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  1. I just installed the game. I'm being asked for a number sent to my mobile device. I don't HAVE a mobile device. (Yeah so shoot me for not having a cell phone.) What do I do? (Played the game a number of years ago and am just getting back.)
  2. Ongoing since beta. In the fishing craft line, when you get to the shell to harvest catfish oil (in Spirestone Canyon north of the Vagabond camp, near the pool) you can't click on it.
  3. I re-used a name in beta after deleting a character.
  4. 1 time OTP Authentication key

    Well, this is garbage. I didn't use an authenticator for Wildstar. I have NO idea if I may have used one in the past for a different game. I don't even have the same phone I had back then, so how the hell am I supposed to enter the correct code when I don't even have such a program installed. Nor have I any idea how to install it any more. Talk about insanely stupid customer service. If you're going to require something like this, SAY SO AHEAD OF TIME, and then tell us how to set it up. As best I can tell right now, My founder's pack is useless, and so is the game since I can't access it. OK. With hints from some of the above posts, and a fair amount of sleuthing, I figured out how to reactivate all this crap and it worked. HOWEVER, NC, you still did a ROTTEN job of preparing people for this. You SHOULD have had a walkthrough prepared, and have told people that you were going to do this ahead of time, especially the part about linking it to having used the authenticator in previous NC games (which I still don't remember having ever done, but that's another matter). Your score is a D--
  5. With regard to serial codes. If you bought the game directly from NC, you don't have a code. They handle everything for you automatically, so all you have to do is log in and play.
  6. Ah, no. MOST games do not allow 10+ names. Most allow 2-4 without paying extra. Some allow more, but hardly most. If you want more, don't worry, I'm 100% certain that you'll be able to buy more. Don't want to pay? OK. Stick with what you start with on F2P. Think you shouldn't have to pay? Naive. Companies don't spend millions of dollars creating games and then give them away. They MUST make money somehow. It's not price gouging, it's survival, paying their employees, and their investors. If you want truly free games, you need to make your own or find someone who made one. Most people are going to be paying for something, probably on a fairly regular basis. Otherwise the game gets shut down due to it losing money for the company that owns it. That's the reality.
  7. Name Reservation & The Latest Announcement

    ?? They already answered part of this. You will select a server when you reserve your name. Your worry about being on a low population server, well, nothing you can do about that, as nobody known how that is going to play out, which is the same as every other game that has ever released. Also I haven't seen any game yet that will allow transfers from low pop to high pop servers. That's counter-productive for both the company and the gamers and you can bet that, no matter how much money you pay, it's probably not going to be allowed. So your options are simple. Learn to live with uncertainty, choose one of the beta servers (which will likely have higher populations) if that's what you like - I'm not sure I would want to be on a crowded server, or take whatever server you choose to start on and stay there regardless of the eventual population.
  8. For what it's worth, there are a number of holidays, some religious, some not that occur in December, all over the world as a matter of fact. So, yes, it's "Happy Holidays".
  9. Malware Bytes Anti-Exploit is triggered, and closes my browser every time I start the game, presumable when the stupid guard software becomes active. I'd love to see it removed, since it doesn't stop anything in the first place. As it is now, I need to close my browser before the game loads, then restart it after I'm at character select.
  10. Keep getting frozen in place

    Same problem - episodic and frustrating because of that.
  11. Disconnect when transitioning

    Not disconnecting per se, but when I enter dungeons I have, on about 5 occasions now, become stuck. I can see my character and can turn some, but I can't move forward or backwards. Most recently this happened on Monday.
  12. Joined a "full" faction

    Not a bug. Membership in factions is very fluid and dynamic and changes literally every few seconds when a lot of new characters are generated. I've seen the same several times. I just ignore and keep trying and always get the faction I want after a few tries. What's on the screen for us is simply out of date within seconds of it being sent to us.
  13. The mayor in Jadestone gives you a quest to visit all the craft guilds, for which you get 350 exp as I recall. With three different characters I was given this quest only AFTER I had already visited the guilds, so I had to do it again to complete it and get it out of my quest log. It wouldn't let me delete it either. If I'm going to be stuck with this quest, at least give it to me as soon as I reach Jadestone at a level at which I can join a guild, so I don't have to go talk to eveyone twice.
  14. Hmmm. As of level 6 I was pulling groups of 4-5 mobs and by level 11 it was 6-8 at a time. Hit 2-3 times, then go after the next group. Now at 20 I'm enjoying BD more and more. I've not found another class that can cut through groups as fast (summoner is a close second though with their AoE spells). Blademaster has much better defense, but their kill speed is slow, probably because almost all BD skills hit all mobs in front of you and BM skills mostly hit only one target at a time. Tab attack is multi-mob, but it takes way too long to trigger. Well, back to the OP's question. I had fun with BD starting early on. It was KFM and Assassin that took me the most time to get into, but they're harder to play properly in the beginning.
  15. Cannot delete character

    Message says: "Please finish shopping, gathering, or crafting before deleting this character." I'm doing none of those. Just standing outside. I have no pending mail, no surveys, no nothing. As a matter of fact, this character has never shopped, crafted, or gathered. Only level 9. Situation resolved. I FINALLY figured out that "shopping" means having things for sale on the marketplace. The wording on this message could use some major improvement. Perhaps: "You must complete any pending transactions in the marketplace or with the craft guilds before deleting this character."