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  1. EU has more population and that has already been kinda answered by others who do play on there. I'm from NA so I will give my take on our server. It is a bit of a struggle. The "busiest" times would be during reset (8am EST) with some groups going around. It picks back up slightly during lunch time (12pm est) but very few. There is more going on during dragon time (3pm est). It is decent from them on but I wouldn't say fantastic or indicating a healthy population. Starts to slow down near 11pm EST. It is completely dead or even fewer groups than the other times after 1am EST or so until reset
  2. Coming in here to kinda address some of these that are continuously popping up in threads and suggestions because the developers did do a 10th anniversary Q&A recently. Of course, we never see it because they only broadcast it and make it available to the Korean playerbase. BnS in the West has very dedicated players that have stuck through with this game despite it's myriad of issues, so I find it just sad that some of this information regarding the future of the game has to be relied on by 3rd parties. Thankfully, some players have kindly translated it for us and is available on a Discord
  3. This will be my last post regarding the topic before we all get slapped for going off topic. No, it's really not and it's insulting to me that you assume my assessment was because I'm using cheats to play the class, when I very much have been posting in the past how against I am about the whole practice. I don't play with any damage modifications and the cc immunity still exists; I also have low ping to play it optimally. This was tested by me personally during my first few pulls during the Iron Conqueror event, the only time I was forced to switch to this braindead spec in actual ranking.
  4. There is nothing good about a clear oversight in development after the Warlock rework that gave Scourge spec: - an infinite cc immunity. It is not even playing the game at that point if you are standing still in one spot holding down your right mouse button being immune to all crowd control. - the ability to spam Hex Storm, one of your hardest hitting moves, with almost no cool down. It also lasted way too long due to our slow skill patches. This trash has been around for over 6 months at this point. Now people have to learn how to play again instead of turn
  5. First, thank you Greenstorm for making sure the feedback gets to the right people to make changes. I had to re-read your post about the change to Skystealer multiple times actually because I thought I was seeing things. I do thing that most people would prefer a set cost on accessories. Even if the cost is high for the upper tiers, it keeps players grinding and playing daily and working towards it knowing that the upgrade is guaranteed. BnS's gear progression is the worst its ever been, in my opinion. If you destroy the sense of progression, then you destroy the entire premise of an MMO.
  6. Aside from the out of touch remarks in the original post, here is a very serious and baffling issue with this game currently and this just encapsulates everything wrong with it. We are now getting the same RNG systems and upgrade costs from Korea. You're telling me that someone sits down and DELIBERATELY removes resources (where are sterling scales drops; no more oil/pod from events?), nerf the drop rates (ran Namdo 7 hours yesterday, floor 8; not a single pod or oil drop), and gives us basically no gold. But the upgrades we get now are TAILORED to the Korean game and their re
  7. We are now getting the same grind required as KR but we don't get the resource padding that they get. They get a lot of oils and pods from events as a means to help them upgrade. What is the actual difference now between our regions? Because it was mainly that we didn't have RNG upgrades before. So KR players needed this resource padding because their upgrades were all RNG. Now we are at the same stage but our region is starved completely of gold, oils and pet pods. Now there is yet another event that doesn't give us those measly 2 vials and packs. Yes, it is now as measly as the 1 synth stone
  8. As someone who PvEs exclusively now, I agree with your points even if you enjoy PvP more and that the game feels extremely dull since there are no new raids, even as someone with a team that can do the rankings. Our team did really good last season, all ended in top 10 but this season people are getting carried via "illegitimate means" even though they put less effort as us, so there is little point to continue progressing. And really, this has been happening forever now with certain players but it was great that our team managed to even triumph over illegitimate players for a while.
  9. Thank you for gathering feedback about cosmetics! Like the OP said, these outfits get rotated very frequently while the game offers so many other options. Even some outfits that aren't even tailorable have gone missing for ages. One such outfit is the male only Great General. I remember this outfit being available the second week of the game's launch and literally never again. This outfit, in my opinion, has aged pretty well despite the age and comes with awesome hair. I've been personally wanting Hongmoon Ascension for 2 years already, as it was released in an update when I
  10. I'm late to the feedback but most of what I wanted updated in Trove has been said. The super old obsidian boxes are the biggest slap in the same to me personally along with the old psyches 2 stars. Very very bad and it shows that there is a lack of understanding or knowledge about our current game content. I would really like to see old cosmetic weapons/pets added to Trove. I can't understand why the West underestimates cosmetics so much as a source of income when I know people who literally only log in for outfits or to take screenshots in said outfits. We have great weap
  11. I have two alts stuck at TB9 because of the missing Empyrean Stones. We are supposed to get them so I'm not going to buy them. If they don't want to put it in F10 as the other missing materials since the mats for the weapon are tradeable this time and are afraid people will abuse it, then they may have to go the contact support route since certain people won't bother to go through the trouble of that. Posting here to hopefully get a response regarding these missing items, too.
  12. I really think more of the remaining player base needs to blow up the forums regarding these ridiculous changes. I see people complaining in the in-game chat but there's no GMs in the game so it's worthless. Bumping this because it really is a terrible change. I've been farming Sub since release and have seen ONE single scale drop. I have farmed 41s over 200 times for sure by now and have farmed 51+ as well. These things are nowhere to be seen and other high geared players are not having any luck either. Hell, the loot in general at 51+ is trash and unrewarding. Thanks for the sing
  13. What I have seen is certain people that basically lived in the Demonsbane lobby. I would log in the morning for some hours and then upon logging in late at night, the same people were still there. I have left many places in the last year that encourage the use of cheats for this game or just not even playing the game anymore and having your entire rotation in one button. To add to this, it's unfortunate that people redirect newer players to these places. It's a double edged sword because there is useful info but they are also exposed to cheats. I know snippets of the latest bs since other
  14. It's a feature. How will they pay the genius that expertly crafted that T-Pose for the bird? Whales are making sure he brings home that bread. Thanks, guys.
  15. This is a ridiculous and moronic thread. Instead of shaming NCSoft for breaking an absolutely vital component of the game for several days, you choose to sit on your fake throne of righteousness shaming whatever player this game has left for actually fixing the marketplace on their end. No, I absolutely do not condone the cheating like speedhacking that ruins rankings and choose to make fun of those who need a wheelchair like GCD to play this game but this type of thread really ain't it. We know it's Gameguard that broke F5. And you know why it's not fixed yet? Because these incomp
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