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  1. SO I've heard alot of blah blah about summoner and noone seems to point the key points on why the summoner is op, so let me help you a little bit: The pet has CC. The pet can and will cancel your grabs if you are doing one or trying to. The pet WILL cancel your combos, especially if you are a blade dancer/master or KFM, the pet will stun you while the summoner is stunned (shouldn't happen) and will put himself in front of you. The pet will continue to deal damage to you even while doing aerial combos, so building for aerial spam is not an option. The pet will put himself in front of you, the targetting system used makes it basicly impossible to hit anything to the real summoner. If you try to kill the pet you need to CC it alot and for that you will lose the CC for the summoner wich will then freely respawn it with a STEALTH. As a PET master, it should not have damage like a force master does, after all it has a personal tank, I see summoner getting 50% of my hp just on 1 grapple from the pet. It seems like its alot of overpowered things for a class to have, you basicly can't CC them at all because one of them will CC you back and you can't do jack shit about it.
  2. Its been a while since the game is up to everyone and I have noticed that as time goes by, there is an abnormal amout of assassins in the pvp lobby, that or i'm just unlucky af since 4/5 matches were against a sin today. I find that assassins are pretty much impossible to beat unless they firetruck up something (I play as a KFM), now here's why I think they are way too strong: Firstly their counter isn't a counter, its a dodge that procs stealth for a really long time, in this state they can do everything to you and you will either take the damage or be lucky that they didn't evade your CC, yes because there is a huge CHANCE that they evade your CC in STEALTH, wich makes total sense... not. After that, we have the fact that you can't counter their attacks while they are in stealth, at least most of them, I see them in stealth right in front of me giving me damage and I also see my counter doing absolutely nothing. Their teleports are instant and have no counter play at all AND with that in mind, they still go into stealth for TELEPORTING INSTANTLY to you. After this all they do is stun you in stealth, start combo, rinse, repeat, ???, profit Their stuns have no cast time at all and have a low cooldown, so basically you either see the future and block an invisible stun or you die, seems fun, also, you really wanna try using your F to escape those stuns don't you? Well you better have 10 ping or you can't do it, its just way too fast, your F spamming doesn't mean anything at this point. I'm glad you can still F before their bomb explodes, that's useful I guess. So... How do I win an assassin? As a kfm I need a single stun on them and that means 2 stuns, because of the second wind, so if an assassin lets me do a second stun, I win, if they know how to play, I don't cause its impossible to even get the first. TL;DR: nothing on assassin has a counterplay, gg wp, you better quit before playing.
  3. whos having a problem in WTFast here?

    NC devs have already said using WTFast does not get you banned, what gets you banned is the way you use it.
  4. Why assassins are retardedly strong in PVP

    I read it all lol, just saying, but really he didn't add much that I didn't know. I didn't know that the black rose was a stun escape, for example.
  5. KFM -

    I assume you are still low level, those classes are a problem early on but will turn out to be the least of your worries later, you will get a skill that when you use SS you can knock them down, and another that follows them for 4 consecutive hits, most of them will blow their escapes while you use this, after that you just Q/E on them, triple kick and do the 3RF combo, its win then. The biggest worry for you later will be Assassins and Blade dancers. EDIT: I forgot to say, against force masters , you will want to spec the counter that stuns them for 2 sec, its on 6 sec cd but they always spam everything on you, its easy to hit.
  6. Why assassins are retardedly strong in PVP

    Its not our class that is hard, I've mastered it to some degree, now I only need to make some things muscle memory, what is hard is dealing with a class that has no counterplay and goes into RNG to get them out of stealth making us use AOE CC spells that we don't even know if its going to evade them or not, its pure luck.
  7. Why assassins are retardedly strong in PVP

    So you see a thread with 5 topics against them, come in here saying teleport has counterplay cause plat players can do it, and I come here again to ask you how, because it teleport you AND STUNS you without notice, its simply instant, you can't do anything against it. Please elaborate.
  8. Why assassins are retardedly strong in PVP

    Yeah that's exactly what happens, but really the flashbang I see it as a feature, in stealth it has no counterplay because stealth itself doesn't have it, but if they are off-stealth you can see their name and do something. That's me though.
  9. Take a look at this video I just posted, you will see here why summoner is a retarded class right now, the 1st round is quite irrelevant as I had that wall bug thing but the 2nd round shows EVERYTHING that happens, he was basicly on the ground or stunned all the time and the pet alone did almost 50% of my hp in dmg, the moment the pet got me cc'd, it was game over with 5sec for 50%hp, no counterplay either and the pet just kept canceling my combos for retarded reasons, even aerial combos, wich does not happen with any other class.
  10. Fanart n stuff

    Kinda looks like Guild wars 2 style, do you start on paper or work on a tablet?
  11. Kong Fu Master Vs Blade Dancers

    If you can't say anything then don't say anything retarded... You look like you made that comment just to show off, people want to learn. With blade dancers you don't want to use your block on them at close distance, use it ONLY when you're far way, else they counter your block, also you have to use triple-kick whenever possible, I use 3RF combo after that but you can go straight into aerial combo->grapple, works either way.
  12. Honestly I try to do it but most of the time, unless you made them burn escapes before, they are just going to escape from it.
  13. KFM pvp

    Here's my experience so far at level 31, Blade dancers, assassins, blade masters, destroyers are perfectly doable. Blade dancers, counter what they do, use that gap to cc them for as long as you can, meanwhile their hp goes down, play defensively. Blade masters, they will often try to block, all you need to do is find a cd gap on it, use guiding fist, wait for them to try to block again and use triple-kick, if you do that alot, its easy win. Assassins, They are "easy" if you don't hit their dodge, if they do, place your block to their position of stealth (hard) and hope for the best while he's stealth, now try again, if you fail alot they win, if you can outplay their dodges you win. Destroyers, I had a hard time figuring this one out but I have done it, don't go on them, they just spin, keep your distance, they don't have many gap closers, use block on all of them, not hard. When they start trying to do anything, backstep and use the aerial combo, once done, back off again and repeat, when they use shield just go at them and triple-kick. Summoners, at level 31 is a nono, you just get wrecked, waiting for the 45 results, it seems like it could be done better. Force masters, again, level 31 is a nono, their movement canceling skills are way too many, you wont even get close to them most of the time, needs balancing imo.
  14. Best server for me?

    I live in portugal, I went into Wild Springs server and it lags ALOT, I'm guessing that is in frankfurt, that shouldn't lag this bad, I usually have 70 ping to there, but things are really unresponsive and I really want to master KFM. Thanks
  15. Gon female hand going completely through hip

    you have to change the shoulder width if you if you change the pelvis width, it even makes sense cause you know... it would look like a weird pear if it was thin at the top and really wide at the bottom.
  16. Wave Goodbye to Closed Beta - Entry Thread

    The emote looks really weird though I made her to look tough and you make the emote cute... it does not go together, its just like IRL xD