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    Sign up for a RECURRING Premium Membership (just say "Subscription," guys) and get a FABULOUS head feather. woo.
  2. I had the same problem. There's a blue quest near BSH that you have to do, i think.
  3. Quitting Review - BnS is pretty hollow.

    I think people talking about the "grind" are missing the point. EVERY MMO has a grind. Some more, some less, but it's the nature of the beast. In Blade and Soul, however, there is ONLY the grind. Grind thru quests to level; grind dailies for gold; grind Arena for beans. All of this to upgrade your weapon/shields so you can grind some more. But what about other game systems? Housing? Nope Crafting? Are you kidding me? AH/Economy "game"? Trade one or two item types, but what's the point if you can just buy gold with your credit card? Roleplay? I don't think so. Mount/Pet collecting? Nope. Minigames? Spinning the wheels is hardly fun Exploration? Nope - it's all on a rail Raiding? Not really. I like the story, and I love the combat, but Blade and Soul falls flat on every other possible gameplay front. Adding cute costumes to the store isn't going to save this game from its lack of depth. I read somewhere today that there are seven story chapters so far, and we've only seen three here, but I don't know if I can hang around long enough to see any more. And if i'm not leveling characters, I don't see much point in keeping a membership.
  4. forgekeepers completly usseles

    Hmmm, let's do the math... Lvl 1 - 2 Repair Tools = 10c + (10 Copper Ore)1c == 11c (+60mins wait) == 5.5c/30mins per tool Lvl 2 - 5 Repair Tools = 63c + (20 Iron Ore)4c == 67c (+120mins wait) == 13.4c/20mins per tool Lvl 3 - 10 Repair Tools = 256c + (30 Cold Iron)771c == 1027c (+200mins wait) == 77,1c/20mins per tool Current Average Market Price listing = 130c So, let’s assume 125 copper profit (after listing fees) using level 1 recipe (cheapest possible/most profit)… That’s 80 repair tools sold. That’s FOURTY HOURS of crafting time, assuming your character is logging in PRECISELY at the right times, plus the general aggravation of running around between the Guild Reps and Marketplace guy. CONGRATULATIONS on making ONE GOLD for the effort.
  5. forgekeepers completly usseles

    On yesterday's livestream, the hosts admitted that the Korean Devs don't think that crafting is important in this game. Crafting was put in (My opinion here) because EVERY OTHER MMO has it, and they needed to check that off their list of things to put in. The BIGGER SIN is that NCsoft neutered crafting EVEN FURTHER by removing half of the recipes. Half of the materials you can gather are used in ZERO RECIPES IN GAME. And "Crafting" Guilds? HOPE YOU LIKE DUMPLINGS, CUZ THAT'S ALL YOU CAN MAKE WITH ACQUIRED TASTE. RADIANT RING? Sorry, NO RINGS HERE EARTHSEERS? Yeahhhh, more like "Useless Cr*p Seers" FORGEKEEPERS? Sure, let's make weapons that NOBODY NEEDS because their bank tabs are FULL of weapon drops and so on, and so on.....
  6. Quitting: Reasons

    BASIC GAME DESIGN: Put in a reward (like a cosmetic wig) to encourage players to keep playing and running that particular piece of content. KOREAN GAME DESIGN: Make that reward SO FRAKKING RARE that you lose your soul trying to obtain it.
  7. Game Start Times

    So, I'm not a "hardcore" player; I tend to pop in, do some stuff, level a bit, and log out. I may log in 3-4 times in a day, shorter sessions rather than long, protracted gaming. This means I have spent HOURS dealing with stupid stuff. Seriously, how do y'all feel about this: 1) Double-click Blade & Soul desktop shortcut 2) Wait, get Windows message asking for permission to do funky shit to my computer, click "allow" 3) Wait for dialog, enter password (at least they saved my username). 4) Click "Log in" 5) Wait for ANOTHER dialog 6) Wait for internet connection, confirmation of status 7) (OCCASIONALLY) click "update" and wait for patch download 8) Click "Play Now" 9) Wait for launcher to "check" game files 10) Wait while launcher "repairs" game files (that haven't changed at all in the last two hours) 11) Wait while GameGuard loads 12) Wait while GameGuard modifies/updates itself (without asking my System for permission to do so) 13) Wait and stare at game logo while game loads 14) Wait and stare at NCSOFT logo 15) Enter PIN number MANUALLY with my mouse, because, apparently, PASSWORDS aren't secure enough these days 16) Wait for "Blade & Soul User Agreement" to pop up and have me "accept" AGAIN for the 200th time 17) Wait for Character Select screen to load NCSoft ads, choose char and click "Enter Game" 18) Wait for Loading screen 19) Enter game itself. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! 20) Click and wait for Daily Spin; dismiss window 21) Dismiss SAME ADS and messages from NCSoft (that I already saw on the char select screen) 22) Hit "return" and spend 3-4 minutes manually blocking Chat Spammers (that SOMEHOW weren't screened by the GMs, the servers, and GAMEGUARD) Add to this the time spent every half hour or so manually blocking NEW spammers. Add ALL OF THIS UP and it makes logging in less and less attractive every day.
  8. I'm not trolling or complaining here, but I watched the livestream earlier today and would like to offer a couple of suggestions. 1) I like the streamers. Good, clear voices, passionate about the game. And MK moderating is also very nice. 2) The livestream was billed as a "Ask the Devs" or a "Q & A" - and essentially, that's what it was. But having the two hosts playing their Warlocks the whole time just distracted from the point of the show. There's nothing wrong with streaming gameplay, but that wasn't the point of this particular stream - and it merely distracted the hosts from their answers. And having the split screen with BOTH hosts playing independently made it even more confusing. Again, not complaining, but i really feel like a Q&A should be just that, and a gameplay livestream whould be just that. Combining the two didn't help either format.
  9. You get ONE bundle of potions and stuff for leveling from 1-45. It will show up in your account tab ("received items") You will get ONE outfit FOR EVERY character you level from 1-45. Again, in your account tab. So you can collect the outfit on any of your characters. Level three chars, get three outfits. But only ONE materials bundle. At least, that's what they said on the livestream earlier today.
  10. Crafting

    Merry Potters use materials gathered by two other guilds, Green Thumbs and The Treefellers. If you want to obtain materials for yourself (rather than purchase them from other players on the marketplace), you'll need to join these two other guilds (you can join up to FOUR guilds, two "crafting" and two "gathering") Immediately after joining the gathering guilds, you will see a blue quest pop up to go and "discover" a material node for each (sapling for Treefellers, mud for GreenThumbs). Once you find the node(s) and complete the quest(s), you will be able to order that material from the guild rep (at a cost of X copper). Wait 30 mins or so, and return to pick up your order (and place a new one perhaps). Only after getting these materials can you now return to the Merry Potters Rep and order something from them. Crafting takes time and (some) money, and much of what you craft is pretty useless. The Devs even said on today's livestream that the Korean Developer of Blade and Soul does not consider crafting to be an important part of the game. If you're used to other MMOs that let you make a career out of being a crafter, you're going to be disappointed.
  11. Seriously, NCSoft, are you joking?

    (Almost) Not really. Two Dragon Pouches sit in your inventory, useless, taking AWAY one slot. Until you buy more from the cash shop. It's HIGH TIME they made these sellable/tradeable or account-bound
  12. Seriously, NCSoft, are you joking?

    My point exactly. Two pouches is like a fart in the wind. Give the buyer an inventory row unlock or enough pouches to do it.
  13. Naaryu Leveling Bundle: Hongmoon Unsealing Charm (x10) Traditional Hongmoon Dragon Soup (x5) Hongmoon Key (x10) Dragon Trade Pouch (x2) I can see the benefit to XP soup, and even charms/keys (though these are hardly difficult to get through normal questing). But only TWO Dragon Trade Pouches? SERIOUSLY? What POSSIBLE utility do these have? Giving a player only TWO pouches is akin to saying, "We know you need food to live... here's are two raisins" -- it's a nice gesture, but does no one ANY good.
  14. The one in Black Desert Online?
  15. Seriously, what is it? NCSoft has a launcher that scans the game files EVERY TIME it starts. They have password security, AND a PIN code. I assume they have some in-game methods for detecting hacks. So what is the point of having ANOTHER app running? NCSoft has officially (via twitter at least) acknowledged that games are crashing because of GameGuard. And their "solution" is to disable the OTHER software?