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  1. Do you per chance know this song: 'Do you want to have a "friend?" ~~~ I'm bot spamming friends requests!~~~ Oh no you can't block me, You can try to decline but that won't me make go awaaaaaaay~~~' Because I know it so well enough enough not to bother with logging in. I seriously like this game, I remember needing to squeeze in Chinese version with horrible lag just to play it, then even going into Russian version just to have better ping and waiting forever for this game to come to that is here I seriously have no will to log in and to play game. Since it came out for everyone, game has turned into "Gold Spamming" place and you think the situation has been handled by now? WRONG! Still same in fact worst! Just when you think chat is normal they come as swarm of ants, you stay away from PVP because it is full of these bots and hackers as well, as soon as you log in your friend's request is one bot spamming zillion times that you can't block or report by the way......despite paying for this game(I'm glad though I never bought 'Master Pack' and I feel sorry for those who did), but all this is making me to quit game and never bother touching it again. Not because I don't like game but because there is no game in here! This is bot's nest and honestly we all got 99 problems but, playing cops and trying to deal with bots? Won't be 1 at least in my case.
  2. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    I seriously hate to be one that constantly whines in here but I can't help it, I'm unable to enjoy and play the game though all spammers/bots! At first it was easier for me to deal with them, I would just block them/ un-check chat they have infested and with new system report them. But right now problem is you can't even do that anymore in first place in here! You can't block, you can't even report and un-checking chat doesn't do trick at all! Here is what I'm talking about it: I'm on 'Old Man Cho' and this guy has been spamming for entire damn day I lost count of how much hours this thing is happening and when you try to file report... This is seriously troublesome and beyond annoying, because as I said there is no way to save yourself from this spamming since nothing works. Seriously I suggest there to be game developers on every server that are going to monitor chats in here, because we aren't able to do a thing about something as this, which is beyond annoying especially if you were chatting with someone/ helping someone and etc. only this thing to happen.
  3. lol most spammers/bots I met had names such as "fgvjk"or "aksdak".
  4. Still I would prefer if gold spamming/bot level is kept at min. size not at "We run this game" size. For last time this is thread about gold spamming/bots in here...not queue people =P
  5. Solutions for better teamwork in dungeons

    BN is too easy dung and as post ^said you don't need healer to survive it. Besides you have healer in party...well sort-of-healer, I'm summoner and there is skill 'Doom 'n' Bloom' that is well self healing skill in here but if you can upgrade it so you can heal your party/cat as well. Still it is small amount of healing in here, plus you need to be in circle to get heals when it is performed and as I said it is small amount of heals(for party at least) but more then enough in my opinion...unless you are party that seriously suckz in here(can't block or doge for sh*t) then no amount of healing can help that party lol.
  6. This is not about queue time(alone at least) this is about gold spammers/bots in this game! Because please tell me is it worth even giving small amount like 9$ to get faster in game only to be surrounded by spammers and bots? That is my point. I'm telling this for good of this game because I love this game and I don't want 'Archeage' history to repeat in here as well because of gold spamming/bots in here.
  7. That is good to hear still in my opinion simple ban for them is not good enough....I would suggest more strict action like IP ban in here. Simply because no matter of the new report system in here, the number of gold spammers/bots feels like it is getting bigger...because as expected they make new account to repeat their damn "job". At first day when I finally got in game chat was filled with spamming, last time I logged in I ended up blocking 200 of them, in parties I'm more getting bot party then I ever wanted. So IP ban seems like better solution then just simple ban in here.
  8. There is always someone even if it is just 1 dumb enough to fall for their trap. Still point in here isn't how many stupid people actually took bait but how many of gold spammers/bots are in game which causes lot of real players to suffer queue even more because of them.
  9. Is it worth keeping and upgrading your Hongmoon weapon

    Considering it is your main/only real weapon in here...I say it is more then smart to keep it and upgrade it in here lol
  10. ...can you seriously clean up gold spammers/bots in this game already? At least if people are to pay access in supposed "F2P" game then clean up your damn game!!! I mean it is bad enough that you have to pay premium just not to wait 2 days to get in game, it is bad enough when in queue you have 263 premium members with you which will cause even more waiting for none-prem members......but it is far worst knowing that once you get in game you won't discover that numerous players have been holding you on queue but numerous gold spammers/bots! I mean common, for F-sake in here I have around 200 gold spammers blocked in here in proximity of 5 min! 200 for 5 min!!! Like seriously! That is already 200 "players" that is keeping honest ones in queue in here! 200 "players" that should be purged from this game already! So seriously NC I get that you resorted to low blow like "priority queue" for money in supposed "F2P" game....but there is huge difference waiting in queue because game if full of players and waiting in queue because game is gull of gold spammers/bots in here. All I'm gonna say is do something about this already or story of NA BnS will sink more "epic" then story of 'Archeage' in here.
  11. How to change clan leader?

    Then yes you can. And as I said as far as I'm aware there are no level requirements to change leader/be leader.
  12. How to change clan leader?

    Only clan leader can change clan leader by using method ^above. If you mean can you as clan vote for new this ain't democracy love. The one who made guilds/clans is only one in power to decide. P.S. Clan leader can be changed at any level desired as far as I know.
  13. Show off your characters!!

    You sir/mam have best looking female I ever saw in BnS! +1 to you.
  14. EVERYONE listen to my jokes while you wait !

    Or even better! Waiting 9h and finally getting in game only to have this happening to you:
  15. EVERYONE listen to my jokes while you wait !

    Best joke ever, brought to you by NCSoft: