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  1. so....we're all potatoes?

    Look at the bright side I get to laugh when i check out qq thread and lets get some more potatoes related pics.
  2. Infinite Challenge Outfit

    yea after 1st day of 50 runs doing it i had doubts then i did like 8 more the next day and got it on the 58th run so yea it drops for sure its just U GOT TO BELIEVE!. JUST DO IT!! Don't Let your dreams be dreams.
  3. What outfits have you guys farmed so far?

    was farming infinite challenge for my female gon took 58 runs
  4. BnS Reaction Gifs

    That moment u f8 que and all your pty members are lvl 20s but When i think iam logging in after the que just to get hit with the dc WHen iam bidding and i think i finally got the costume then i get hit with the 2g bidder when i finally logged in
  5. UM its 7am here so ya
  6. used all keys to open stalker weapon boxes

    that bad luck qq u get another 10-20 keys once u get to town where you learn to run on water. i dont remember the names well yet so i forgot
  7. Porohan server?

    From what i had saw before they locked the last thread and deleted my last post. They mention Poharan wouldnt be up till 9am est 6am pst. Now they could change it i copied what they said ,but doesn't look like they want me posting it since they just deleted it before when i posted it
  8. Please Open Poharan

    I'am surprise they open mushin ,did the que go away?
  9. Please Open Poharan

    lol my friend just tested it said he just logged in