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  1. FPS issues. Need advice on computer setup

    Like Mischka said, this game is heavily CPU intensive and it all depend on single core performance. The reason why youre getting low fps is because of AMD, AMD isnt good for single core performance. Intel does, so technically although i5 6400 base clock is 2.7ghz but it has good 4 hyperthreading and good single core performance anyway since it is intel. I think it will run ok. But if you can spare 10-15$, i recommend to upgrade it to i5 6500 for that 3.2 ghz base speed. Or i would also recommend to go down to i3 6100 for that 3.7 GhZ clock speed. its only 2 cores tho but it is powerful for its price, super cheap, and good single core performance. However, if you can spare 60$, i would recommend to upgrade to i5 4690K devil, it will run your game in MSP flawlessly for sure.
  2. Where does a HM 1 warlock get AP these days?

    just quit. This game is not made for new user friendly. The game doesn't have many new comer like you so you're stuck with old player who obviously wouldnt want to run with new player with even 400 AP.
  3. Server link Rage Page

    You guys literally complain about everything. Yes, I mean you guys! Well, a big or small "part" of you guys complaint since months ago of why there is no option for server transfer or server merge. There were a good junk amount of topics on that matter that I lost count on my hands, I can even say that it outnumber this type of topic about server merge frustration. It get me to the point where I wonder that where are you guys (the one who's currently in this topic) on the forum? Didn't anyone of you who complain here at least see those previous topics asking for merges and transfer? Hence, that's why NCsoft response with a perfect answer which is a server merge for everybody. What else can you ask for? Happy now? But no, apparently now there is another "part" of you guys go on rage and complain again. They can't satisfy every single damn "part" of you guys. Understand that and move on. It's not NCWest's fault for announcing a server merge out of the blue for no reason or without any requests. And don't blame them for not discussing with this "part" of you guys. Because before this "part" of you guys, there was another big "part" of you guys who was asking for server merges/transfers for a good month or so. So this "part" of you guys have literally no right to complain. Why I said that you have no right to complain? Because, it seems to me that you only log on once in a while to complain and rather not caring about any other thing that was majorly discussed on forum. If you enjoy the game so much, might as well pay attention to forum as it is where things get discussed the most. Did you do that? No. If you see those previous topics asking for server merges and you actually care to reply to voice out your opinion of not wanting server merge. Then you might have a chance to stop them. But unfortunately, no action was taken from any of you, and now you're sitting here blah blahh blah.
  4. What can an old vet say? Git a life scrubs

    Funny to say but I actually haven't touched Pokemon Go yet. I was just throwing it out there for fun; hence, that's why I said to 'follow with the trend and go catch some pokemon' All of the things you listed above was the reason why I left. I once have the same passion to play this game just like you and everyone. Heck, I even waited for it since 2009 and supported the game with as much as I can as buying premium and etc... However, the game was poorly managed and I left partially for the reason you've listed. The community is toxic. It is. This is an undeniable fact. It has been and will always be. Even I am being toxic toward the toxics right now. They don't care about players, they don't. Well, now they do, but it's too late. Only if they realized this situation of merging server and drastic drop in population earlier, they would have cared and take action long time ago, and not some cricket-ing Producer Letter. Customer Service is utterly worse, Asking for compensation is okay, but an 8 hour play time compensation is just ridiculous. Even you can't play a day is still not gonna kill you. You said you and the others are working adults. As an adult, you should still have plenty things to do after you finish work during the down time of server. Well, my opinion is different and so is yours. Any players that play this game until this day should be fully aware of the one fact that NCwest do not compensate no matter how much you ask. It has been like this since the launch of the game. If people know and be fully aware of this fact and still chose to stick around with the game. Then it is their responsibility to accept this fact and move on and stop the whiny threads.
  5. Premium members lost premium time

    You never know man, that 16 cents is a lot of money.
  6. What can an old vet say? Git a life scrubs

    Yes I made a topic about dozens of ppl posting dozens of topics just to complain about the same thing. But can you taste salt in my topic, friend? I think you should look up the true definition of being salty in a game.
  7. Holy Cricket! I visit the forum just now to see how's everyone doing and holy cricket. This community is still as toxic as ever. I am fully aware of the incapability of NCWest Dev team but holy cricket dudes. You are not gonna die if you can't play for a day. Calm the cricket down for cricket sake. You guys don't have a life? Sitting at home all day just to wait for the maintenance to be over? What happen to all the beautiful world outside, all the exercises you can do. And moreover, follow the trend, go outside and play some cricket-ing Pokemon Go duhhhhhh! 7 months has passed and I still see the complaint of server maintenance and compensation lol. Your PREMIUM is holy cricket-ing big man. It's so big that one day of your premium go into waste and this world is gonna collapse. I pity all the players who keep on saying compensate this and compensate that for like 8 hour of maintenance time that your so big called "premium" is wasted. I bought 1 year worth of premium when they first had the promotion + master pack 3 months premium and I left the game 2 months in. Your 1 day is holy cricket big. It's so big that I can't even describe it. One final word, git a life and leave the care to NCWest ;)
  8. Git gud and git rich!
  9. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    I don't want to crash your hope but they won't and won't ever do anything about it. That 17 million dollars they got from this game, they could have used a small portion to upgrade and invest in this crappy potato server. But yet all these 4 months, they still don't do anything. Despite all the complaints from majority of players on this same issue, they should've already knew that the issue is on their end rather than dumping it on the player. But yes, nothing has been done. In fact, they probably already knew that it's their server fault but it doesn't even bother them one bit. More RNG box please.
  10. In my honest opinion, if you want to spend that 10$ to get some pocket change gold off the currency exchange, then don't. Currency exchange in this game at this state is all doomed. I highly don't recommend this as it is RMT selling and you 'might' get banned for it, but to get the most bang for your 10$ bucks. You can get 80-100 golds with that 10$ from "You can figure it out by yourself" ;) But again, don't listen to me. Use that 10$ for costume or gem hammers or something because after all, NCsoft need your support ;)
  11. Support is a joke, or they are trolls ?

    ^ This You got trolled by both Support team and Glow Light man. GG
  12. Reason to quit ? Lag and disconnect

    Already left. And I don't trash talk this game. It's a masterpiece, and I waited for it to come out in NA/EU since 2009. If you've read it right, I was talking about the management of this company. The game itself is not at fault. The one running it is.
  13. Reason to quit ? Lag and disconnect

    Welcome to Doom and Soul, lady and gentleman! NCsoft way to run the game : Ignore->More content->Ignore->Reply: Player's fault->Ignore->Event->Cash$$$$$->Ignore->More Concent->Ignore->Rinse & Repeat You guys still don't get it, do you? I am not here to tell you to "Oh quit, let the door hit you on the way out". No. Those are just typical BnS players. What you don't get is NCsoft doesn't care about all this. They are probably out there in a bar drinking getting drunk and laughing at this post/ you guys. And why you ask they are drinking? Company bonuses for that $17 Million dollars duhhh! Imagine that $17 millions can already invest in a damn decent server rather than these potatoes that run for 4 months. But nothing has been done, you know the answer. As long as there are that 1% rich players continue to contribute to this game with thousands and thousands of dollars each person. You guys don't matter, all of the remaining 99% players, us don't matter. We are a ding and penny or fly in their eyes.
  14. Blade Master Vs other classes

    For assassin, when they do the animation where they suddenly go poof and appear right on top of you and slam down to stun you with a flash bang. You have 3 options: 1. Your 3 Ankle 2. Your tab daze (not tab esc) 3. Your V Flock of blades You probably already knew all of this since you mentioned you try to use 3. However, 3 is hard to pull off when you dont get used to the timing. So use either tab daze or V. Personally, I use V, it works perfectly all the time. This is my combo after using V and knocking the sin out. I immediately C Lightning rod Dazes -> V (for chi regain) -> 2 (rush) -> 4 (lightning draw HM Stage 1 tier 5) -> Q and E ( go back to E is optional). Most sin will tab out right away after you draw your lightning draw skill, the reason why you need to Q is because you don't want to get the flash bang when they tab. This little combo alone can already take out 15k if crit HM Lightning Draw. If not crit, it's ok because sin waste their tab. After they waste their tab, it's easy. Just go ham and make sure "DO NOT" hit into their counter. If they dont tab and youre still in your draw stance, go ham with 2 RB -> 2 (extended) ->E -> normal attack to regain chi -> F-> air combo. It's really just situational. I highly recommend buying HM block. It tremendously help against sin once you waste your tab esc. Let's say you get hit with flash bang tab esc from sin. You can go immediately block and use Wing Protector, it's an ass saver. HM Z pull will definitely put BM at the shining spot for sure. Most classes will tab if they are pull because who would stand there to get hit with 10% AP boost + 3 stuns lol. For summoner, don't even talk about it haha
  15. Tribute to NCWest

    Hehe yeah until the day that they prove I am wrong, I will be off with another game for now. I know right? But at least, not as failure as......