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  1. Like Mischka said, this game is heavily CPU intensive and it all depend on single core performance. The reason why youre getting low fps is because of AMD, AMD isnt good for single core performance. Intel does, so technically although i5 6400 base clock is 2.7ghz but it has good 4 hyperthreading and good single core performance anyway since it is intel. I think it will run ok. But if you can spare 10-15$, i recommend to upgrade it to i5 6500 for that 3.2 ghz base speed. Or i would also recommend to go down to i3 6100 for that 3.7 GhZ clock speed. its only 2 cores tho but it is powerful for its
  2. just quit. This game is not made for new user friendly. The game doesn't have many new comer like you so you're stuck with old player who obviously wouldnt want to run with new player with even 400 AP.
  3. You guys literally complain about everything. Yes, I mean you guys! Well, a big or small "part" of you guys complaint since months ago of why there is no option for server transfer or server merge. There were a good junk amount of topics on that matter that I lost count on my hands, I can even say that it outnumber this type of topic about server merge frustration. It get me to the point where I wonder that where are you guys (the one who's currently in this topic) on the forum? Didn't anyone of you who complain here at least see those previous topics asking for merges and transfe
  4. Funny to say but I actually haven't touched Pokemon Go yet. I was just throwing it out there for fun; hence, that's why I said to 'follow with the trend and go catch some pokemon' All of the things you listed above was the reason why I left. I once have the same passion to play this game just like you and everyone. Heck, I even waited for it since 2009 and supported the game with as much as I can as buying premium and etc... However, the game was poorly managed and I left partially for the reason you've listed. The community is toxic. It is. This is an undeniable fact.
  5. You never know man, that 16 cents is a lot of money.
  6. Yes I made a topic about dozens of ppl posting dozens of topics just to complain about the same thing. But can you taste salt in my topic, friend? I think you should look up the true definition of being salty in a game.
  7. Holy Cricket! I visit the forum just now to see how's everyone doing and holy cricket. This community is still as toxic as ever. I am fully aware of the incapability of NCWest Dev team but holy cricket dudes. You are not gonna die if you can't play for a day. Calm the cricket down for cricket sake. You guys don't have a life? Sitting at home all day just to wait for the maintenance to be over? What happen to all the beautiful world outside, all the exercises you can do. And moreover, follow the trend, go outside and play some cricket-ing Pokemon Go duhhhhhh!
  8. I wonder if you guys actually know how to read at all. They clearly stated: "Yet TO APPEARED IN THE GAME BEFORE". What makes you guys think its gunner or archer? Those two already appear in the game for ages which take the role of NPC. We already see spearman too, etc... So think outside the box, what class you haven't seen in this game.
  9. Ughh what? Urbandictionary....? Anyone with a common sense or at least half a brain can interpret the 3 words Pay to Win. I can save you the hassle and repeat again that Pay To Win is an element that is introduced to the game that help players to gain tremendously amount of advantage over other players like attack power/defense/evasion/etc.... And that so called Pay To Win element can "only" and "only" be obtained in one single way which is via Real Money like Cash shop items/currencies. So how does skill book is a pay to win to you? Can you farm it directly in the game? Ye
  10. Funny to see how people keep saying this game is P2W, you haven't gotten a single clue on what a P2W game really is. And I can tell you it is scary. The game become P2W is when a certain items giving you extra stats/bonuses like crit damage/chance/attack power/defense/etc... that can only be obtained in one way which is through a cash shop system. That is when the pay player become pay to win player and hence why the game would be called that way. The thing you described is not even P2W, it is one factor to counter the gold seller. In fact, the currency exchange right now is even
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