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  1. guys let me explain it that eu servers reside in frankfurt. recently monitored the release of b&s in russia and i can tell by reading their forums that they got same ping issues as we are. i consulted with my isp several times on b&s and so on. we traced the route to servers using several different ways but still my ping was around 30-40ms avg. the problem lies in the games servers itself. servers delay is not what its supposed to be. if in OW server my ping 40-60ms with spikes to 150ms then on cross server its around 100ms with 200-300ms spikes. as im running a kfm i can tell the difference for sure. if in OW my spamming and anicanceling is almost perfect then at cross server its a bloody hell. and as someone mentioned above we noticed it since eu cbt and reported it accordingly but its already almost half a year but nothing has been changed so far.

  2. 5 minutes ago, lmaogg said:

    They added the RNG boxes knowing the community is crying for soulstones. Don't wish to spend? Someone out there will definitely buy them. It increase the quantity in the market as well.

    "39 boxes = 1 costume+4 stones+less than 100 soulstones = expenses even havent been covered:)"

    @ wrote some guy from another forum:)

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