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  1. Not its to stop people farming SS. It's a complete shut down. The day they started doing this, they started spamming faction chats with multiple different ways of advertising SS. They are clearly over burdened with them and don't want to drop down due to it.
  2. Highly doubt it. One - two servers will be here by the end of the year.
  3. Sorry, unless you hurry up and do something about the hackers running riot in this game, I am simply not spending any more money on this product. It is pretty simple. No action, no money. You fixed the whole teleporting through dungeon doors in the Moonwater dungeons in a mere few weeks but have let Hackers and Bots run a riot since day one, for months. The impact to the games community has been a lot worse from the botters and hackers then teleporting through doors. I haven't played the game for a few days due to the downtime not allowing me to
  4. Its just this simple. I am not spending a single cent going forwards until I see some solid action taken against these hackers. Its out of control and game breaking.
  5. None of this works, because they can enter a full channel that is locked due to hacks, same as they can grey out the Report button and stop you from reporting them. We have tried multiple times to get a full chancel occupied and done it only to watch them all spawn in right on Konta/Sujin and smash them in less then 20 secs and move on. Game is broken and nothing is being done, totally ignored yet people still spend money on it. Deleting weapon caches in SSP is not going to help.
  6. Hopefully maintenance will fix these issues tonight.
  7. You need to average 3 a day for 34 days assuming you don't miss a single one.
  8. Due to mods banning people for naming and shaming, I won't be naming clans or people. Poharan server has been completed destroyed in SSP for any possible chance at doing the event. One clan has been at it now for days and mods are just ignoring it. The weapon caches are not the issue anymore with full clans showing up all unidentified, same clan and just destroying the 2 NPC's. They are dying in less then 20 seconds, you literally cannot do anything about it. Secondly, we camped and organised a full channel of Blues to eliminate this to stop them from enteri
  9. The people saying no are mainly the same people complaining about the groups asking for high AP numbers. Do you realise that a DPS meter will lower the requirement they are asking for when they realise that AP is not the defining factor in how people perform?
  10. We need them so people understand that LMB+RMB is not enough DPS in Dungeon Finder when doing LFP to clear dungeons successfully. Need to stop being dramatic.
  11. Not sure if anyone has picked up on this but it seems to be worse at certain times of the day/night. I am guessing that GM's are not able to be around 24/7 to catch them in the act?
  12. What is the state of the nation NCsoft? You aren't very communicative with your customers. Hackers are running riot in not only SSP but all aspects of the entire game. It is completely destroying the experience for everyone. We have been watching this small group of people, 3 people to be exact for the last 2 weeks after multiple reports being submitted with no action. Remove the weapons from the area until you fix the hacking exploits. Most companies actively seek and destroy this action especially when in open fields where everyone can see it.
  13. Why is he the only boss out of every single phase in SSP that lags the area out? Increase his HP so that people can actually get credit on it. You know something is seriously wrong when you can get 20+ prestige on every other boss in every phase except this one boss and you are getting 3.
  14. I think a lot of people are forgetting that 99% of your xp gain comes from dailies and dailies also reward resources required for upgrading gear. If you are running a main or alt, you hit the cap very easily and are hard blocked by any further possible progression.
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