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  1. Last I checked BnS doesn't limit by server. It's account wide you get 7 characters ever. Period. Have fun. :rolleyes: Meanwhile SWTOR gives me 14 per server. Tera let me buy I don't even remember how many max but it was at least 8 - again per server. Guys, just raise the limit and let us buy shit from you. Altaholics will line your coffers. Promise.
  2. Monitor Program, Can't Run Game

    Have you considered making a separate user account - fresh without any autostarts, etc... ? I ask because generally this eliminates more things than just closing stuff in a current login... If you can run it in a new user, at least we know it's not something lower level and at least you have a place that can run it? I know it's a shit work around, but I remember having to do that after a Battle.net update a while back until I could get things sorted. :/
  3. Dragon Trade Ronsul

    What the heck is up with this NPC??? The text on the screen does not match what she's saying (or even the feel of it!) It reads like a chirpy clerk and sounds like a high college girl working late night at a terrible gas station. The voice over is TERRIBLE. The lip flap is INSANE. It is literally so bad I made a thread. Think about it. Think about how many other NPCs I've seen at this point in the game that I didn't feel the need to talk about. But this one... this one is like old Godzilla levels of bad dubbing with a crash and burn humor attempt. Freakin' fix this crap, it's embarassing.
  4. While I found the new underwear and poses in character creation MUCH more conducive to proper proportioning, I was also able to make a ton of characters without it (due to being able to select alternate poses as well). This is basically how things should work: give people choices and we'll find what we want. That's why this censorship bull is so annoying. Most everyone here realizes that this was a mature MMO and had respectively mature themes and story elements. Keep??? Them??? I honestly don't understand why this is so difficult... but then, I've been asking the same since I was a kid really getting into anime... :/
  5. Anti Aliasing This is not a thread about how bad the internal anti-aliasing is; I feel like we're all well aware. I've made it through the starting areas all right because I know them like the back of my hand since I've been focusing on character creation, skill timing, etc... for the beta thus far, but I can tell it's going to be an issue down the line when I get to story elements I'm not familiar with and can no longer see the quest icons above the heads of the appropriate NPCs. Quest Completion This is specifically in relation to the quests that have you perform combos (ie: try to teach you your class). What the heck? Hope this helps and/or can get resolved!
  6. An open letter about censorship

    This isn't a question about whether they own the story/script or what they can or cannot do legally. It's a question about what they should be doing - and the answer to that is never censorship. I don't really care what's been censored or how, but a translator's job is to faithfully recreate something in a different language than it was made. "Localization" on the other hand, seems to more and more mean "take the likeness of something and make it palatable to local social mores." I'm not a fan of that, and I'd guess that if the same were applied to something that means a great deal to some of the people on here saying they "don't care about censorship" they darn sure would.
  7. Installation path..

    I feel your pain. Instead of fighting it, I just junctioned the folder to the folder on the drive I actually wanted it on. Hope that helps!