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  1. Does anyone else get this?

    I've tried windwalking, it doesn't work. Haven't tried unstucking, so i'll try it after this que is done lol.
  2. Whenever I do arena or a dungeon multiple times, my view is forced into 1st person view. I can use my skills but cant see anything. The only known way to fix it is to relog. Does anyone else get this and is there a way to fix it without relogging? There's a huge que in Jiwan and I don't want to waste more time relogging due to this bug. Below is what my screen looks like.
  3. Hilarity When You Maximize Height

    My lyn is taller than you. She stands as tall as your character's shoe.
  4. Solution to server Queue

    Why would NCSOFT have the mass majority of their players in Mushin? The other people in the other servers would play in a ghosttown... The whole point of locking servers and having smaller capacity is to spread people out and populate all the servers.
  5. Server Transfers

    NCSOFT currently has no plans for server transfers. You could ask them to move your name and founder's stuff though.
  6. You mean that server no one can get onto? Jiwan or Poh is 2nd highest population, there's a pretty long wait que for them too. I'm pretty sure no servers are particularity chosen their destination in PVE or PVP yet, the game hasn't been out for long.
  7. Queue Times? Get over yourself!

    Many people 'cry' because some of us already started and can't turn back. My lvl 37 Summoner can't log on due to people who can't get into Mushin go to Poh or Jiwan (Server I play on in 3 day head-start). The que times are about 2-3 hours if you aren't premium.
  8. I'm just curious. Why does people who spent 25$ on the initiate pack have to wait for que too? I mean, we paid 25$ to lvl in headstart, and now we can't even get on. I play on Jiwan and got my summoner to lvl 36. I logged out because my screen bugged up and now there's a 1k wait que. There's also no premium member waiting. So the higher tier founder's pack gets in faster with barely any que.
  9. LOL. Jiwan isn't full BR. Pretty sure all the BR people joined the cruc and most of the English speakers are in Crimson Legion.
  10. Censorship on quests

    That dog was Master Hong's. When you do the bookshelf quest, the dog is on top of the table sitting there.
  11. What sever?

    Old Man Poh needs some love. :)
  12. You're not the only one. Most of my friends can't join me cause i'm in Jiwan during headstart.
  13. Eh? But we're doing it too. We're not getting revenge. We're just throwing away and recycling the trash. :^)
  14. Launch Party and Chill

    Went to join the fun then crashed. Much love. <<3
  15. After launch of BnS officially, Jiwan decided to show love by having a bootyful screenie. Via that I crashed. Too much Jiwan love to handle. <3