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  1. Hi, ich komme gerade zurück nach einer längeren Pause ins Spiel. Vorab muss ich anmerken, dass ich recht wenig Zeit in's Spiel investieren kann wegen Arbeit. Dennoch würde ich mich über eine Einladung freuen :3 Ign ist CrowFox.
  2. As the title says, i'm a returning player and i noticed i have a lot to catch up too since i left. Many new dungeons have been added, some new content like fishing and stuff. So if anyone is interested to help out or to discover the new content together, hit me up ingame. IGN is CrowFox.
  3. If you don't find any clan and need some advice feel free to add me. IGN: CrowFox. Will be glad to help out :3 edit: nvm, we're in the same clan alrdy as it seems.
  4. Ap was never that important as a lot of ppl might think. Might check >this topic<
  5. You can upgrade them but just so you can salvage 'em at the end to have some Legendary Jewels to upgrade your Legendary Accs. But as for now i'd suggest you go for the weap upgrade. If you follow the mains questline you should have enough mats for upgrading to True Ivorymoon.
  6. Ah ok o: Not my servergrp. Else I'd help atleast with mats. Yea you'll need the Soulstone crystals. MTS are quiet cheap right now so there shouldn't be a problem. But you should've be able to salvage your weap. I did salvage my True Profane on an alt i wasn't playing a long time and got an Ivorymoon 10 if i remember right.
  7. @PerskyWhat mats do you need for it and on what server do you play?
  8. Guess it will but after it's released in kr.
  9. Aggree. It's bad enough allready.
  10. Craft it. In order to craft it you have to be in the Radiant Ring guild(crafting guild) and have a receip for it.
  11. No shit officer xD Just like Tsuzor said. I dunno what else was censored during the time. To look up to Cn server, we have a pretty uncensored version :3
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