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  1. The "hackers" are not trying to crash your F2P game, "hackers" are extinct, what you see in this game and in much others is the necessity of profit from your free time.

    There is no such thing as "hackers", they live in the ideology of some persons for some time, the idea of share knowledge and make people think for themselves, making the world a better place by enlighten the minds, freeing then from the oppression of the misinformation and ignorance.

    To share a common sense of equality and opportunity true the freedom of the information, not the manipulation of the masses, using there form of entertainment and some scripts to do some bucks and pay for the rent, and in the process make so feel rich and powerful, creating a illusion of satisfaction that is the hidden propose of this things, make you feel a sensation of completeness and by doing so profit on the loneliness and inadequacy that most of people feel in this days of the age of information.  


  2. Well i going to do some clean-up, let me give some support for the guys working on the middle tier, good luck there, and by the way, you guys know what is happening and have a estimate of the time that will take to fix-it? Not a British one, just so we may get back here in some time from now.


    I know this things are difficult to estimate, and ones again thanks for the hard work and good luck there.