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  1. Haha, true. I don't dare to craft that charm yet, though. Risk is too high, this remind me of my bad investment crafting STS on early Silverfrost day. It went from 60g to 30g in 1 day. I lost 200-300g that day, and that was huge amount of gold back then. I go for Violet honey cookie instead :D
  2. Hey guys, I just wanna share our crafting calculator, which you can find it in here: http://www.bnsbazaar.com/craft All the prices are taken directly from bns market, so they are synchronized with current market price. Besides that, we also provide live web-based market where you can check item value even when you are in cross server. Good luck!
  3. Make 24-Man Great Again!

    Yes, you are absolutely correct. That is why I suggested that they should improve the reward for these dungeons to the point where they will become players' must-do area and not something that they can just skip of. But still though, it is not easy for fresh 50 with 400AP doing 6man without getting flamed or kicked out of the party.
  4. Make 24-Man Great Again!

    Unfortunately not everyone can do that. Those who have lower AP can't even join 6man sometimes. This is where 24-man dungeon supposedly comes to help. With a better reward, this could be source of income for lowbies, and also, those instances will become active again. As for now, rich getting richer, poor getting poorer.
  5. Make 24-Man Great Again!

    That is why they should revise and add more rewards to it. Current reward is so trashy. I don't mind doing tedious or time consuming dungeon, as long as it worth the time.
  6. Imho, as for now, Zaiwei ruins, Beastbog and Twisted Grimhorn rewards are not that rewarding. Because of that, they are empty most of the time. Instead of adding RNG based pouch on every event, why don't you just "maybe" add moonstone to the 24man daily quest reward instead. As a pve player (I do like pvp but ssp is a massive lagfest), I love doing 24 dungeons with my friends. I still remember the good times we had when we were doing daily quest in efleet and nsh back in the day. Fun and rewarding. p.s. Similar to what we discussed here, https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4utw0d/make_24man_great_again/ #make24mangreatagain