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  1. /dance 3 doesn't seems to be working and yes I bought the new swimsuit
  2. When will be fixed and available ingame?
  3. "Cheap" for NA would be 15-16s but MTS are currently at 4.60g and with this maintenance the price of Soulstones increased and made crafting your own MTS a lost of gold
  4. Anyone knows if NCsoft banned bots in the maintenance cause Soulstones are now 19-20s
  5. I have a FM with True Siren weapon and completed 10 runs in pugs but it's always hard to find a decent group in the dungeon finder so trying some luck in here
  6. Is that even a preset made ingame? Right now there is a visual bug for this outfit on one of the feets for Gon but on that image looks normal
  7. Cause it is a seasonal outfit right? But i don't see the hourglass icon on it
  8. You mean in the open world? I'm talking about the ones that are outside if the instance and are about 5-6 which gives 50 silver eatch
  9. I just played the 6 man in the dungeon finder but couldn't complete them
  10. How many stones we will need in total just to max out the weapon with the current content? I'm asking cuss if it is only one probably i'll just buy one from the AH
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