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  1. Character unlock

    you've must of read it wrong when they mentioned feb 22, thats when they start the warlock week where they'll be talking about the warlock, not releasing it early.
  2. So is it just me on floor 5?

    It is 5 minutes, when the fight starts you can see the timer start at 5 minutes. So its just the sense of time escaping you as you're fighting cause the timer isn't always there.
  3. Hongmoon skills, particularly summoner

    not really, my pve HM skills are in the dungeon and the pvp skill is in the arena, not sure why its like that for you. Maybe its a typo that they messed up on.
  4. df am i playing?

    wow, lost all respect for you for that one. Immature.
  5. Does anybody have a good endgame dps build for KFM

    You don't lose your sweep kick if you take shin kick you know. Shin kick activates when the enemy is dazed or stunned and allows you to spam shin kick mutliple times and it allows you to activate Searing palm in order to stack your searing palm combos. I find the 50% heal when hit isn't as effective as I believe, its 50% of the damage so it doesn't really heal as much as you think when you counter something, unless its something very damaging but usually I use those moments to use shadow dance in order to activate Searing palm so I find that I don't use it to gain health, I use Rising Dragon to absorb hp because it absorbs 25% hp and that heals better. but this is my dps build, my solo build is a different story.
  6. Awakened Siren to True Siren

    Its as TopKEK says, guess I needed to make it more clearer for you. Your stage 10 is of course upgraded and you transform into to a stronger item but its still at its base stats nonetheless.
  7. Awakened Siren to True Siren

    You're going from stage 10 to stage 1, of course its going to go down abit, once you get to stage 10 true siren, it'll pass up the previous one.
  8. Does anybody have a good endgame dps build for KFM Here's mine, the one I use, mainly focused for dps. Its what I used to beat Junghado. Mainly focused around a flame build, making effective use of the ability to use hellfire kick and searing palm.
  9. Awakened Searing palm

    its an awakened skill that is activated when a Warlock uses their Soulburn skill, the warlock isn't out yet so you can't use it.
  10. Air combo

    It disrupts the combo flow and dps flow, plus only about 1 or 2 people will be able to jump up and air combo him. Thats a huge amount of dps lost. One thing I try to do as a Kung Fu Master in those situation is to use my Meteor Slam, to try and bring him back down quickly and pin him so that it gives others the chance to dish out dps while the boss is indisposed. Though still, it really disrupts everyone, especially my brother who is a blade master, trying to use five point slash and other skills. As well as me whenever I'm trying to set up my searing palm strikes.
  11. simple fix. don't do the faction dailies without first checking if your faction is doing the insignia farms in the same channel. This way there's less chance of you running into other players since you don't like open world pvp. I mean, faction dailies is still just pve you aren't even doing any amount of pvp's while the "get 10 faction player kills" is pretty dumb and a waste of time, not really worth the effort to either look for players to kill or try to convince someone to trade kills. With farming the insignias, still not a pvp situation, if you don't find yourself fighting another player, you're not doing any pvp. Like I said, find a channel with a group farming it, hit Ctrl+F to hide all the players and get in some hits on the bosses that spawn.
  12. Kung Fu Master Class Forum

    indeed, oh..I sense someone is thinking about butts. oh it was me.
  13. Game is too easy. Buff everything by 2000%

    I suppose people just don't like how your boasting and going about it.Though, this is hardly a sole achievement you have yourself, me and a mate of mine duoed it as well awhile back. me a KFM and him a Destroyer. Only differences are that it took us abit longer and I was the one tanking, didn't have it easy and have a cat. You can't really for real say that they need to buff the boss when it wasn't even you who was tanking her. Truly indeed Cat Tank OP when that's all you need. Perhaps i'll run with my smnr friend since it looks like this way is a whole lot easier.
  14. Best solo dung character

    I'd say KFM is pretty good too. With their multiple dodge skills and other defensive skills they can do pretty well. Though their biggest drawback is the lack of aoe skills and crowd control skills. They can solo bosses easily but when it comes to mobs they have a tough time.
  15. Moonwater Transformation Stones

    thats if for some reason you buy all 100. You can get yourself some soulstones by doing the faction quests and that'll lower your material fees. Still 60g when you sell all 10 is still a profit.