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  1. If you're using the 64-bit client you probably need to switch back to the 32-bit client again for now.
  2. Anything wind build is better at than lightning?

    Wind build is lovely for peach farming since you need a lot of AoE, I really enjoy it. Only switching to lightning for dealing with cave 1.5M-2.5M HP solo bosses.
  3. Game is not starting in 64-bit mode

    Quick update, got it working by resetting the Geforce Experience settings to "optimal".
  4. After gameguard starts nothing happens (with the 64-bit option enabled), no error codes are shown. I don't even see the fancy new splash screen unless I restart the launcher with 32-bit option, then it works.
  5. Paranoid

    http://imgur.com/a/pGBt9 Seriously, this is going way too far.
  6. HP Equipment

    I was impressed by the amount of HP while browsing on F2 and then I noticed that I cannot figure out where the huge amount of HP is coming from. It says 76k from gear but I can only count 39k from the shield and another 10k from the legendary set effect. What did I miss? http://imgur.com/a/XK7d0
  7. Trapped after victory screen

    Trapped in victory screen after first match, opponent logged/quitted right the moment I won the first round. I do not remember beans / score before match, it might not have counted. http://imgur.com/a/ZWSRX
  8. cant upgrade any of the soul shield?

    My bad, I forgot to unseal them... Now it seems to be working, thanks.
  9. cant upgrade any of the soul shield?

    That is not working for me, I cannot fuse neither the level 46 Silverfrost Primers to the Challenger or Asura Soul Shields nor the lvl 37 Moonwater ones... (And I cannot afford to test the level 50 Silverfrost Primers that are going at around 85g right now.)
  10. The graphics are a bit clunky, e.g. your feet almost never touch the ground it seems, especially on angled terrain. Sometimes textures and map polygons change rapidly (e.g. around the Merry Potter area there is a lot of cluttering on the ground). Still, places like Hogshead Pastures with the red-leafed trees and the Highland Necropolis are really stunning. The music is great, a really memorable theme ("Mark of the Black Rose"?) that is placed well during cutscenes. But I actually played the game for its story. Before the game's release in Europe I've seen several cutscenes and I am a bit sad that Mushin got away in our story arc but the rest of the story still unfolds beautifully. What a tragical villian (not Mushin, I never cared for him). And what about ambivalent and messy characters like Iksanun. The story is filled with recurring motives (e.g. several characters falling from a cliff) that reveal a deeper sense during the characters journey when the story unfolds. There is a lot of tragedy and irony there, I really enjoyed it. Hope there is more to come.
  11. cant upgrade any of the soul shield?

    Hi, I just noticed that you cannot fuse northern critical soul shields anymore, so I tried to fuse a couple (lower level) primers instead to my level 50 shields but apparently they do not work. Are there any requirements on primers? Do they need to have the same piece number or at least (or exactly) the same level as the shield to fuse it to? There seems to be no information on that matter and I don't want to buy expensive primers if they don't fuse. What is the set of rules regarding fusing?
  12. Tower of infinity

    Thanks for the fix!
  13. Beluga Lagoon is open?

    Well, for me it is locked.
  14. Tower of infinity

    On "Retry" you're still dead, so this is definitely a bug. I hope it will get fixed soon, I liked the fast pace earlier. Now it is loading screen after loading screen after you die...
  15. Tower of infinite Assassins

    It happens to all classes.. If you accidentally hit "Retry" in the Trial Arena you lose your respawn button and the enemy still tries to fight you even if you're already dead, only relogging helps.. It is really discouraging indeed.