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  1. We had a petition for an Oceanic/SEA server with over 15,000 signs and it got flat out ignored. See the difference between 112ms vs 10ms? Imagine 200ms+ vs 10ms. Its not even close to competitive. It's not even close to a joke. it is just downright frustrating and I love my KFM, all I want to do is play my KFM, but I will never be great at it thanks to not having a server closer to Australia. It has caused me to park my KFM for awhile to see if any changes come down the pipeline and I have switched to a Ranged class which just makes me not enjoy the game as much. Every
  2. Some people are saying the bots attacking the servers is part of the issue which is quite possible. Some are saying they are cheap servers. Some are saying it is the client. All I know is, its getting old, real quick and something needs to be done about it yesterday. With Australian ping (250ms+) and these issues with the servers, it is very exhausting playing the game and nothing fun about it.
  3. Macros and scripts are two entirely different things. Macros just execute button clicks, nothing more and as has been pointed out is not bannable. Scripts automate gameplay and is bannable.
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