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  1. Mob Resetting

    Yes as a warlock this happens to me quite alot, mainly with the soul shackle skill, even if my thrall is right in front of the enemy it still sometimes resets, how can a ranged fighter be ranged if we got to be up in the enemies face, that defeats the purpose of being range, they need to, get on fixing this bug, it really didnt start happening to me until after playing e fleet and nightshade harbor a couple of times and doing mushins tower a few times, it mostly only happens to me in those areas.
  2. how many achievement points is needed to tlk to the vendor?
  3. BSC/BSH 4 Man Dungeon drops merged with the 6man?

    All these gun oils are aggravating they give a sometimes 10th loot drop which so far has ben even more gun oils >.< i just want the gangplank hair lmao
  4. With the new content released the 4man versions of those dungeons have been removed, but i noteced the drops have changed a small bit, will the outfit and hair drops, appear in the 6man version now too or not, ive been trying to farm for the gangplank hair to complete my set before and after the silverfrost content was released, but now that the 4man version is gone, what now? cause im tired of trying to farm for it if its not a possible drop any longer
  5. Question About Blackram S Chain and BS Harbor

    yess the only 4man dungeons are some of the new content ones, and it seems like the dungeon been merged but it only drops perfumes 4 single ones
  6. Just was wondering since the new content patch came out and the 4 party versions of those two dungeons have been removed, are the outfits and hairs for those dungeons now obtainable in the regular 6man dungeons?
  7. Error Launcher E02018

    yeah i tried that too that didnt help either
  8. Error Launcher E02018

    Same here i been having that error too smh http://prntscr.com/9shp5b