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  1. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    i main a sin, our RMB + F spam combo deals 5-5.6k crits per .7 seconds + 1600 auto attack white damage (which can be easily missed) if specc'd correctly, that crit damage exceeds 6.6k, and bursts past 7.7k during the crit boost buff. keep in mind this happens every .7 seconds. i havent lost in dps against an FM of similar gear, in a fair boss fight
  2. i remember leveling another character to 45 for the temptation event. i didnt have to pay shit? there was a small mailing fee like auction house fees, but its only a few coppers. Although i do have premium so i dunno if that has anything to do with it...
  3. Melee vs. Ranged characters? Should I swap?

    id say its more challenging, entertaining and fun to play a melee class. i think ranged classes are a bit dull...
  4. suggestion for blade dancers (LBM)

    its not based on group damage, its like blackwyrm, you get credit and prestige for your own damage. im an assassin with 505 AP and i sometimes dont get credit either. my advice is to choose a GH channel with lower population lik channel 4+
  5. u upgrade the old one with 5 naryu tablets to gain 5 more AP, then u upgrade that one with 30 ornaments to gain 2 AP which is hella not worth.
  6. Achievement Vendor

    anyone have screenshots of the vendor items/costs?
  7. Mandatory Chapter 17 undoable for an assassin

    the summoning ring goes away when you're supposed to kill him... you should have another objective right now.... like say, killing the summoners around the ring?!?!
  8. can someone post a list of prices or screenshots for the vendor. im at work so i cant login to the game. im dieing to know prices, costs and content. thanks
  9. assassin master race if you want high pop, mushin is the place to be. i reccomend choosing the dominant factiion on your server, otherwise world pvp and faction quests will be filled with misery.
  10. Soulstone Plains as Meele

    That's so troll XD
  11. Soulstone Plains as Meele

    I lost over 400 Prestige pts in a few hours because I pulled aggro and the boss stun locked me and killed me. As an assassin I have no blocks to avoid damage if I pull aggro. I have 3 Iframes with long cooldowns. The bosses can see through stealth. Otherwise I do fine, so long as I don't pull aggro... Everytime I get caught in an AOE and get down to 50% HP I run out of combat and heal to full, and jump back into it. I farm anywhere between 7-20 prestige per boss kill (more on bosses with larger health pools).
  12. Mushin Tower F7 Assassin, question again

    When you're in stealth use your "x" to apply poison, and "1" to prolong stealth for another six seconds. The moment your stealth ends, "tab" back into stealth (the poison should still have a few seconds left on it) then when THAT stealth runs out, LMB stun and SS backwards and use "1" back into stealth. Rinse and repeat. He shouldn't have a chance to attack you at all if you follow that.
  13. I remember getting a green level 50 crit soulshield from somewhere, which would be good for low cost crit fusion, but I don't remember where I got it.
  14. Please nerf terrors in soulstone plains

    I lost over 400 prestige one day because one of them stunlocked me repeatedly and killed me when I pulled aggro. As an assassin, I have no blocks and only 3 iframes with long cooldowns. They can see through stealth.
  15. Grand Harvest Square major client derps

    wut? u cant have more than 4GB ram on a 32 bit OS?