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  1. that be great if everyone could play on the same ping.... the FPS allow for better client side stuff otherwise people on fps would be shooting through people* regularly. and no there should be something done. allow clients to que up button presses is the only way to allow for competitive dps between people who have to play on 200ms and those who live near the server.
  2. i am using WTFast. if i was not id be playing at 250-350. i lose my friends list and access to my wardrobe but right now i have 190ms (a first as it's usually between 200-215) and would not be playing otherwise.
  3. but it doesn't have to be so dam heavy! while it will always be better to live near the server unless NCSoft wants to provide us with an australian server they should at least do something to assists players who want to support the game. WildStar flunked in australia purely because of no oceanic servers. and as the other guy stated that he wouldn't play on a server when he has more then 150ping how do you think all the australian mmo players are? how many australian gamers are being kept out of these games because of the ping?
  4. even wow's Oceanic server isn't near Australia(last i checked). the only large gaming company i know that has an actual server in/near Australia is Riot with LoL. Blizzard has pushed the blame to Telstra and other ISP because of the cost of running a server. in my honest opinion getting a game companie to add some small skill que is a lot easier then getting them to add an oceanic server when even blizard wont do it for wow. honestly id rather a server in australia too but that's the cheaper option.
  5. ask any of the 1800+ rating pvpers and they will tell you how much ping matters. not because of reaction but because you can't animation cancel and you do less damage. heck a button press que would be fine too then. so if im pressing f to que cut throat because i know im about to stun then it should do cut throat then. either way the fact remains people are doing less damage because they live further away from the server. this should be seen as bad design. people who live further away from the server will always have a slightly worse experince but that doesn't mean we shouldn't do a litt
  6. the whole point of adding client side prediciton was to allow people who don't live next to the server to enjoy a more smooth online experience. if that's true they should allow all australians or people with more then 200ping to have a full refund because you don't notice this complete unbalance till end game.
  7. how? if the hitbox is still the same? all it is doing is allowing you to tell the server the next skill u want to use asap instead of waiting for the client to tell you that you can send a skill then telling the server to send the skill. they may have used attack speed boosts tree but both builds are the same for testing.
  8. im not talking people with 500ping(ms) should be fine but 200ms vs 20ms should not equal a loss of almost 40% damage on a locked down target. im super glad we are finally walking away from the wow type combat but why are we not keeping some sort of skill que that is half a second long to help keep someone on 200ms equal terms with someone on 20ms? when the online quake tournaments first happened we used a server side based system that sent the key press to the server before your client did anything and this resulted in everyone but those living next to the server to have a horrible laggy
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