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  1. Image for sword on their character plz?
  2. Does KR server has the same weapon/gear paths as us?
  3. Hi everybody, I haven't play this game for awhile, my weapon is still Awakened Siren Level 10 at the moment. Just finished the storyline (Act 7) and at the end, I started to have trouble fighting bosses or even normal projectile enemies. (I'm a blade master, died 8 times in some battle in Act 7) I'm a solo PvE storyline player, I have a feeling that my current awakened siren sword is no longer enough even for future storyline Act 8+. What is the gears progression EU/US vs KR server? I'm afraid that if I follow the current gear progression and then it may become obsolete after a f
  4. You can check this website for KR costumes: http://bns.inven.co.kr/dataninfo/gallery/ Silver Dragon still looks the best to me
  5. Perfect outfit with the perfect weapon!
  6. She is awesome...but too dollish. Not as good as mine lol. I spent days to customize my own character without using preset. Can't show u here now cuz I'm not at home.
  7. So let's say if your master pack already gave you 90 days premium membership. If you buy a 365 days membership does it become 365+90 days? or it's overlap? (Still 365 days)? Btw, is it really worth getting this Silver Dragon Costume? I googled it and it seems they release it as an attendance gift/event gift in other servers...
  8. Wait, I don't understand your calculation. If we already have 7200 ncoins, then I only need to buy 2799 ncoins to become 9999 ncoins. Why you said we need to buy 4000 more?
  9. Blade & Soul ranked top 10 in korea: (This site update weekly i guess?) http://www.gamenote.com/rank_ongame/index.php?search_mode=weekly&genre=MMORPG This game is going to stay for a long time
  10. I only +4 the chest size and +2 the chest width and it looks very sexy and natural.
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