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  1. It's a feature. How will they pay the genius that expertly crafted that T-Pose for the bird? Whales are making sure he brings home that bread. Thanks, guys.
  2. This is a ridiculous and moronic thread. Instead of shaming NCSoft for breaking an absolutely vital component of the game for several days, you choose to sit on your fake throne of righteousness shaming whatever player this game has left for actually fixing the marketplace on their end. No, I absolutely do not condone the cheating like speedhacking that ruins rankings and choose to make fun of those who need a wheelchair like GCD to play this game but this type of thread really ain't it. We know it's Gameguard that broke F5. And you know why it's not fixed yet? Because these incomp
  3. Me and others have sent in multiple tickets, with like 10 screenshots, of certain "people" queuing up with teams full of their bots in 6v6 and trolling legit players trying to play plus also selling "totally legit 5 minute" runs of a certain dungeon. With screenshots of them blatantly admitting to exploiting, too. The community does the work for you anyways and yet you do not pull the plug on these accounts when it's blatantly obvious. We all still see them a year later. What are the employees doing? Giving people 5 day vacations over spicy F2 pictures to make it seem like they go into th
  4. Don't count on NC to fix it either since I've been noticing this a lot on older outfits and UE4 is buggy as it is. You know, outfits I paid for in the past and were fine in UE3, like my Ghoulish. 🤦‍♂️ Maybe there needs to be more quality control because entire meshes are broken and not just textures. They have a raised ugly seam down the middle of the mesh; it's most noticeable on Lyn outfits but other races are affected too. It's good we are getting older outfits back in the shop but be wary that it's not broken for your character. I almost bought Shadow Walker and there is something
  5. I know they said that they can't extend it but at some point, we SHOULD be getting a new system called Soul Fiesta, which is like Call to Arms but on steroids. It is a way better system for everyone and in Korea, it lasts for 6 months or so. It's meant to help newer players gear up. It's just unfortunate that it takes so long for us to get these QoL changes here in the West. I was actually hoping that Soul Boost would come instead of Call to Arms in September. If you got to stage 6 of the box, then you'll have TB6 which is still good! I wouldn't give up on the game just yet if you could
  6. My post was worded badly. I was talking about the original poster and that you should not pay attention to him. I know you're not him. Meant to edit my original post so it's less confusing, actually. But if you look at all the replies to this post, you will see it's all the same guy since they're all in broken English and similar names. Nobody in-game gets along with this guy.
  7. Pay no attention to this guy. This is just Inaxx posting on all his accounts (kinda weird, bro) and hoping to get some sort of word from staff about nerfing the HP of the bosses even further so he can continue to abuse the game. You're really not fooling anyone. Hopefully you get what you deserve if the Western team starts taking reports seriously now along with the anticheat.
  8. In the Korean server, even if someone is a "whale" and caught cheating, they get no mercy and get perma banned. How come we can't have that same treatment here? @Hime These people have no respect for competition and I doubt they have even learned any sort of proper manners, since you're literally taught in school to not cheat. I've witnesses some of these cheaters have baby tantrums when caught cheating and called out. They're dismissive of the fact they're cheating and try to justify themselves. They're spoiled. If you're not going to implement the anti-cheat, then start taking
  9. Could you please address Mizuki's point about the anticheat not being enabled? It's in there in the files. A lot of people are pretty tired of cheaters in the rankings and it is blatantly obvious who it is. Thank you. I pay a lot into this game, maybe as much as they do, and I'm tired of them running rampant.
  10. Cash Shop Demigod Adornment outfit is bugged for all male characters! The cape is completely black. I'm seeing other reports of textures being completely black but please try to fix this outfit because I just paid real money for this outfit and it doesn't work. People are going to be mad blowing almost 25 usd on a broken outfit.
  11. I just cleared Hard Mode FoE and I thought this was a bug. Only 5 pink FRAGMENTS per run? Are they insane? For HM before, we used to get at the very least a little over 15 frags per run and that's if you got unlucky with drops. This just doesn't make any sense, specially since no scale reduction was done to our equipment as far as I know. The UE4 update is very reasonable for people wanting to play casually, as I do feel the scale boxes for doing easy dungeons are generous. I do want the game to feel more alive and I think this will help players who may not be very competitive and just want
  12. To add insult to injury, the advertising for the more expensive box shows Rhapsody. Come on, guys... @Hime This is just mean in all honesty. The outfit is not even in the expensive box! (Neither is the pet, may I add) Like the previous poster, I want this outfit on multiple characters and like noted by various posters now, the outfit available in the 1 NCoin box has always been able to be bought with currency during the RNG box period until this terrible change in the last boxes. Now we can't even swipe cosmetics anymore because it's gated by all or nothing RNG? 😔
  13. I'm in the same situation as OP. Rhapsody is the only costume in months that has gotten a very favorable reaction in the Western region, when it was showcased in other places prior to being added to the game. It's like you people don't want money and always make questionable decisions when it comes to cosmetics that are available in events or even in Trove. We keep getting many recycles of the same costumes or low quality ones from years ago. Like you guys literally added Crystal Mosaic into the Trove when we JUST had this costume in the previous event. Surely even Rhapsody could have taken it
  14. This week has been specially bad. The amount of people bringing in afk accounts so they can leech off groups has become so bad, that it just makes me not want to get groups or help others run through dungeons anymore. It has been happening for years but coming back to the game now, it has gotten specially bad. I have an entire clan of afk leechers blacklisted now and it makes me wonder why this game doesn't have a report button for those that afk so many times. The leecher will bring in up to 2 or more dummies that afk and don't attack. Had someone ask me today to carry their gold leech accoun
  15. Without fail, I always crash in the Vilebriar Woodlands of this afk area even at times like 4am. It's likely because it's always packed since this is the area people are most likely to end up in. I don't crash in the other sections and can complete the quest. It's come to the point where this will eventually probably keep me from getting emblems for the event if it keeps up. I've been playing the game since launch and I can probably count the times I've crashed on my two hands, so it's not on my end at that point. This area needs more channels IMMEDIATELY. It's being overloaded. No
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