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  1. No, if you block someone you just don't see any of his comment, post, or whatever anymore but they are still able to see and read you and join your room. I did in the hope of that guy to just move on and let me do my recruit but after a while he just went back as soon as I put off the pw. Yeah at that point he just wanted to follow me to prove his point that I had to bring him with my party. Elitist player you say? I'm not that kind I want to play with the best I can find like everyone else but I don't mind taking who has a low equipment as long as they behave like a human being. I had a tons of people that didn't had the requirement for the room and they just asked for. But you join a room with a really low gear as required and get kicked and they you start to rejoin the room in almost the same instant you get kicked how do you define this kind of behavior? I mean is this necessary? I got kicked also but I don't decide that is not fair being kicked and then I must prove you are wrong not getting me in your party by standing there and not letting you recruit others player. And then even speaking with the person for more than an hour explaining that as a player I have the right to chose the person I want to play with and he was not one of them. And just to be clear I had in my party people with lower gear than him that was not behaving like that. What I want to post here is a small solution for a problem that most people get. You call me elitist but I have my right to be also this if I want to... If I want to take random people I use the "LFP" function. But If you make me lose time on purpose in the recruit by stalking my recruits and keeping occupied one spot my friend for sure I will be not happy to bring you with me, and that's why putting a delay or the ban option from a room will discourage this kind of behave.
  2. Good evening everybody, Today I had and annoying problem recruiting for a dungeon in lobby that most of you had already and I want to discuss about it, hoping someone of the staff can take a little suggestion. Here was the issue: I was recruiting for the dungeon Brood Chamber like most of us do and with some requirements for the joiners. My char is pretty geared so of course I wanted to do it as fast a as possible. Then some, that had my requirements, joined and some didn't so I kicked out of the party. And then this player didn't accept my kick, and came back right away in the room. I tried to talk to him saying that I didn't wanted someone with his gear level but for him he had the requirements to do the dungeon so I had to keep him in the party. At this point I even more didn't wanted him on my party because someone with this attitude I don't like so was not an equip issue anymore I simply didn't wanted to bring him with me. And the the story became annoying. He waited in the lobby and on every recruit he was on the room right away. Yeah I put the password but then the recruit became harder. I have done more runs but then in the lobby he was there again as soon as I put the recruit. And then I stopped and start trying to put sense in to him that with that attitude for sure I didn't wanted him on my party but all he had to say is that I was an ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ because he had enough gear to the dungeon so the party had to be fine with him. At that point after 1 hour of talking there was no way to deal he didn't wanted to leave the room and I make a report on him. And I know for sure that will lead to nothing. Now why all this? This is an issue that almost everyone had at some point. How could we deal with it? As a player there's a few things we can do: 1) understand that if someone don't want us in they party is their right as a player to do so. (but players like this I guess don't get this point) 2) create a new lobby, another player does instead, put a password in the room. (yeah but why do we have to complicate our life like this?) On this point the game could help us. And finally we get to the suggestion: 1) Put a delay to enter the room. When you are in lobby if you get kicked from a room you can't rejoin it for 30 sec or 1 min or never again (this last one is a little extreme but I am a little angry after an evening lost like this) . 2) Put a ban from a room if you get kicked a few times in a shot time 3) Put a Ban from the room instead of an only kick Every room is unique and will be lost once the party is disbanded so a ban to a single room will not affect futures join. I am not a fan to the fact to give a "ban" power but whatever is good to keep players like this to make you lose a lot of time. I think that a delay between the join is the best way to not mess with anything speaking about the game code because in that time the room can be filled and even if after a delay that player rejoin can be kicked and will still be time to find someone else. As the things are now that player can insta-rejoin the room and keep occupied that spot making the group and the persons that are trying to do something lose a lot of time instead of play and have their fun. Sorry for the long post but I had to... I hope to get some feedback about it.