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  1. Wanting to report a very offensive player.

    Some people just don't belong on the internet. Seriously, if you're going to be offended by something that petty imagine going up against a troll who will completely annihilate your understanding of existence. I pray that will never happen to you and if it does I hope you're prepared to take the heat.
  2. Wanting to report a very offensive player.

    I am failing to see how that is highly offensive. Maybe grow some thicker skin.
  3. Just logged onto my account for 30 seconds and I instantly logged off right away when I saw how fast the Chat was being spammed with gold sellers. It will be a huge disappointment if anyone leaves this game because of that issue. This is beyond embarrassing at this point,.
  4. What class are you? just curious...
  5. Too many bot players

    Its already happening in Iksanun, I've seen 12-18 bots camping outside a dungeon, standing on top of each other, weird name characters, and wearing same outfit/weapon yada yada... They need to hire someone to ban these bots and spammers. Seriously NCsoft... If you need someone to ban these people I will gladly do it.