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  1. Exactly.. I tried dungeons.. bam this error. I tried a 24 man again on a different character bam error. Was just doodling near an dragon trader guy doing nothing bam same error. tried pvp same, arena the same..
  2. Starting to day I get this error EVERYTIME I'm doing the boss of the 4 dungs.. nothing loading screen nothing just massive lagspike then boom this error.. and I'm not the only one that gets this stupid error during dungeons 5/6 of the party gets this...... Yet Ican do the 24 zones perfectly fine even doodle around in the moonwater map just looking at stuff... WTB support and an ETA of a fix
  3. Mushin 3F gear requirement?

    Hmm mmkay.. atm as KFm just got 45 itsd like awakened sire or something like that..I think. I got to the point where that KFM boss spawns with his little ranged mobs.. T-T can't block or Q-E those from ranged.. But I will try both the ways you two posted.. cheers. BUT FIRST.. daily time xD
  4. Mushin 3F gear requirement?

    As the title says what kind of gear do you HAVE to have. As I just got my KFM to 45. got the poh soul shield. even as low as the 3rd floor is a joke and massive rage fest.... how Am I supposed to gear if I should alrdy have gear to do this?
  5. Bug at Twilight Garden Doungeon

    Genius right here boys beer's on me tonight. thx bro.
  6. Game crashing after start up

    Like I said in another topic.. Another patch another thing broken without fixing the others... I fear the game WILL NOT be that playable on the 10th..
  7. Servers crashed ?!

    Looking at previous maintenances in about 5-6 hours lol. NA might still be asleep :P
  8. Account Bound Cosmetic Items

    Account bound is fine I just wish the wardrobe is accessible for everyone. Or if outfits rly are account bound let me mail them over to other characters :P
  9. Servers crashed ?!

    Naaw man I got it both on female and male toons both are equally sexy and people hating being killed by a guy in a dress :P
  10. Servers crashed ?!

    Oh lord so sexy. Dem muscular thighs .. ~~~oooh~~~
  11. Servers crashed ?!

    Please no. Another patch another thing broken.. ;_;
  12. Disconnected from server (1000 )(132,10060)

    I have alrdy asked about this.. I got a response saying my net somehow went bad on my end.. yet my brother sitting in the room next to me on the same net playing the same game WITH razer synapse and those thingies on as smooth as a babies butt. Yet every "Maintenance/hotfix" patch they do non of the problems are fixed ;_; and only new problems arise ;_;
  13. Game is running perfectly fine until I get close to yellow and purple quests then its hoping my game doesn't freeze crash or shut down with an error report.