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  1. @Dominator Your system is solid the game is just not optimized. U can only change to newer platform and get faster cpu and memory but aint worth it. Edit: if u have driver support change to windows 7.
  2. Thats all true but ssd is game changer u will wait so much less and about the gpu its not only about bns if he decides to play something else the gpu will be better choice overall also max your setting in game and your gpu will be on 80%+ and he have i5-3570 this cpu boosts to 3.8ghz he want to swap it for cpu that he will OC to 4ghz the difference is way too low its pointless.
  3. Lets start with Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility u can undervolt your cpu with this program, just get your core voltage offset -60 and cache voltage offset to -60 and if u got blue screen just lower the numbers but u should be fine with -60 undervolt. Now u also can download notebookfancontrol and increase your fans to spin faster so u get more cooling u should dig in rog.forums for profile for your laptop or u can read this post and find your fan numbers so u can make a profile. Edit: Like the post above if u havent clean your laptop its a good idea to do so also respasting
  4. Changing from i5-3570 to 2600k wont give u much fps increase even if u overclock it the difference its not that big bns also dont like hyper-threading eather on i7 disabling HT actually increases fps and if u gonna spent money on cpu with ht just to turn it off its a big waste of money u will be better getting an SSD if u dont have one or better gpu. Regards
  5. Hello, I want to ask is there a offline character creator so i can make a new char while my internet is down? Regards
  6. i see ty i will start it after they change the crafting system
  7. Hello, i want to ask is Crafty Collector achievement obtainable. Regards
  8. I always perform clean install with latest drivers from asus and nvidia sites and yea i got and ssd i upgraded my laptop with 850 evo i will try win10 to see if run better after couple of days.
  9. And.... my laptop have drivers only for windows 8 and 10 :D and cant run win7 so sad. So if someone tested do the game run better in windows 10 or its same as win8. PS: If they could just write the game to run on Vulkan (API) this would be the best game...
  10. Unfortunately my laptop dont have an option in bios to disable hyper-threading i will try with setting affinity only to the first 4-cores.
  11. yea new 1080 will solve the problem .. :D
  12. Hello, I want to ask if there are ways to increase fps in blade and soul. I have tried editing nvidia bns profile but nothing much from there so ask if u have found some other/new way to get some boot. My rig: Asus RoG G751JT Regards
  13. U will need deep sea kelp Golden honey Fog mushroom Evil spirit root Hongmoon pellet To unlock that skill u can buy the rest of the staff from merchant with nary coins
  14. Justice has been served. Kappa. Probably an nerf because we got buffed version in first place.
  15. Hello, i want to ask can i change my class after the character is already finished? Regards
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