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  1. I have social anxiety too. I usually just buy raid runs to get the drop then use events like trove to upgrade them, so i can just stick to f8 most of the time.
  2. Without spending any money. I wouldnt be here today, thats for sure.
  3. Was thinking about this and wanted some input from fellow gamers. Is warrior release going to affect KFM players? Thanks.
  4. Just want to keep it short. Bns has a life span of minimum of 5 to 10 years. Only mmo where i can find people to play dungeons with between 12am - 06am.
  5. Hi What sort of gear i need to join top F8 dungeons? thanks
  6. Hi where can i farm hellion core these days? thanks
  7. Do i have to still tank? Even with the new skill system? thanks
  8. This is how it is over here. People come complain all day long about how things are wrong and we dont even get an official response from it. Then it covers dust and forgotten about it. This is why we still have bugs that is 2 years old.
  9. Just level few classes you thinking to play then use the voucher.
  10. Just wanted to know if does anyone know what the wind kfm rotation is after aransu badge. Is it just rf after aransu proc?
  11. If you cant trove or play 10+ hours on multiple characters then this game is not for you
  12. During events we get floods of people. After events its quite dead.
  13. All they going to do is keep quite and its going to blow over. If people want change we need to keep this going. This change is on level with abuse.
  14. Game population is going to dwindle down to people who pay up in boatloads or the players who farm like [removed] slaves.
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