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  1. Specify what's behind a paywall?
  2. People have been doing this since Day 1. GM's have not done anything about it = Not exploit. People SS'd through Ogong doors and got banned, Which was discovered much much later into the game. GM's banned people who did it = Exploit. Glad I could clear this up for anyone who thinks dying to someone for free or money is a exploit.
  3. Buy premium if you want more slots. Then rank it up for even more slots. Dont waste market slots on low price items.
  4. Other regions have bots. We will always have bots. Accept that fact.
  5. there is no easy way to get rid of bots. especially in a game so easy to bot in.
  6. If they perma ban your ass you would have nothing to sue over x) Every single game has downtime and maintenance. Stop being a little *cricket* about it. Everybody plays the game, some play it differently. If you want a game that gives compensation every time there is a DC issue go play MapleStory. I'm personally tired of people who think they deserve compensation for downtime. It's a freaking video game. They are not obligated to be up 100% of the day, everyday, the whole year, for the rest of eternity.
  7. I planned to main Warlock for awhile now, but rolled Force Master for the time being. And I was wondering of how to transfer my cash shop costume. Anyone know?
  8. Something similar to this: http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/115895-relics-explanation-location-guide/ I would like to get the most bang for my buck, well, pickaxe. But you get that right? Mining 1 random quartz isn't that bad. But i would like to be able to mine 2-3 avg per ore. If anyone knows a site I would be very appreciative.
  9. You leave the dungeon or the party. No other way
  10. I think amazon sells prepaid cards. maybe
  11. Do you pvp dailies and it will only takes 5-6 days. Only requires winning one 1v1, one 3v3, and participating a couple times. You will face people who are bad.
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