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  1. Why is this getting more concerned replies than actual issues like the game's incessant chat clears/loading screens between queuing?
  2. I hope devs see and consider these items. Send mail from anywhere you are. Realtime ping and latency monitor on HUD. Server and/or local time clock on HUD. See item stats (and set bonus stats if applicable) before unsealing with Unsealing Charms. EX: See stats of sealed a Soul Shield piece Preview appearance of item before unsealing with Unsealing Charms. EX: Preview appearance of a sealed weapon on character for style/cosmetic purposes Use saved chat settings in Cross-server Lobbies. Right now it only goes by default and ignores any user customization made on home server like any color changes and customized tabs. Cross-server Lobbies and that extra waiting room with the Vault/Repair/Daily NPCsThat's two extra steps--two extra loading screens--between you being in the open world and getting to what you were queuing for. It's unbearable when you're just trying to do an hour session of Arena or Dungeon queue farming. I don't know what to do with myself during these back-to-back loading screens that sometimes take as much as half a minute EACH. It really breaks up the flow. Chat clears after every loading screen. Get into Cross-server Lobby (chat clear #1), zone into that room with the repair/vault/daily NPCs (chat clear #2), finally zone into the dungeon/pvp ring (chat clear #3). That makes 3 chat clears in a row. It makes it very hard to hold a conversation with my clan, party, and other whispers, especially when I see them send something RIGHT before a loading screen. I have to choose between being social (in game) and doing queues; can't do both. My suggestion: combine the Lobby and Vault/Repair/Daily room. Perhaps just offer Vault, Repair, and Daily Quest pickup services directly in the Lobby. This would cut the number of loading screens and chat clears in half. And this might be petty: but can't you let us lock in a name BEFORE getting to the appearance customizer in the character creation process?
  3. Some how, some are able to open the loot crate and bid on loot....while others are stuck on the cutscene and unable to ESC out of it. This is happening to me in Blackram Narrows when the last boss dies. Unable to ESC out of the cutscene. And when the scene is thru and I can finally move, I and about 2 others in the party have missed out on all the bidding timers.
  4. Why all the Beta

    Savage lol
  5. Please Give Us a PVP Server!

    I thought Arena was the purest form of love and PvP. Did you mean open-world PvP?
  6. I hope more people trickle over from the FGC. PvP will be so fun. Hope it becomes a tasty and glorious flat of salt that i can roll around and rub it all over my body.
  7. Time in UI

    +1 yes from me too, please.
  8. Not Fun at all with PVP in towns

    No. But then again if you die in pvp, you die in real life.
  9. Not Fun at all with PVP in towns

    Dear BnS Localization Team: Please don't change a thing for these people who refuse to read quests, read tooltips, or sit and listen to the text be read outloud to them. Otherwise your game will become like all the other generic MMORPG PVP systems out there, and BnS will cease to be a shining gem that dares to try something new.
  10. Not Fun at all with PVP in towns

    Thursday was my first time playing BnS. Ever. Completely new to this game. And even I understood how putting on the Crimson/Cerulean outfit flagged PVP with the opposing faction just by reading the quest. Jesus Christ. And even after dying a bunch of times at the spawn point, I took the time to hover over the different res options and... What's that? There's an option to res with the PVP outfit unequipped? Lo and behold, I learned things in a minimum of 3 minutes while playing the game and reading the stuff it provides.