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  1. It's been raised before and they don't care. Ignored like all the other requests we have asked. I am currently working on a business case with some partners here to get our own company going and to house our own servers here for OCE/SEA demographic part of the world. Waiting on a response from NCsoft Korea on some information. This will allow us to charge people in our own currency. Please be patient, this is not a process we can achieve over night.
  2. If the three of you pool your resources, you gear up quicker. It is not hard to get 40 SS a day per person, that is 120 SS a day between the three of you. Alts are your own issue, no one should be leaning on others for help with alts, it is just common courtesy. There could be improvements though here by simply making more important resources account bound.
  3. That's how people win the internet, slander, lies and more slander..... This forum though is pretty bad and out of control for it. The mods ban people who aren't even breaking code of conduct yet people who are in clear violation of it just keep on keepin on..... It is getting depressing coming to the forums and seeing this garbage.
  4. We had a petition for an Oceanic/SEA server with over 15,000 signs and it got flat out ignored. See the difference between 112ms vs 10ms? Imagine 200ms+ vs 10ms. Its not even close to competitive. It's not even close to a joke. it is just downright frustrating and I love my KFM, all I want to do is play my KFM, but I will never be great at it thanks to not having a server closer to Australia. It has caused me to park my KFM for awhile to see if any changes come down the pipeline and I have switched to a Ranged class which just makes me not enjoy the game as much. Every
  5. Ancient Dynasty had archery. If you want to get technical, the only classes in the game that fits the true meaning of martial arts are KFM, BM, BD and Destroyer. If you want to get even more technical, Kyudo is a ancient martial art using only a bow. I would be fine seeing an Archer class in, but not guns.
  6. Whats even worse is, if you are on an outnumbered faction, you can't even get back too Misty Woods because those zones are locked to the over populated faction.
  7. We wouldn't be having this conversation if we hadn't already tried that before and after the patch. It didn't work for us in Misty Woods and I can't see it working now when you require even more people than we did for Misty Woods.
  8. Yes, with some organization, some time zones will have no issues populating at least 1 channel. That's great. However, for a lot of time zones, its simply not possible. GMT +8 on Poharan, we know of 4 clans with roughly 8 - 12 people active in each clan. No where near enough and as soon as Cerulean turn up, Crimson have no choice but too leave. Now all that is just one part of the issue, I am not even going to touch on the outside variables with Cerulean's having players/guilds on both factions which only serve to demoralize the faction by trolling everyone and pissing
  9. This doesn't help the GMT +8 timezone people where we are grossly out numbered during our prime time and also, this doesn't help those servers who are outnumbered during *any* timezone. The only reason we won that channel this morning is because we populated it with enough Crimson to block blues entering, is this how PvP is intended to work here in BnS? We just block channels to stop players from opposing factions from entering? If so, where is the PvP element if all we are doing is PvE? Isn't the game based on PvP with contest being over the PvE element? Not free run o
  10. And enjoy a dead game? Sounds great, you should work for NCsoft.
  11. NCsoft West has the right to make it right by escalating this issue to the NCsoft. If the issue is not fixed, people will either quit or stack on one faction leaving free run to the other side. NCsoft has had this issue in the past in many of their games, this isn't the first one of their products to suffer from it and it is something that should of been identified before hand. Secondly, this isn't something that is uncommon in the western market because most western gamers are lazy and only want the easy path, thus they will *always* stack. Kore
  12. What's being done about it? This isn't Korea where players are more mature and the clans organise unofficial pvp channels so that they allow people to gear up and become a challenge. During the timezone GMT +8, the faction unbalance on server Poharan is ridiculous, Cerulean out number us by I don't know how many. How do you expect us to be a challenge if all you ever do is hold us down by grossly out numbering us.? Should we all just move to Cerulean? Starting to have flash backs of Nezekan server on Aion all over again when Elyos out numbered Asmo by 5 to 1
  13. Some people are saying the bots attacking the servers is part of the issue which is quite possible. Some are saying they are cheap servers. Some are saying it is the client. All I know is, its getting old, real quick and something needs to be done about it yesterday. With Australian ping (250ms+) and these issues with the servers, it is very exhausting playing the game and nothing fun about it.
  14. Its getting harder and more exhausting to log in and play this game with our ping. I have watched our Oceanic/SEA based community dwindle over the last few months due to it and nothing short of having a server closer will change their minds to coming back. Singapore or Japan is not out of the question NCsoft seeing as you already have servers there, I can't understand why we can't get one also. Singapore preferably due to being more central. Why the silence on this issue? Is our money not good enough? The Oceanic/SEA demographic part of the world
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