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  1. New Weapon Skin

    Image for sword on their character plz?
  2. Few questions as a return player

    Does KR server has the same weapon/gear paths as us?
  3. Hi everybody, I haven't play this game for awhile, my weapon is still Awakened Siren Level 10 at the moment. Just finished the storyline (Act 7) and at the end, I started to have trouble fighting bosses or even normal projectile enemies. (I'm a blade master, died 8 times in some battle in Act 7) I'm a solo PvE storyline player, I have a feeling that my current awakened siren sword is no longer enough even for future storyline Act 8+. What is the gears progression EU/US vs KR server? I'm afraid that if I follow the current gear progression and then it may become obsolete after a few months (Kinda like how they get rid of Siren path before). So are we align with KR server so far? If yes, then what is the normal gear path now? We just have Act 7 in US/EU server. which Act KR is on at the moment ? Thanks
  4. The Guardians vs The War Potentials in Bleach

    You should have added Poh-sama as well :D
  5. New lvl 50 dailies/quests

    So the silverfrost patch is in 2 days...and I only have a Awakened Siren weapon (+5). Is that good enough to be able to complete new lvl 50 dailies/quests?
  6. Good job cricket !

    Spoiler tag plz xD But for an mmorpg, B&S has an above average storyline for sure.
  7. Good job cricket !

    Nope. It might be the peak part of the current game styline until lvl 45. I heard the peak part of the entire storyline should be Jinsoyun's background I guess. (Lvl 50 future content).
  8. Hey guys, I came across this song online: "Kuroi Uta" The lyrics also mentioned "Black Flower" which is a perfect coincidence compare with the mark of black rose in this game. Version 1 with Lyrics: Version 2 : I believe the lyrics and everything suit this game very well. Especially for the below scenes [STORY SPOILER AHEAD!]: Enjoy!
  9. This looks like a good movie cover:
  10. Profane to Max Pirate Cost

    So if new contents come out, true pirate will not be the top weapon anymore. And it will still cost that much? No way! Solution: -We need a way to deflate the price of Moonwater Tran Stones and Soulstones.
  11. Have a question, I remember when I first go to Iskanun's house, I saw he has Yura's poster on the wall. (So it seems he secretly likes her or something?). Later in the story, it was revealed that Iskanun has a kid. Could it be Iskanun and Yura....and the kid. You know what i mean xD And btw, why Yura looks the same 30 years ago (during the flashback). It seems she didn't age at all
  12. Outfit wishlist

  13. Currency Exchange

    67 NCoins to get 1 Gold. This is $1 canadian dolloar for 1 Gold! Wow, even me, as a master pack founder, I won't buy gold at this exchange rate.
  14. Brother Hajoon

    I heard that later in the storyline, there may be another even sadder part.... Anyway, don't you think those hongmoon bro/sis are very mean!?! They call our character CRICKET! My character looks nothing like a freaking CRICKET:
  15. Outfit wishlist

    Da Best!: