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  1. 2.5 Desolate Tomb Patch

    I'm only HM9... The dream... Corrupted... TT_TT
  2. Invisible Gauntlets/Glowing hands

    "Invisible" gauntlets or glowing hands would be a day one purchase for me. :D
  3. Legendary Weapon Path

    (Assuming the Seraph path gets changed to "on hit" instead of "when hit") Will the new skill changes have any effect on which legendary path you choose based on the build you play (wind build for me)?
  4. Agility bug still there since 6 months really?

    I'm glad to be wrong in this case. :D Thanks
  5. Make Heavenly Energy account bound

    I wish! I have almost 300 energies on a toon I don't really play anymore... TT_TT I'd love to be able to transfer them over to my new main.
  6. Agility bug still there since 6 months really?

    If I remember correctly, Agility increases your evasion BY %100 not TO %100. It basically doubles your evasion stat. I'm not one of the math wizards, so I don't know how that factors in with your opponent's accuracy. You'll have to wait for someone else to help you answer that one. If I'm wrong, please let me know. :D
  7. Please don't make me want to go back to my Warlock... Please!
  8. How do I use Searing Palm?

    But if you leading palm like that, won't it still be on cooldown while your lvl 4 searing palm is active? Then you won't get that big hit from using leading palm with lvl 4 searing palm.
  9. If this game didn't force all of our attacks onto two buttons, I wouldn't mind power drop coming back. As it stands, it's already hard enough getting the "right" F skill or Tab skill to come out when you want it. :P
  10. I could have sworn Agility increases your evasion BY 100% not TO 100%. Meaning, if you have 1000 evasion then get the agility buff, you would have 2000 evasion. So unless your evasion is 50%, I don't think agility can give you 100% evade.
  11. You can only buy 100 total per account
  12. 3RF vs 3 shin kicks

    On top of what skelettbus said, 3rf looks cooler....
  13. maintenance ext

    I'm so surprised!
  14. Does Tab Aerial Grapple cancel defense

    I don't think it's the grapple itself that cancels defense. It's the armbar you do after the grapple. And yes, you can armbar someone after an aerial grapple.
  15. Possible Arena PvP Balances

    Is.... Is this for real? Maybe my sarcasm meter isn't working today, since I haven't had any coffee, but... this can't be... real...