winning i care more about having fun. I no longer have a viable play style because they changed that skill to just another pointless form of cc.
  12. Divebomb

    My play style relied on controlling enemies using dive bomb to recover focus. unlike all you spin to win brain dead *cricket*s my style needed me to control my opponent by making sure their escapes where down and that i reacted fast enough to stop blocks and counters before i engaged on them in my combos. I gave up some damage for more control recovery and cc. I cant chain combos without focus i cant gain focus between them without dive bomb being on instant cd or at least low enough for it not to be just another knock down to choose from of which i can choose better versions. it was useless as a form of cc and essential to using bd in a way that required skill.
  13. Divebomb

    It changes entire play styles when you destroy the way skill works. When you remove entire play styles from the game, well all you do is *cricket* everything up for some people. so they lose a customer maybe they lose morte than one maybe they dont but it was still a pointless change and unnesisary.
  14. Divebomb

    I have max slots and i dont like the other classes as much as bd when they killed the skill to the point you cant use it they killed the class i liked too.
  15. Divebomb

    First off i played this game because i enjoy blade dancer and my play style REQUIRED that skill. second bd is not super easy. everyone always wines about spin to win but it doesn't work like that and you clearly have no idea what your talking about if you think it does. The parry lasts HALF A SECOND you just cant *cricket*ing time anything properly so shut the *cricket* up. Not to mention it uses 2 of your 10 focus so if you spam it you just most likely lost the match because no you cant use any of your skills.